Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Fixed Blade Knife with Carbon Steel Blade, Black, 0.125/4.3-Inch

Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Fixed Blade Knife with Carbon Steel Blade, Black, 0.125/4.3-Inch
Fixed-blade knife with a razor sharp 1/8 inch (3.2 mm) thick carbon steel blade with tungsten DLC anti-corrosive black coating
Blade length: 4.3 inches (109 mm); Blade thickness: 0.125 inch (3.2 mm); Total length: 9.1 inches (232 mm); Weight w/sheath: 5.7 oz. (162 g)
Spine of the blade is ground especially for use with a fire starter (not included)
Ergonomic handle with high-friction rubber gripВ gives the feeling of control, making work easier, as if the knife were an extension of your hand
Black plastic sheath with belt loop keeps knife securely at your side; 1-year manufacturer's warranty

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Comments / reviews:
I really like the size and feel of this knife. It's twice the price of the Companion HD, but I like it better. It comes with 2 styles of belt attachment...a fully enclosed "dangle" (need to unfasten your belt to slide it on", or a clip that slips over your belt (no need to unfasten the belt). The clip is smaller than the standard clip on a Companion...I can't get it over my thicker belt. And being leftie, the sheath is not ambidextrous so it's somewhat useless for me anyway. This Mora came decently sharp, but stropped up easily to more useful sharpness.

Great price, great quality and a super good deal. These knives are not the dressy show knives like other companies produce, but the quality and price more than make up for any cosmetic designer issue you may have. The knife is super sharp, very durable, comfortable to use for extended periods of time and comes with a knife sheath that great. The sheath fits well, is secure and protects the knife well. The blade has good heft, a cushioned grip, good attention to detail, and superb functionality. I don't want to give the manufacturer ideas, but they could charge much more for this knife and it would still be a steal of a deal.

I have a more than a few mora knives and this one is that same as all of the rest.. a good dependable knife with a scandi grind. I don't really like the scandi grind for everyday use but for wood crafting or general bushcrafter work this knife will cut wood really well. Even the expensive Moras are cheap when compared to custom or high end production knives so you can have a multiple knives stashed in the car, garage any where you would need a dependable knife.

I really like this Mora knife. It comes razor sharp.The blade is thick enough to pry with in an emergency if necessary. There limitations in its use for real hard tasks, but I think the pros overcome the cons. Please note this knife is not an extremely heavy duty knife similar to some of the Ontario knives, but the light weight off set the limitations. Due to its light weight, blade size and versatile sheath, it works well as an EDC fixed blade. The sheath is very comfortable and with dual belt attachments, it is very versatile. I would not make this knife a main survival knife, but I would certainly trust it to perform medium duty tasks and would also trust it for self defense in an emergency. The only thing it is missing is a lanyard hole in the handle. I think it would be useful although I found the handle to be very grippy and secure. But I think under certain circumstances a lanyard will come in handy. My final thoughts is that Mora really hit a winner with this knife. I would highly recommend it.

Let me start by saying that this knife is just great! I love it!, I have the Mora Companion and it’s a good knife too, the companion is light, takes a very keen edge and is a excellent work horse, also the blade is thinner meaning that it slices better but the Mora Black just looks and feels like a more hefty robust knife, although the blade is thicker this knife comes razor sharp and has great edge retention how do I know? well on my last outing I batoned with it for hours( I know this knife is not made to do this, still wanted to check out how it would handle this test) and sharpened sticks to cook our food over the fire and it still sliced like nobody’s business. The handle is incredibly comfortable. The knife comes with a black DLC (diamond like coating) that looks awesome; the letters in the blade look almost golden so the contrast to the black looks really cool. I batoned with it so some of the coating came off, no big deal, that’s to be expected from any coating, DLC or not, and it now looks battle scared which is a look I love in my knifes. Like other Moras this baby doesn’t win any beauty contests but if you’re anything like me you’ll love the look of this no nonsense work knife.
Now the sheath on the other hand is another story, it’s a no frills kinda ugly plastic sheath, I wouldn’t mind so much for the aesthetics if it where more functional but the retention systems is very flimsy and even thought it will retain the knife when you first get it, over time this retention will begin to loosen considerably, also as a lefty I would have liked the sheath to be ambidextrous, I don’t think it would be to hard to do this, many top brand fixed knife makers offer this option. I for one recommend you ditch the sheath and buy an after market custom sheaths there are many online retainers that offer custom Mora sheaths so this will not be difficult to do, they cost almost as much as the knife itself so you may want to hold off for a while to make the purchase just so you don’t feel the sting right away and feel like you purchased a 65-70 dollar Mora knife, cause lets face it part of the attraction to Moras are their very nice price point.

