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Paracord Two Point Rifle Sling with Swivels, Heavy Duty Gun Sling, Hunting Sling for Rifle, Multiple...
The Estobi Outfitters rifle sling is designed by hunters for hunters who seek a strong reliable gun sling at an affordable price. The 550 lbs paracord construction and heavy duty metal swivels are paired together to make the ultimate sling for a hunting rifle, shotgun, tactical AR 15 or even a
So You Are An Action Seeker And An Adventure Lover? Then you definitely need a durable gun shoulder strap that you can depend on! Don’t worry, you’re at the right place! Introducing The r-Shooter 2-Point Rifle Sling An extremely versatile, dependable and fully adjustable shoulder sling that is
Don't venture out in the bush without one of Ace Two Tactical's versatile rifle slings!Comfortable and Functional sling for in the field or at the range.Emergency Uses:1. Secure Tent or Tarp for Shelter 2. Tourniquet, Secure a Splint, or Sling for your Arm 3. Emergency Suture Material (inner
Specifications: Material: Polyester, PP,Nylon,Paracord Total length:42.1.-52 inches(part of paracord:28.5"/part of nylon:13.6"-23.5") Width:3.5cm/1.37 inches Weight: 163g/5.75 ounce Color options:Black/ Black&Gray/ArmyBrown&Camo/ArmyGreen&Camo Applicable scope: hunting/shooting/outdoor
Made from heavy duty 600D nylon webbing and handmade 550 paracord, provide long lifetime in any climate condition use Removable design, the sling and paracord can be used independently; provide 40ft backup paracord as survival strap in outdoor emergency situations Large open metal clip fit most
YOU ASKED - WE LISTENED - Featuring NEW & IMPROVED CLIPS!! Fits Existing Gun Swivels: No need to purchase new equipment. The clips of this tactical gun sling quickly attach to your tried-and-true accessories, making this a great addition to your current gear. Bruise-Free Comfort: Softer, 280#
Specification: Paracord: 550 lb Strap: nylon Wide:1.2"-1.25” Clip Hook: Metal Package: one paracord rifle sling and one shoulder pad Tips: How to unweave the covered paracord? Step1 Cut the cover with knife carefully Step2 Tear the cover Step3 Unweave the paracord as usual
With its heavy duty material, provides a long lifetime. Length adjustable could fit your most comfort size. Detachable paracord could be used in emergency situation by quick release connector, and the left sling to carry your gun Elastic band for shock absorbing, reduce force and increase comfort
This new version paracord sling made from durable nylon webbing and 550lb paracord. Unique design, paracord and gun sling can use independently, and the paracord cover prevent unwanted paracord unweaving, improve your rifle sling and provide backup rope in outdoor activities. You deserve to have!
This is a black paracord bracelet with a dark blue thin line down the center. It is attached with a 5/8" black side release buckle that's contoured to fit on your wrist comfortably. At Strong Point Enterprises we're all avid outdoorsmen, hikers, runners, triathletes, search and rescue personnel,