Crosman Vigilante 357 Co2 Air Pistol Kit with Holster and 3-Pack of Magazines

Crosman Vigilante 357 Co2 Air Pistol Kit with Holster and 3-Pack of Magazines

The Crosman Vigilante 357 is a semi-automatic, 10-shot air pistol with a unique revolver styling and finger-molded grip design, perfect for action shooting. Powered by CO2 and available single or double action the Vigilante is easy to use, as well as accurate with its six inch rifled steel barrel. SpecificationsCaliber: .177Velocity: 435 fps Mechanism: CO2Ammo Type: Pellets or BBsCapacity: 10 Rounds- Pellets or 6 Rounds- BBsGood For: Plinking, Fun & Target Shooting Barrel: Rifled Includes: Crosman Vigilante 357 Air Pistol with Pellet Clip and 6 Round BB Clip, Holster and 1 Extra Pellet Clip and 1 Extra BB Clip

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This gun is absolutely a bang for your buck, being that the gun with the holster and extra magazine clips for a relatively reasonable price. This specific package comes with one BB clip and four pellet clips, the gun works best with pellets. For the best accuracy I found that shooting in single action with competition pellets. The holster holds up quite well, but something I would complain about is the way the holster secures the gun. The plastic connector itself is fine, but the end of it is attached by a detachable button, meaning that if you rub up against something with the holster on it could come detached. Now that I've nitpicked the little things, lets get on with the pros and cons of the gun itself

- The rear sight is adjustable, allowing for very good accuracy. The rear sight is adjusted at the factory before it is shipped so even out of the box it shoots very well
- The trigger is very smooth. It is a very good trigger, aside from the fact its double action pull weight is somewhat heavy. Its single action is the most accurate and smoothest way to shoot the gun.
- The entire gun in general is very strong and has held up quite well for it mostly being plastic.
- The barrel is not smooth bore, it is rifled; this makes shooting with pellets very accurate.
- The CO2 mechanism utilizes the CO2 very well, allowing for around 75 shots with the gun. For the best performance you may want to replace the CO2 after around the 60th shot.
- The gun is surprisingly well oiled for right out of the box.
- The CO2 loading mechanism is very smooth and well sealed. When I try to load the CO2 on cheaper guns it leaks out at a quick rate before I tighten it enough, meaning lost shots. The inner handle on this gun is gun metal, and the screw is metal and not spring loaded. This allows you to even screw it in quicker than a regular gun. You can't even hear the CO2 leak while loading it.
- The grip is quite comfortable
- The gun has a very "well built" type of feeling to it, when I opened the box I knew that the gun was not poorly made.

- The grip may be good, but the two plastic pieces forming the grip are very flimsy, so you have to be careful when removing them.
- When reloading the pellet/BB clip, you have to push a release button and "break" the barrel of the gun. The button is very tight and the pivot connecting the barrel is too tight as well.
- Since the barrel is rifled, shooting BB's out of the gun can actually effect the rifling of the barrel and decrease the overall lifetime of the gun.
- The double action trigger pull is smooth, but it is very heavy. You really do have to shoot it single action to get the best accuracy.

The amount of cons I could find were minimal, because the gun really was built well. The holster is well made as well, it stays on your belt, it doesn't wobble, it isn't heavy, it is firm, and it keeps the gun relatively secure. I personally recommend only shooting pellets out of it but BB's honestly don't do the gun too much harm, and they penetrate a little better than led. If you are looking for a gun to shoot in the backyard, or to kill a rat, or just to simply try out a BB/pellet pistol this is a very good gun.

This Crosman Vigilante is a decently made .177 cal pellet pistol for the price. Nothing too fancy, but it is quite accurate and lots of fun to shoot. The frame is die cast zinc and the barrel assembly is made of the same black polymer plastic that many other manufactures use for their air guns. For a CO2 pistol it has pretty good muzzle velocity and target penetration at 8-meters. This pistol kit included a nylon holster along with three extra 10-round pellet clips, in addition to the stock one that comes with it. There is also one 6-round BB clip included. The two-piece black plastic handle grip is easily removed for replacing the CO2 cartridge, but the two halves seemed a little loose on the frame and would rattle slightly when in place, which I found annoying, so I added black 3/16-inch diameter stick-on foam dots at each of the corners of the handle frame on both sides and the plastic handle grip now fits snuggly with no movement. I posted a pic below showing the location of the foam dots. Overall, for what this pistol cost, I think it was a good purchase and would have no issue recommending it to anyone looking for a decent, inexpensive CO2 pellet revolver.

