MTM Ammo Belt Pouch (Red)

MTM Ammo Belt Pouch (Red)

No more fishing in your pocket for ammo. For the shooter who was always carrying ammo in his pocket. MTM Case-Gard introduces the Ammo Belt Pouch. With a sturdy snap latch and heavy duty belt clip, all you have to do is pour, clip and your ready to shoot. Also a great place to put spent brass. It was designed to hold a 100 rounds of 22 long rifles. Great for target shooting, plinking or small game hunting.

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Comments / reviews:
They're pretty good. The belt clip could be tighter and it wouldn't come off your belt so easy if it had a lip on the end to catch on the bottom of your belt - but it's ok. The lid doesn't snap closed very tight, but again, it's adequate. They will hold over 100 rounds of 22lr. Loading your magazine from the belt pouch beats keeping boxes in your pockets and trying to load out of them - you end up dumping the shells out anyway. Bottom line: I'd buy more if I needed more of them. I got these as add-ons, so the price was right. IMHO, if you have to pay more than $4, it's not worth it.

I like it a lot. Being hard, it keeps my air rifle pellets from being deformed, and offers one-handed retrieval. It is quieter than the Velcro-fastened pouch it replaced, so does not spook game.

Deficiencies: Red is not the first choice of most outdoorsmen.

The belt clip would be more useful if it could accommodate a little wider belt.

The belt clip could use a nub to keep it from slipping upward and off the belt.

The belt clip does not seem sturdy enough for outdoors use, but so far so good with the two I bought.

None of those deficiencies are a deal-breaker, though, and I would buy it again..


Belt clip seems sturdy and deep...should have no problem keeping it in place. It's pretty low profile, though, so probably won't fit over a thick leather gun belt. You might want to deburr the sharp edges on it.

The hinges seem flimsy in comparison...time will tell.

Nice design, easy to use. Might get a second one for dog treats.

No bad and generally good. Holds about 100 rounds of .22lr. I would like a better belt clip but for just standing on the range with a single shot rifle, works great. I wouldn't go crawling around in the dirt with this as the belt clip is too apt to slip off and the top might open spilling all your ammo on the ground.

Love these!!!
A must have for small caliber high round usage! I go prairie dog shooting with my .22 and .17 hmr and this make life great out there.

At 2.89 and free shipping as an add on how could you go wrong. Tough little box, nice size, holds lots of 22 short to mag or any other small cartridge.
Con: Belt clip for a narrow belt, but it clips to your pocket or waist band also so it's still a 5.
Overall: Another good product from MTM, bought 2.

Good little ammo pouch for .22 or slingshot. The clips on the back fit a belt just fine, but making them a little beefier would allow many more options for connecting this to a pack or vest. Does what it's supposed to, won't leave anyone breathless.

I can put soooo much in these little belt carriers..they are convenient and easy..great for a day at the range!

Nothing fancy but it does well. This pouch is rigid, rugged and brightly colored so it is easily found in the grass. The pouch is large enough to hold 250 22 cal. pellets plus. I am not sure about the belt clip as I do not use it.

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Security: *
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Pouch size: 7.9H*5.9W*4.3"D inches. Pouch is made of premium and durable denier waterproof nylon. Pouch: deputy pocket on the front with velcro closure, mesh pouch on one side owns good flexibility while a smaller deputy pocket on the other side for extra storage Attaches to Belt or Vest/MOLLE,
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Made of virtually indestructible polypropylene that will not warp, crack, chip, peel, expand or contract, MTM CASE-GARD rifle ammunition cases are still the first choice of rifle enthusiasts throughout the world. Mechanical hinge that is guaranted for 25 years. Snap-Lock latch protects contents
Made of virtually indestructible polypropylene that will not warp, crack, chip, peel, expand or contract, MTM CASE-GARD rifle ammunition cases are still the first choice of rifle enthusiasts throughout the world. Mechanical hinge that is guaranted for 25 years. Snap-Lock latch protects contents
Totally Handmade Genuine Leather Pouch.
Great for slingshot, pistol ammo,etc.
With Belt Lope,magnet improvement instead of snap.
Powerful Magnets Button Design For Automatically Reloading.

Package Included:
1 x CyberDyer Magnet Ammo Pouch.

The quick and simple 5.11 Shotgun Ammo Pouch provides easy and reliable access to standard shotgun rounds. Sized to hold one standard size box of rounds, this resilient shotgun shell pouch is MOLLE/SlickStick System web compatible for easy integration into your existing tactical kit. The Shotgun
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Totally handmade genuine leather pouch.
Great for slingshot, pistol ammo,etc.
With belt lope, magnet improvement instead of snap.
Powerful magnets button design for automatically reloading.
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