Winchester Model M 14 Semi-Automatic CO2 Air Rifle

Winchester Model M 14 Semi-Automatic CO2 Air Rifle

Over 1.3 million M14 combat rifles were issued to U.S. Military Veterans of the 1960s and early 70s. The standard service rifle for U.S. Army and Marine infantry was a modification of the famous M1 Garand, developed in the 1930s and utilized throughout World War II. Winchester was one of four firearms manufacturers contracted by the U.S. military to supply M14s. More than forty years later, Winchester Air Rifles is proud to introduce this M14 air rifle as a salute to our military and to this gun which set a standard for power, accuracy and reliability. This M14 features a rifled steel barrel, a blade front sight and adjustable rear sight for accuracy. The Winchester Air Rifle model M14, with durable composite stock, is a semi-automatic, dual ammo gun which shoots both BBs and pellets. The CO2 clip holds two standard 12 gram cylinders to produce a maximum muzzle velocity of 700 feet per second. Load two CO2 cylinders into the clip then insert it into the gun. The clip also holds two 8-round magazine for a total of 16 shots without reloading. Load BBs, pellets or any combination of BBs and pellets into the magazine then re-insert the magazine into the clip. After 8 shots, flip the clip to continue shooting. You might pick up the Winchester Air Rifle M14 for its historical significance. But the pure backyard fun, serious marksmanship, and realistic semi-automatic action will make it the most enjoyable airgun you’ve ever owned.

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Comments / reviews:
I have read many reviews of this air rifle in which people complained about the amount of plastic used. Yes, there is a lot of plastic, but I think these critics are missing the point here. It is a light weight rifle and I think that is just fine. It doesn't tire you like a wood and steel M14 would and it certainly doesn't cost what an M14 or even a full metal and wood replica would cost. What you do get is an amazingly accurate and powerful co2 gun.

I own the Crosman single shot 2300T with the Walthar Lothar precision barrel which is a very accurate pistol set up with the removable stock as a carbine. This Winchester M14 is every bit as accurate and I believe it is even more accurate, with the added convenience of a double 8 round stick magazine. I own many air rifles and pistols, none of which come close to the accuracy of this rifle.

I was able to group 5 shots (the size of a quarter) in the red bullseye from a distance of 75ft standing off-hand. I have never done that before with any of my firearms or airguns. And, I can shoot all day with out my arms getting tired (which says a lot since I'm 70 years young). I put a sling on my M14 ( Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical M1 M-1 Carbine Military Mil Spec Quality Classic WWII Reproduction OD Olive Drab Green Canvas 1.00" Rifle Sling by Ultimate Arms Gear) available at Amazon. This is a great sling and utilizes the sling swivels built into the rifle. Here is a link to that sling:

The plastic used in this rifle is a very strong and durable composite material. I'm not worried about breaking it. If wood is important to you, I understand that at least one person has replaced the plastic with wood for that more realistic feel by using a M1/M14 surplus stock and some dremel work. I'm not going to do that as I appreciate the light weight and durability of the composite stock it came with.

Another thing, I appreciate the the 2 cartridge (CO2) power plant of this rifle. The 2 co2 cartridges give this rifle the power it has and I get about 80 good shots with it (that's about $.0125/shot). And, it is a lot cheaper than those 88 gram co2 cartridges to operate shot for shot. I own the Beretta CX4 Storm pellet carbine that uses these 88 gram cartridges and every time I have to replace one it's $12 (for about 180 shots or $.06/shot) for comparable power.

I can honestly recommend this pellet rifle for young and old...if you can aim, you will hit what you are shooting at!

 When i received this it would constantly jam. The jam was so bad that you could not remove the magazine from the rifle. Using a cleaning rod wouldn't help because the rod would contact the separator between the pellet and not remove the pellet.Three times it jammed within 40 shots and the only way to remove the magazine was to dismantle the entire rifle. I was very unhappy and was going to send it back but decided to try other pellets in it. i used crossmaan destroyers, gamo red rockets, and hyper-max pellets. After 200 shots with these different pellets i didn't have a single jam and now i will keep the rifle. It shoots very accurately. i am happy now. It is very light because it is mostly plastic but i like it because you can handle it all day without getting tired of holding it. With these other brand of pellets i fired it as fast as i could pull the trigger and never had one pellet misfire or jam. Buy it you will enjoy it.

Update: 4/12/2014. I have now fired over 2000 shots with cross-man hollow points, gamo red rockets and hyper max pellets without any problems at all.I also painted the stock like a reviewer here did and it came out great. I now upgraded it to five stars.

this thing is a blast and dead on accurate not sure if the FPS is what it says but pretty sure its close. the pellets impede in 1/2" plywood. Not bad .Amazed by how accurate. gave it 4 stars because its feels like a toy unlike my Ruger Blackhawk which looks and feels like a 10/22. That one shoots through three sheets of plywood. but this semi auto is so much fun and perfect if you want to terrorize your back yard again accurate as heel. Made one big yellow splat were the bulls eye was last night at 20 yards. i point it hits were i point with iron or should i say plastic sights. Also in hand you can tell its not a real m14 but leaning against the wall across the room or at a distance in your hands. this just makes me want a Real M 14 even more think im gonna skipp the AR and save my pennys

I'm not a fan of so much plastic, but this is a nice pellet gun, and is extremely accurate.

I'm more than disappointed by the fact that I live in HOT Florida -- and C02 guns don't fare well in the heat - - a fact I did not know before buying it. While it was still cool, under 70 degrees, it was very accurate at 35'. I used it with the open iron sights and later with an installed Red Dot sight. I was an expert marksman in the military -- this rifle made me feel pretty much at home. I LOVE the auto-loading feature.

Great looking replica of the M-14. Easy to assemble and easy to shoot. Good grouping at 25 yards with little sight adjustment. From a former military/police firearms instructor, this is a great training tool for youngsters.

SWEET RIFLE ! Excellent quality too money value here too . Made in japan and not China , BONUS .
Nice Mechanics to the rifle , cool design for the O2 system . Decent trigger pull too . Wont fit small people it is exactly as a modern M-14 variant size .
Whats not to like about the M-14 anyway ! This my friends is the absolute ultimate in Poker Chip Killer rifles .
Nice job DAISY , well done , well executed design too , couldn't be happier , and would highly recommend to others .
To all the reviewers that WHINE about the plastic , what is it you expect for this price ? Really people , REALLY !
I think most of the whiners are from the Generation ' ME ME ME ME ME ME ME " anyway :-)
Fine rifle , get yours today through Amazon like so many other things I buy now here , they wont disappoint !

This rifle is a work of art. I've shot the real steel M14 and I have to say, the scale is spot on. This has no problem taking down squirrels or rabbits or whatever pest you may have. If you're looking for a great air rifle for a low cost, look no further!

Great gun to plink with. I did order a scope and mount from Amazon. Really helped with accuracy. I did notice if you shoot to rapid it gets cold enough to miss fire, Three or four shot and pause no problem.

I wanted to practice holding my 1863 Colt rifled musket that I use in compeitition.but the M14 did not have enough weight to .work so I put
three pounds of lead ingots in the forearm and 3 pounds in the stock by way of drilling a small hole behind the receiver and pushing lead ribbon into the stock to make the weight as close as I could..and it worked.

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