This looks like a real handgun and its powerful enough to be dangerous. Not a kids toy without supervision. For those who have had co2 leak problems, try reading the instructions. You need to put some pellgun oil on tip of each co2 canister before piercing, that lubes gun and creates a better seal. This is a great pellet handgun for $50, yeah it does have some plastic, but not in the important areas. If your looking for accuracy then don't shoot bb's, they destroy the barrels rifling. This handgun is not designed for long range shooting, 10-50feet its very accurate. I seen numerous reviews talking about it not being accurate "Wrong" Airguns are very picky about which pellet they like and each gun even the same exact gun can like a different pellet. .177 pellets come in different sizes and weights IE: standard is 4.5mm I found my gun liked the 4.51 mm H&N 8.64 gr and it did not like the Crossman pellets at all. Mine was chronographed (speed tested) at 461 FPS that was the average of 4 full clips being shot. Thats a higher FPS than advertised and thats because I found the right pellet. This is a single action (best accuracy) or double action revolver, its not semi-automatic as I seen mentioned nor does it have blowback. Sights are good, but add a long eye relief pistol scope or red dot and you will be impressed. I have been testing to see how long I could leave a full co2 cartridge in before it all leaked out (don't advise this, just a test) I am on day 4 without any leakage. When you load your c02 cartridges make sure to line them up square and don't force them. The holster is awesome, I am surprised how nice this whole package is for the price. Well done Amazon and Crossman. Hope y'all enjoy yours.

I bought 2 of these revolvers for Christmas gifts for my grandsons. When they opened their gifts they went crazy. They loved the quality and details put into the gun. I can only give four stars because one gun came with a combination of extra cylinders that shot bbs and pellets. The other gun came with extra cylinders that shot only pellets . Crosman should make it right.

Love this revolver! it does consume fast for .177 pellets, but is cheap to buy more from Amazon. I had this for about a few months now, and really like using it. This bonus bundle is also really nice! came with four .177 caliber magazines, one 4.5mm bb magazine, and a holster. it is not super loud, but at the start, it will be a little loud for the first few shots. about one co2 canister will last about 115 shots (for me). It is really fun to use, and grips feel nice, sights are clean, and the gun design is really cool! if you are looking for a fun co2 pellet pistol to use for targets and so on, than this one would be perfect for you!

The gun shoots great! It is accurate. The extra clips are for pellets so you can actually shoot 40 rounds back to back. One co2 cartridge will last for 80 to 100 rounds. You will notice a drop though. Don't leave the co2 on, it will leak not 1-2 days even with a drop of pelgun oil. The gun holster doesn't fit this huge fun. Ok for small or medium gun, kind of disappointing. Overall good to great fun. Wish the holster would fit it.

Great product I have to say. Looks very real which is exactly what I wanted. I’m making films and as far as props go this one was great. The weight was good and the grip felt good in my hand. Word of warning though it is big really look at the size in the description because it is somewhat intense the first look.

This gun ive had for about 2 months. One of the best, accurate, powerful, and non-jamming bb gun.Great look, and comes with many magazines. Every bb pellet cna fit in it. Hasn't even jammed yet, it is easy to uuse for anyone 13 or over, very extremely well made, and would definitely recomend this to anyone looking for a fun, accurate, great-looking, and powerful bb gun to use for hunting or target shooting.

Grips 'snap' on and off and are a bit cheaper than the variants made 20 yrs ago. Functionally still the same and works fine.

Great gun. Love the semiautomatic action. Perfect gun.

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Modern take on the classic revolver style 10-shot pellet clip, 6-shot bb clip - pellets, BBs and CO2 not included 6-inch rifled steel barrel, up to 435 feet per second velocity Single or Double-action firing Full metal frame, with tactical rail system and adjustable rear sight
This semi-automatic revolver offers a modern take on classic revolver styling and incorporates a comfortable finger-groove grip design. The CO2 powered Crosman Vigilante offers single of double action shooting and is perfect for action shooting. The 6-inch rifled steel barrel is ruthlessly accurate
Whether you need these as replacements to the original, or if you just want additional magazines so you don't have to stop to re-load as often. Original equipment with the Crosman Vigilante airgun revolver.