Reviews Death Wish Organic USDA Certified Whole Bean Coffee, 16 Ounce Bag

Death Wish Organic USDA Certified Whole Bean Coffee, 16 Ounce Bag

The World's Strongest Coffee in a 16 ounce bag. These beans are selected and roasted to perfection in order to provide a bold yet smooth tasting cup of coffee with that extra kick of caffeine that is sure to get your day going.

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Here's a general rundown of my experience with the first pot of Death Wish Coffee.

1st cup - Hmm, this aint bad. Tastes pretty good. I like it.
2nd cup - Dang, I'm feeling groovy. Let's get some work done.
3rd cup - Didyaknowscientiststhinkthereareparalleluniversesandlikeyoucouldbelivinganinfiniteamountoflivesindifferentrealities?

Summation: Dang good. A swift kick in the ass. But really expensive.

I'm both pleased and disappointed with this coffee, but RESULTS NOT TYPICAL, AND I'LL TELL YA WHY.

So, I had a inkling that I was immune to caffeine, (possibly something passed down from my mom. (Both she and I drink coffee before bed with no problems.) So I decided, to test it out with Death Wish. I mean, maybe I was just a little desensitized to caffeine. Surely if chugged a cup, maybe two, I could beat my own metabolism, right? Well, as it turns out, no I can't. Either I'm a little too far gone, or I do have that fast caffeine metabolism gene. ON THE PLUS SIDE, Death Wish's claims had me thinking that it would just be kind of strong, something that doesn't necessarily taste good but people drink for bragging rights, or the caffeine content. Either that or it would be another case of "acquired taste." However, I'm pretty happy to say that out of the few whole-bean coffees I've ground, this one might be my favorite so far. I don't add sugar, just a bit of cream. It goes down pretty smooth, and has a hint of it's own natural sweetness. (Nothing too drastically sweet, so don't get your hopes up.)

This will probably be my coffee choice from now on. You win this round Death Wish...

I didn't love the bag I received. I was going to just move on, but Death Wish sent me an e-mail asking me to get in touch if I wasn't blown away happy with coffee. I did and was pleasantly surprised that they offered to send me a replacement bag even though I did not request one. The coffee was great and now I'm a fan. Excellent customer service.

What kind of coffee is this and how does it taste? To me there is a lot of nostalgia here. I HATE the bitter taste of what I think of as classic American coffee, but there's a special place in my heart because the smell is associated with my parents/grandparents. It's been a long time since I've tried that type of coffee. I didn't know what to expect with DWC besides that people were saying REALLY good things about it. This coffee reminds me of the old days, but without tasting like total crud. It's slightly sweet, especially sweet as a cold-brew. You can drink this black or with a little cream and really enjoy it. As a cold brew it's delicious and adding cream is a travesty. Why did my parents/grandparents drink that swill? Because of the high caffeine. That's carries over here and this is a strong coffee. I usually drink two cups of rotating single origin or freshly roasted specialty blend whole bean, but I don't need more than one cup of DWC. It tastes like an expensive coffee. It's a dark roast, but the beans are not oily. If you're a snob and want the freshest bag possible, but direct from DWC.

Let me start by saying I am by no means a coffee connoisseur.

I do think this is a fantastic coffee. As a daily coffee drinker (my everyday/staple coffee is Folgers Black Silk - two large cups that are the equivalent of roughly 6-7 measured cups) I'm not sure I get quite the caffeine "kick" as some other users and wonder if to some extent it might be placebo effect, but I do feel a moderately greater sense of alertness after drinking a cup of Death Wish compared to other coffees.

I like the flavor of the coffee; it is bold but deceptively smooth. I also like there is a cleanness to its taste (which makes sense because it's organic). Personally I think it tastes much better than some of the comparably-priced Starbucks blends as it has zero after-bite.

While I really do enjoy this coffee, due to the price I will reserve it for occasional, not daily use. The Folgers Black Silk, while a good coffee, doesn't hold a candle to Death Wish, and is by far more cost-effective. That being said, I highly recommend Death Wish coffee, either as a daily coffee if you can afford it, as a purchase for yourself for special occasions, or as a gift for a loved one who is a coffee lover.

My boyfriend and I first tried this when the honor bags came out and have since ordered death wish coffee every 3/4 weeks. The Valhalla is also awesome as h.
We both have caffeine needs, try our best to cut out energy drinks and this really is a rad boost.
We have bought ground bags from here with no issues tho we usually stick with whole bean (love fresh ground in the morning), we have used a press coffee maker, we have a slow drip filter now and it has always come out great.
Also have made cold brew with this coffee and it's fantastic.
Definitely our goto coffee, the stickers are pretty awesome freebies, the packaging in general is always great, never damaged.
You can not go wrong with death wish coffee!

I found this stuff thru stumble upon and tried my first bag some time last year (yeah I had their coffee before it was cool). It's amazing. I went with whole bean this time to grind my own for my French press. (I mean at this price you better drink it like a pro but I'm too cheap for a Chemex.) The oils and flavor really come through with the fresh grind and press, they're not lost in the drip process.
To top it off Mike and his gang over there in 'Toga are quick with a response to feedback and awesome to deal with. Their Facebook page is always fun to check out and they have a few other great selections on their website too.
(The image is of my last bag but serves its purpose to show how dark and delicious this coffee is)

Woah... Where to start here...

The moment I opened the sealed bag my entire house smelled like a bean roasting factory...

The moment I started brewing it, my house smelt like it had become coffee.

When it finished brewing it became coffee...

I live in coffee now

I am coffee...

But seriously, the strong smell is one thing, the flavor is actually delectable. Very rich, dark, almost choclatey. But not overpowering. Fantastic roast. If only it wasn't 20$ a pound.

Reading the reviews, I thought this stuff would peel my eyelids off. It's not quite that strong, and it's not even the strongest coffee I've had. Newman's Own Special Extra Bold Blend Coffee K-Cups, Medium Roast, 100 Count is actually the strongest coffee I've ever had, and it rounds out to about $0.50 per serving when you purchase it at a wholesaler (Sam's Club for me). It's more bitter than Death Wish, which I love, but my wife hates. Death Wish is a smoother brew, and the flavor is a bit more pleasant. So no points deducted for taste, but this coffee isn't really that strong. A fresh brew from Starbucks or the Newman's Extra Bold outdo this one in that department.

Still, I'm not upset that I tried it. Quality beans.

Honestly, best coffee I have ever had. Every other dark roast coffee I have tried before this one pales in comparison. Many could be heavy on flavor but the aftertaste was extremely bitter, which is common so I never thought much of it. This one is darker in flavor and aroma than most I have tried without the bitter aftertaste. Love this coffee, just wish it was a bit cheaper so it wouldn't hit my wallet so hard as much as I am going to be drinking it.

I purchased this coffee to see what all the hype is about and to try to find an energy boost in conjunction with a ketogenic diet. I do enjoy the fact that this brand is organic and Fair Trade. I prefer to stick with single-origin coffee brands but I certainly don't mind shying away from that preference in search of a good product. After popping some of these whole beans in my grinder, I prepped up my French Press and was ready for my first cup. Now, I do drink a lot of coffee; several cups a day. And I am well tolerated regarding caffeine sensitivity. However, I took the suggestion of starting out with about half of the recommended serving. I felt no additional energy or affects of caffeine than normal. My second cup was the full, recommended serving. Again, no additional energy. As my third and fourth cups were each made stronger, I still felt no additional energy. Although I didn't get to experience what all the hype is about, I will say the coffee is delicious and very smooth. Based on taste and quality, I would buy this again. After all, the price point is very reasonable for the quality.

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