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SABRE 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray - Police Strength - Compact Size with Clip (Max Protection - 35 shots, up ...
This green lightsaber is a great novelty item. It is very bright and measures about 28 inches long.
This super bright blue light saber is a great toy for any kid out there. They can also be used as a costume accessory to go along with your costume. They are fun to play with but will not withstand repeated hard banging.
As you strike with this fierce light saber the colors change, disorienting your opponent. As you parry and thrust the authentic sounds of a Star Wars light saber will emanate from your trusty sword. Uses 3 AA batteries -- replaceable and included. Ages 10 and up. Retail packaging.
Product descriptionGREAT PLANES Micro F-86 Sabre EDF Tx-R GPMA1771From the ManufacturerThis is the radio controlled, brushless electric powered, TX-R Micro F-86 Sabre EDF Jet from Great Planes. This is the TX-R (Transmitter Ready) version that includes servos, an ESC and SLT receiver. With the Any
Evidence of increased security is something that a majority of burglars consider before deciding upon a target (Source: University of North Carolina at Charlotte). SABRE’s home security decals are a great way to either tell would-be burglars that your home or business is protected, or
A burglary occurs every 14.5 seconds in the U.S., and budget cuts have led to an average 911 response time of 10 minutes.

Bolster your existing WP-100 Wireless Home Alarm System with this additional Door and Window Sensor. This accessory will alert your home alarm system when the door or
Loud noises help startle your attacker and turn bystanders into witnesses. This personal alarm is 110 dB and audible up to 500 feet (150 m) away. The sleek, attractive personal alarm is just as discreet as it is loud. Offering instant access, the key ring attachment connects the personal alarm to
2.5 million senior citizens are treated for fall-related injuries annually, and 20% of all falls cause serious injury (Source: Centers for Disease Control & Prevention). Ideal for seniors and others with serious medical conditions, the user-friendly Wall Mounted Panic Alarm allows the user to pull
A burglary occurs every 14.5 seconds in the U.S., and budget cuts have led to an average 911 response time of 10 minutes.

Provide additional security within your home or office by adding this motion sensor to your existing WP-100 Wireless Home Alarm System. This model has a 120-degree