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Gunsmithing Hammer with 4 Tips by MILITARIA
The Grace Usa Delrin Tipped Solid Brass Hammer Is What You Come To Expect From Grace Usa. Finely Crafted In The Greatest American Traditions. This All Brass Head Hammer Is A Work Of Art; Designed To Serve The Professional Or Hobbyist Gunsmith, Woodworker, Machinist, Leather Worker.
Gunsmith Brass Hammer 10'' Hardwood Handle + 1/2 Pound Brass Hammer Will not mar your rifle finish Ergonomic handle design tfor a better grip feeling 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - No questions asked money back
Official Products of Ultimate Arms Gear, Brand New. Brass 1/2" Diameter Mallet Face Head. Heavy Duty Gunsmith Hammer-2 oz. Great to Assist With Roll Pin Punch Sets and Other Gun Parts. Wooden Handle for Excellent Balance and Grip Control. Perfect for Those Very Delicate Projects when you Must
8pcs brass punches:1/8",9/64",3/16",1/4",9/32",5/16",2Г—7/32" 4pcs steel punches:2each of 1/16" and 3/32" 2pcs composite punches:3/8",15/64" 12pcs fitting screw drivers Brass head hammer with nylon cap and hex,hole for screw drivers
Weaver gunsmith 849723 hammer punch set fit just about any pin. Hunting gun smiting equipment. Made of the highest quality materials
This Beautifully Crafted Hammer Is A Solid 360 Brass, Machine Turned And Hand Polished Head And Had A Seasoned Hickory Handle. Perfect For Those Very Delicate Projects When You Must Protect The Finish Of Your Firearm Or Other Surface. Made In The USA
The Wheeler engineering master Gun smithing interchangeable hammer set includes 2 hammer bodies and 8 hammer faces, 4 hammer faces with each hammer body: metal, brass, nylon and rubber. Hammer bodies are made of precision machined metal. The large hammer is ideal for driving out large or stubborn