Browning Vinyl Training Dummy

Browning Vinyl Training Dummy

Great for teaching your dog how to handle and retrieve downed birds! The most trusted name in dog training supplies. This high-quality Browning Training Dummy is built to last with a soft, textured rubber design. It's a great tool for teaching your dog how to find, handle, and retrieve downed birds. Soft rubber design for durability; Floating throw rope handle; Rubber ball for greater throwing velocity; Textured surface for a better grip and hold; Leak-proof design; Visible against most backgrounds. Item Number: 666249; Small Dimensions: 2" x 10"l. with 11.5" rope; Small Weight: 7 ozs. Large Dimensions: 2.5" x 11.25"l. with 12" rope; Large Weight: 14 ozs. Order yours today! Browning Rubber Training Dummy

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Comments / reviews:
Substantial in construction and materials. I like the ball on the rope to grip when tossing. I did re-tie the factory knots on either end of the rope. Visibility in water is good for both my dog and me. I liked it well enough that I ordered 4 more. Having fun.

I like these very much for training my GSP to retrieve. I have had to retie the throwing end but it's no big deal. They work as expected

Great quality bumper. A little big for my puppy but very nicely made and we'll use it more when he gets bigger

It's good. But ordered the orange one? Got white??

Great training dummy. You can really throw it far with grabbing the ball on the rope.

Great price and the 2 silver labs puppies seam to like it to except for the rope gone in one day

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