Comments about 5.11 Tactical #74273 Men's TacLite Pro Pant

5.11 Tactical #74273 Men's TacLite Pro Pant
Polyester, Cotton
Lightweight 65% polyester and 35% poly cotton ripstop is treated with HT Teflon wear-resistant finish
Two cargo pockets; magazine/cell phone pocket
Signature rear strap and slash pocket design; rear web strap
External knife pocket
YKK zippers.Prym snaps,clip loop.Hip-mounted d-ring. Gussetted construction for flexibility and strength
Exceptionally durable with triple-stitch reinforcement and extensive bartacking at major seams and stress points. For a proper fit utilize your waist measurement (where you wear your pants)

Comments about 5.11 Tactical #74273 Men's TacLite Pro Pant
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Comments :
I love these pants! Before ordering them I went into my local Gander Mountain to try on a pair to get the correct size. I would normally wear a 34W/34L but it seems like these run a little long. They were good in the waist, so the fit for that seems true but the length I ended up with a 32. Now with the 32L they do run up a little when I squat but its not bad. I'd rather have that then buy the 34L and have them be all bunched up at the bottom and dragging on the ground because they are to long. So my tip would be to buy your normal waist size but go one size smaller on the length. Even better yet go into a Gander Mountain or somewhere that carries the pants and try a pair on. The waist has some elastic in it which allows for a bit of give/take in the fit.

To buy these on Amazon it ended up being almost $15 less than buying them in the store ($50), I just got lucky that the color I wanted seemed to be on some kind of fire sale since I got them for $36. I bought the "tundra green" which is like a dark OD green. Most of the photos below are deceiving because of the flash it makes them seem lighter than they are, the second photo below is a pretty good representation of the color. They also have TDU Green but thats a little lighter and brighter than the Tundra. (Photos of pockets below) The pockets are nice and deep and the seams are reinforced where you would clip a pen or knife so that it doesn't wear down. On the front left thigh there is a small velcro pocket just a little larger than an IPhone 5S. On the front right thigh there is an open top pocket which is also just larger than an IPhone 5S. The rear pockets are open top and have a piece of velcro to help hold them shut. Rear pockets are very deep - in the photo I have my finger pointed to show the bottom of the pocket. There are also two side cargo pockets by the knees on each side which velcro shut. Nothing fancy on the inside of the cargo pocket, its just a pocket - Blackhawk pants have elastic bands inside of there cargo pockets to help hold magazines or other items in place.

I've had them a few months now and they've held up great, no issues with anything. They repel water very nicely, it just beads right off. Obvisouly if you jump in a pool you aren't going to come out with totally dry pants but for normal conditions they stay dry. One thing I don't like, and I've noticed this with other tac-pants I've had even from other brands - they are cold during the winter. The wind penetrates right through the material and the material gets cold really fast. Now I know the material isn't very heavy to begin with so I wasn't expecting them to be super warm or anything. I'm sure the other heavier styles would be warmer but even with the TacLite Pro's you can just solve that issue with wearing a pair of tight long Under Armour type underwear. It will probably be a good thing for warmer days that its a lighter material - won't be as hot. The belt loops are nice and wide and nicely accommodates a 1 3/4" 5.11 Operators belt. You could maybe use up to a 2" belt if you needed to but I don't think anything larger than that would fit in the loops. I do wish they had a gel strip inside of the pants to hold the shirt that you have tucked in. I have a pair of Blackhawk tac-pants and they have a gel strip running around the inside of the waist which helps hold in your shirt. It would just be a nice addition. The zipper also has a button you can close behind it just in case the snap would come undone (easier to understand if you see the photos below)

The only complaint I have with these pants is the placement of the belt loops, mainly just the one on the right hip (or left hip for left handed people). They put a belt loop in the exact place that I want to wear my gun. So I end up having to move it forward a little bit which isn't a big deal and I can live with it. This is only a problem of course if your using a belt loop style holster attachment, for example I use the Blackhawk Serpa Mod-U-Lok for my holsters. If you use a paddle then you don't have anything to worry about since the paddle just slides on. The loops are only an issue if your actually mounting the holster to the pants belt, if your using a duty belt of course its not an issue.

Overall I love these pants, the small issue with the belt loops is only a minor inconvenience. I would buy and will be buying more of these pants. 5/5 - Would totally recommend. Any questions/comments please feel free to ask and if this review was helpful please click "yes"

*** Yes I went into Gander Mountain to try on a pair of pants for sizing and ultimately ended up purchasing them online from Amazon to save about $20. If anyone has any issues with wanting to save money please feel free to voice your support or opposition to this theory, as some already have. Following this logic you should always make a purchase at the store that you first saw the item at as its ethically wrong to look at something at one store and make a purchase online or at another store/retailer in the name of saving money or getting a better deal. I suppose I could have just ordered 2 sizes in a few different colors until I found what I wanted and returned the rest to Amazon. This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, I'll buy my pants as I see fit.***

OK when you work at a police academy and teach firearms at an outdoor range in Florida, the pants you use have to be tough, and able to be both warm and cool. These fit that bill!

I wear these daily as my training uniform, I put them through the ringer and they hold up great and are very well made and comfortable. I will not wear any other pants for work. I never have to iron them, they come out of the dry and hang to get a nice clean line in them. I have been wearing these for at least 10 years or more now. I only have to buy new ones every three years or so, and for pants to last 3 years with me is a accomplishment! As you can see in the photo, I put them through a bit of rough stuff now and then, yet they look just as good now as when I bought them.

