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Fixxxer Front Sight Installation Hex Tool For Glock 3/16 Hex Nut Driver Tool
Fixxxer Magnetized Hex Front Sight tool- Aids in the installation and removal of front sights on Glock pistols. Features a Hex wrench and a black finish, a must have for anyone who is installing front sights on Glock model handguns.3/16" Hex, for sights with a 0.090 Hex (all glock models) Magnetic
FIXXXER 3 pc. Tool Set for Glock/Magazine Disassembly/Front Sight Installation Hex Tool/Disassembly Tool - All GEN All ModelsMagazine Disassembly ToolFor Glock - All GEN All Models This FIXXXER Glock tool should be standard equipment in every range bag. Works perfectly and makes a job that was a