Paracord/Parachute Cord - 7 Internal Strands, 550 Lb Break Strength, 1/8" diameter.  Guaranteed U.S. Made.  Type III 550 Military Survival Cord for Bracelets & Projects.  BONUS:  2 Free EBooks.

Paracord/Parachute Cord - 7 Internal Strands, 550 Lb Break Strength, 1/8 diameter.  Guaranteed U.S. Made.  Type III 550 Military Survival Cord for Bracelets & Projects.  BONUS:  2 Free EBooks.

We are U.S. Military Veterans and Paracord Snobs!

WE KNOW PARACORD and have sold literaly TONS of it!

Paracord has THOUSANDS of different uses!

- Securing or lashing luggage or gear, clothesline, shoe or boot laces, emergency stitches, starting a fire
- Emergency tourniquet, grips on knives, axes or other hand tools, rifle sling, holder strap for sunglasses
- Make a Paracord bracelet, decorative Knot, wrap a coffee cup, hang a pinata, boy and girl scout projects
- Zipper pull, learning to tie knots, whistle lanyard, pulling out a loose tooth, make a net, tie a door open
- Tie off a 6-pack of beer to cool it by submerging it into a cold lake or stream, tent rope, hang a sign
- Fish stringer, macrame projects. key fob, self-defense weapon (monkey fist), tie up a woman's corset
- Dog run line, sew a button on, tie a fly, snare or trap, net, fishing line or trotline, repair wicker furniture
- secure electrical or electronic cords together, string Christmas or other decorative lights, crabbing
- lash a boat to the dock, boat anchor line, tie climbing vines to trellis, tie an inner tube raft together
- "soft patch" repair a hose or pipe, string cans together for an alarm, basketball hoop net, flag pole line
- hang a bird feeder, bundle firewood together, fencing, binoculars strap, dental floss, sandal strap

GUARANTEED with our 1 year "No Muss, No Fuss, No B.S." Guarantee, PERIOD!

- Hobbyists, Home, Garage, Gardening, Landscaping and Roofing
- Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Parachuting, Motorcycling and ATV's
- Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Services and Rescue Personnel
- Military, Paramilitary, Paracord Survival Strategies and "Bug Out Bags"
- Automotive Emergency Kits, Boating, Scuba Diving, Cycling, Arts and Crafts
- Boy and Girl Scounts, Farming, Ranching, Construction, Picnics

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Comments / reviews:
This worked great as a replacement cord for my Walky Dog. Perfect diameter and looks to be higher quality than what it originally came with. A walky dog is a dog "leash" that attaches to the frame of a bicycle so that you can have both hands on the handlebar. I'm no expert on paracord but I noticed that the company that sells walky dogs now sell it using paracord as the leash. I'm attaching a photo of the walky dog with the Desert Camo paracord. It only needed a few feet, so I am going to put the rest into my emergency pack I keep with me when I go on long hikes into the wilderness.

I am no expert on paracord but overall quality was very good and color was perfect for my application. This is made in the good old USA so that adds a star in my book. I like that there were a lot of color choices. This vender seems willing to go the extra mile both in the warranty and follow up customer service so another plus. Overall five stars in my book.

good cord. bought the black and the desert digital. you can remove one or more strands from inside if needed, as I did with the black to fit the hole on the lanyard bead.

I wrapped all my Mora knives with the paracord I bought. It adds a lot of class to really plain looking sheaths. Great cord, lots of colors/patterns to choose from, two free ebooks, really quick shipping. And a company that cares about your satisfaction. A win all the way around. What's not to like.

Updating BoB and been seeing the para cord everywhere. Ordered 50' but was worried this would take a lot of space but instead this versatile stuff fit in my palm. Likely going to order more as it's pretty compact. If it does all they say (and it seems like it just might) it'll have a ton of uses and it's a great purchase.i can easily see many great camping uses.

Wonderful seller, great product, excellent customer service. I live in Alaska and the rugged conditions of the state require that the gear you carry into the bush with you be top quality products and be made of strong materials. I use 7 strand 550 Paracord on a weekly basis. Be it hanging your caribou or moose meat up and away from bears, to lashing camping gear and supplies to you canoe or kayak or just to have in your vehicle or emergency pack for unexpected situations. No other material I have ever used has beaten the lightwieght, strength and versitility of 7 strand paracord. I will definatly order this product from Dakota Gear (TM) again.

I have used the paracord to create a lash down system on its deck, I also created a traverse anchor system along the edge of my kayak After making a cover for my kayak I used the paracord as a draw string on its ends. Lastly when I made a second cover for my tent I used the cord for tie downs. I ordered more for an anchor cord, and extra for what ever may come up, It has endless uses. All it takes is a need and an idea of how to use it for any possible use. It does not rot, shrink, stretch, fad or break under most any application When I was in the MARINE CORP I found hundreds of uses for the cord including making a bracelet to keep a supply on me at all times. I still wear one tosay.

I have been using this rope for everything. It is great. It holds me up in my hammock without problem. Very strong.

Little heavier than I expected - but will certainly do - I use it for antenna hanging over trees. First we shoot some fishing line up and follow it up with paracord - from there the paracord brings up a high tensil cord to hold wire antennas up. Life for a amateur radio operator - operating on the low bands. WD8CRQ

It's a perfect lead for my Yorkie! Gives her the ability to run around chasing her ball while giving me the security that she won't run into the street! It's strong, yet lightweight - she runs like it's not even there AND it does not tangle or knot up.

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