I have used the Morakniv Companion for several years and bought this to have a heavier knife to use outdoors. I was surprised at how much thicker the blade is and how much more substantial the whole knife is compared to the Companion. The blade is just awesome and I love how it is designed to be used with a ferro rod. I'm sure I'll be using this knife for years to come.

This is a great little knife. Excellent for all of the reasons stated in other reviews. But a bit overpriced. I got mine on an excellent sale for $25. At that price, it's a no-brainer.

Mora Bushcraft Black, a VERY awesome knife for the price (don't pay MSRP type prices tho, it can be found on reasonable sales). Even at that common 50 range, it is still every bit a solid knife, and if you like Mora's anyway, I can't imagine being dissatisfied with one. Add into the mix, a bargain price, and, well... it becomes an absolute bomber steal and an incredible knife that holds it's own against the 50-100 range knives all day long. I have picked up 4 of these from 3 different sales, including here on Amazon, at the lowball prices of 23-25. Watch the prices often, and absolutely pick this knife up when it is in the right range. If you want to really brutalize it, perhaps jump up to the Garberg and hammer away. But doubt you will wreck this one either. Even the Companions will execute nearly any task very, very well and well outperform their price point.

very sharp and very cool looking... so cool I don't want to use it. comfortable handle. higher level of craftsmanship. best for rugged outdoor use. take this with axe or machete and head into the wilderness. I still use mora companion more around the house/yard.

This knife has all the features that are important to me in a wilderness survival knife:

- It's made of carbon steel with a moderate temper, which is much more durable than stainless steels in the same price range. This also makes it easy to resharpen.

- It has a properly radiused tang junction, which to me is the single most important aspect of a survival knife, because it requires this in order to withstand use as a wood chisel for felling trees. The company has pictures of their knive's tangs on their site. Many knives marketed as survival knives today have simplisitcally machined tangs that meet the blade at 90 degree angles like the letter "T" (sometimes referred to as "stick tangs"), which creates centers for accute stress accumulation in the corners that will put the knife at risk for breakage when used for chopping or battoning. I've seen it too many times. Even Kabar and Cold Steel are guilty of this. A true full tang, like the type found on ESEE's knives, is still preferable, but the Mora style tang is adequate.

- It is no thicker than it needs to be in order to retain stiffness. Any thicker than about 3mm, and it's just useless weight. So many knives today are way too thick, probably because people think they need the thing to split logs because they haven't learned the technique of quickly fashioning simple wooden wedges for the job. 3mm is perfect in my opinion.

- The factory edge was extremely impressive, and easily the best I've ever seen; even better than Cold Steel's. The bevel angle was ideal for an all-around woods knife, consistent all the way through the very tip, and the finish was hair shaving. This is the very first time I have ever not felt any temptation to alter the factory edge of a knife, and I have had hundreds of different hunting, survival, and work knives from numerous manufacturers. I will simply maintain the edge with a pull-through sharpener as needed.

- The sheath is very functional. The interchangeable belt attachment system works very well. The blade does not rattle in the sheath. On the down side, there is no strap or other means to clasp the knife into the sheath for when you desire that extra security; friction alone holds it in. I may make a custom sheath.

This knife is easily better than many that cost several times more. Get one.

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NA Imported Fixed blade knife with 1/8-inch (3.2 mm) thick carbon steel blade with anti-corrosive black coating Blade Thickness:В 0.126" (3.2 mm), Blade Length: 4.3" (109 mm), Total Length: 9.1" (232mm), Net Weight: 5.4 oz. (154g) Black plastic sheath with integrated diamond sharpener and Fire
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