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Foam Cover - Black 5.25" x 1"ID
Notice:For specific use, see figure 6 and 7Description:Material:polyurethane foam+Polyester Color:Gray Weight:420g Product Dimensions:28*22.8*17.7cm Packaging contents:1* Knee Pillow
The Pillow Your Body Needs - Our Pillow is designed to fit YOU! No More… pillows that are just a rectangular pile of foam. A comfortable pillow has the feel of premium memory foam. The pillow needs to Contour to the neck and head for alignment which keeps the muscles relaxed and pressure off the
The gentle slope on this polyurethane pillow allows for better comfort for anyone that must lay face down for relaxation or medical conditions. The special U shaped opening of the Face Down Pillow gently cradles the face while keeping the spine in the correct position. Polyurethane foam with
You Will Get A Better Nights Sleep Guaranteed! A Good Nights Sleep is Crucial For Your Overall Well-being! MADE IN THE USA! Experience The Worlds Most Comfortable Pillow! Our pillow comfortably shapes to your head & neck while maintaining proper support, ensuring you a better nights sleep. The
Specifications: Brand name:OUTAD Material :Memory Foam and Cotton cover Shape :Halfmoon Size:405x200x101mm Fabric Count :Cotton Cover Filling :Memory Foam Package size:725x460x102mm Grade :Grade A Weight:317.1g Color:White Package includes: 1 x Pillow
Do you still get up with neck pain, headache or wake up all night with ordinary pillow?
This pillow fits all sleeping posture and adapts to your head, neck and shoulders curves to provides therapeutic support and gentle alignment with your body, which can also relieve neck/ shoulder pain
You do not have to suffer from neck pain while traveling. If long car, train or airplane rides are a pain in you neck then you need the comfort and support of a neck pillow that allows you to rest as comfortably while you travel as you do at home. The unique horseshoe shape of this travel pillow
Description: L60cm*W30cm*H6-11cm. 1120g A clever memory Foam Pillow can make you sleep sound all the night,give you a burst of energy and make the day more productive. Wake up without annoying pain. Lying on this pillow I feel the shoulder. spine, leg and calf being aligned and well
You Will Sleep Better Guaranteed! Why Get a Shredded Memory Foam Pillow? Shredded memory foam provides you with the shapeability and breathability of a Down Pillow and yet gives you the support and fullness of a memory foam pillow. Down Pillows lack the support needed for many sleepers which often
We spend a lot of time in our beds. So it makes perfect sense that we have pillows of great quality and comfort. Go with the Original Best Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow.Removable Zippered Bamboo Cover Hypoallergenic Relieves Snoring, Insomnia, Asthma, Neck Pain, TMJ, Migraines Machine Washable &