I highly recommend these pants for anyone looking for some good, nice looking, comfortable, rugged pants. With the right shirt these can even be rather dressy, but mine are used as part of my daily uniform for work. While I have had to buy shirts almost every year, these outlast my shirts.

I like the added fabric at the bottom of the front pockets for knife clips. This keeps the pants pocket edges from fraying from the clips. Plenty of pockets for almost anything, the front left pocket is my spare magazine pocket, and the right front slit pocket is great for knifes, extra fabric in the knees and the crotch is cut to give free range of movement.

If you want a really durable, well built, long lasting pant for range or work, these are the ones!

What a breath of fresh air to get pants that match their measurements. I'm big and tall which makes shopping online risky. I went for the 44x36 size and they're no joke, they are extremely long. I'm over 6.5 feet tall and they're dragging the ground when I'm barefoot.

Size aside they are also very comfortable and seem like they will be durable as well. Front pockets could stand to be larger and deeper but the massive back pockets that go halfway down the thigh are awesome. There is also a reinforced strap near the waist on the right side for an outside the waist band holster.

I look forward to using these. The size alone is a big plus.

I have to wear similar pants for a work uniform and bought the navy blue for that, loved them so much I purchased both the
kaki and this olive color for travel. We go to europe a couple of times a year, and that long plane ride it tough but these stay
comfortable for those 12 hour rides and even look good when we land.
If you are looking for a great pair of pants for travel or just rough wear in a warmer climate you can't do better than these

My favorite style pants! And this color works best for field work, as it hides dirt, but still shows ticks.

My only complaint is the pockets. The lining material wears out and I end up with holes in them after a few months of wear. I typically carry keys, a small flashlight, and a a few other non-sharp objects, so it really shouldn't wear out that fast.

Other than that, I absolutely love these for SAR work and daily wear!

I am an ER doc and I wanted something more substantial than scrub bottoms that I could wear a belt with, but not quite as sturdy as EMS pants. These fit the bill very well, are light and durable rip-stop nylon/cotton blend. They are well stitched. They have held up very well the last 3 months and fit to size. I really like that the cargo pockets on the sides do not have the closure at the top so it's easy to slide my stethoscope or other tools in and out. My ONLY complaint that made it 4 stars is the pockets in front. The openings are very small, making it difficult to get my fairly normal sized hands in and out to retrieve a cell phone etc. I wear a size 8 surgical glove and fit into standard "large" gloves easily. I think you would have a hard time getting one of the larger smart phones into these pockets.

I swore I would never wear the official pants of the feds. As a cop we used to laugh at them all wearing "undercover" 511s! But a buddy of mine swears by the build and quality.

Then last month I bought a pair and tried them out. So far, they are exactly as they claim and very comfortable. I guess I'll have to swallow my criticism and get another pair!

Working in the Vegas heat I needed lighter pants, Sadly with my job no shorts but these work sooo fantastic you don't over heat as much and the two back pockets fit a water bottle perfectly and comfortably. Personally I freeze both the bottles of water and I let them defrost in my back pockets. It helps keep me cooler. I'll be buying more!!

I purchased these pants in several colors for my 6'8" husband who is extremely difficult to buy for because of his extreme height. Needless to say, clothes purchasing is a challenge When he does make a purchase, it is usually something that I'm rolling my eyes at... That said, when the pants arrived, I (as well as my husband) couldn't have been happier! Was seeking a practical cargo pant (for a trip over to Ireland and Scotland in June) and the pants didn't disappoint. Stylish, rugged...held up extremely well! Size ordered (40 X 36) was PERFECT. A surprising perk of the pant was that it was water resistant and comfortable on the cool, very wet days. Despite a unique back pocket design which took a little getting used to, the liberal pocket space was more than adequate. Purchased the black, tan and gray. Colors were great. And, believe it or not, the price was definitely within reason. And, he has a wife who will go out in public with him now!

By far the best overall pants that I've ever owned and worn. I was always a jeans guy for work and play. I work doing landscape installation and maintenance. These pants have so many great qualities I don't even know where to begin!!

The lightweight material has to be my number one favorite quality of them. But it's hard to choose a favorite quality when they have so many good features. They dry out so quickly if caught in a rain storm or get them wet some other way since they are not all cotton. The toughness is second to none!!! I would end up ripping jeans or other cargo type pants within a short time of first wearing them and then that rip will just grow, of course, drastically shortening the life of my work pants. Not the 5.11tac lite pro. They seem to be indestructible!! The pockets these pants have are awesome as well! So many, strategically placed and sized to make use of the available 'real-estate'. I could never go back to jeans just because of the lack of pockets compared to these cargo pants. Compared to regular cargo pants the pockets are also better but more importantly is with regular cargo pants I'd have destroyed within a month or two for work. I still have my first pair of tac lite pro's from over 10 months ago and they are in great shape!! They also repell staining but that coating will eventually wear off after enough washes.. That's fine.

They look good enough that I can wear them to a semi formal event with a button down shirt and still look good, not over the top or 'tac-t-cool' or anything like that. They may not be suitable for a wedding, but then again, maybe they could be!!! Several months ago I ordered these tac lite pro pants from another online retailer and fell in love with them! Recently I decided to buy more and chose for my purchases this time. Of course exactly what I expected as far as quality, price was 20% less then former retailer I purchased from, and they arrived at my door super quick! I tell everyone about these pants and can't say enough good things about them.

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