Single Magazine Pouch - 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP

Single Magazine Pouch - 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP

This magazine pouch will comfortably carry one, double stacked magazine in any of the above calibers, including magazines carrying up to 17 rounds. This is a brand new magazine pouch from a US manufacturer. It can be clipped over the waistband or the belt using the included spring steel clip.

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Comments / reviews:
Plenty of room for the mag for my Ruger Commander 45 SR1911. I'm ordering another one to use for a case for my PD 35 Tac Fenix flashlight since I lost or misplaced the case for it. Great quality for my needs.

The first pouch I received was missing the metal clip, so I emailed to ask for the metal piece. Received an entire replacement pouch promptly.

The second pouch works like a charm and stays on my belt perfectly. The first pouch holds a 9mm magazine as well, but that one I will have to keep inside my pocket.

Fits my 17 round S&W mags really well. Its basic, very generic but it does work. Not bad if you don't have alot of money and need something. there is a little fraying on the opposite side of the velcro but for the price its worth it. It will last you until you upgrade.

It works great. I use it for an M&P BG .380 mag. Recommend. No issues.

I have had this for several years now and has held up with no signs of falling apart.

It's a gift but looks well made and rugged.

like it, belt clip difficult at 1st but got better with use

These are great! Very durable, easy to use and fit both clip sizes easily. Great product.

Awesome value and fast delivery.

Serves my purpose.

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