Comments about Gadgets

to that horizontal position of the wrist holding a mouse conducts to an overstrain of joints and injuries, it is known long ago. And the decision, an accessory with a vertical or inclined form, is thought up not yesterday. Just for the Logitech company the MX Vertical model became debut on this
to the Designer Michael Young has spent six years for what he called "the mad scientific project". It was the attempt to create an intermediate link between the classical hammer and gvozdemety. The device had to combine function of charging and giving of nails under blow, but at the same time
So far is created many ultrasonic devices for scaring away of insects, however many users quite often complain of their inefficiency. The bracelet of Nopixgo performs the same function, but already by means of electromagnetic waves. Is established that insects and, in particular, mosquitoes
The New startup of Oko, as envisioned by his authors, is designed to change considerably what now is called as photographing by means of the smartphone. Modern gadgets are almost perfect, no doubt, that can't be told about their operators. The list of small and large claims to unfortunate
by Jerome Lakot, ex-developer of video games and the world champion in driving on a mountain bike, has realized an old dream of the colleagues in the form of a new universal accessory. When you rush from a slope, you do pirouettes or you try to save the life, there is no opportunity to get a
The Group of students of the Higher ETN technical school from Zurich under the leadership of the doctoral candidate Julian Ferkhov have developed the marching PeakBoil furnace. It consists of two parts: combustion chambers where the system of gas burners of Venturi on which the special protective
Glaucoma – one of the most widespread ophthalmologic diseases arising because of contamination of eye drainage channels therefore there is an accumulation of liquid and, as a result – increase in intraocular pressure that leads to injury of an optic nerve up to total loss of sight. Therefore at
is sold to Who by the first has formulated the principle what it is the simplest to hide something, having left him on to a look? When workers of the Aston auction prepared for sale lots from an old Soviet batch of the espionage equipment, they first long were perplexed what among them does a
In the 21st century everything finds the digital copy or continuation that has concerned recently also a classical puzzle of last century – the Rubik's Cube. A child of the Hungarian architect has turned into a startup of GoCube which transfers all actions with a cube from the real world to digital
Any accessory for the smartphone has to be comparable on dimensions to him, otherwise the mobility and comfort of work sharply worsens. Other business if the device has no constant physical shape, as in a case with the Masterkey 4.0 keyboard which is projected by a laser beam on a surface. In
At active walking of a leg sweat therefore, bacteria on skin actively breed and cause an unpleasant smell. Bacteria eat then, emitting at the same time isovalerian acid which is responsible for a smell. It is possible to try to disguise a smell by means of special inserts or more often to use
From the moment of the invention of a bottle people have put a lot of effort to make her as much as possible convenient for drink and, it should be noted, have succeeded in it much. One of the last achievements in the field of bottle technologies – a reusable bottle of LYD. her Main feature – a
A few years ago Dean Miller has created the modified guitar with Tele Servo Bender servo-drivers. Inspired with success, he didn't begin to rest on laurels and here his next novelty – a stringless bass synthesizer with autonomous food and LED illumination — FM Synth Bass. Like a bass guitar,
The Google Company has found replacement to a standard two-stage entrance to the account in a type of a physical security key of Titan. He protects from interception of data better, than a confirmation code which usually comes by SMS or is generated through the application. The key represents the
Someone is fond of a freediving, other it is more important own safety and comfort – the new direction of entertainments, underwater shooting by means of drones before our eyes arises. Instead of plunging into frightening depths personally, the person operator starts the underwater Gladius Advanced
In advance Mechanical engineers from Queensland have developed the river Drifter device warning about flood threat, emergence of sewage or blossoming of seaweed. It looks as the simple tube from PVC equipped with sensors which transfer data on quality and speed of water in real time. Clever
More and more owners of mobile devices prefer wireless earphones to wire. And there is a question: what to do with outdated accessories? It is a pity to throw out them, especially, so far as concerns a qualitative product. Bluetooth receiver Atech by means of which favourite wire earphones begin
Target audience of Quotes Watch smartwatches – fans of the memorable literary quotes. The developers representing the Vienna brand "What?" intend to fill everyday life of users with inspiration, to give them the chance to express itself in communication on intimate subjects with close people.
with B 2015 the Canadian engineer Ryan Bouli has acquainted the world with a concept of the Bowley Lock lock which excludes a possibility of use of standard master keys for opening of the device. There have passed a little time and the inventor is ready to begin production of the commercial
with Authors of a startup of OneUp believe that the good old lifebuoy from floating material can become outdated suddenly if everyone near at hand has their product. It is a float which at contact with water is inflated quicker, than drowning will manage to become puzzled. And it is much simpler
Besides high psychological strain which is experienced by pilots during usual flights, they still sometimes appear in extreme, life-threatening situations. One of them – cabin smoke. The world leader in the field of logistics, post and express services the FedEx company together with the
to of What of a sin to conceal, scientific and technical progress rather has spoiled us. To take at least washing machines which become cleverer and cleverer every year, acquiring all new functions what, naturally, it is necessary to pay more and more for. The washing Drumi machine presented by
Ukulele's – a small four-string Hawaiian guitar. Her sizes fluctuate from 53 to 81 cm. The team of the Italian startup Astro is sure that even 53 cm are much, especially, so far as concerns baggage where everything is laid extremely compactly. We will begin with the fact that in difference
Jake Thompson, the student of faculty of design of the University of Sussex and the inveterate cyclist, has developed a gadget which will help to turn bikers from participants of traffic into his controllers. He called the know-how "Flares" and has issued in the form of a usual small lamp on a
Some high-quality watch are a demonstration of modern technologies and skill of their producers. And how about esthetic pleasure? One of examples – hours of Jacob & Co Opera. Briefly are hours and the music box in "one bottle". In the case of 47 x 20 mm in size in the center of the dial the
The First version of the sun-protection Snapchat Spectacles smart glasses capable to shoot video and to broadcast it in the Snapchat application, was issued in September, 2016. In the general opinion, commercial success of a gadget was very modest, however the owner of a brand the Snap company
The Fans of extreme sports filming the achievements usually use cameras with the motorized stabilizers, however, as practice shows, their weak point is the bad security. Improved to stedika for Arculus Onyx video cameras it is saved from this problem. His creators — brothers Jeffrey and
Of AT&T has presented the new product under the name LTE-M Button representing the button which can be programmed on performance of various tasks. With her help it is possible to distribute, for example, certain messages to groups of subscribers or to do orders for goods. However in this case
with How to send messages to users of the smartphones which have appeared out of a zone of access or in the absence of a steady signal of Wi-fi? The go Tenna Mesh device can become the universal answer to this question. His predecessor – the SMS radio set for communication via the smartphone
the Producer of digital displays of augmented reality DigiLens has submitted the new version of the MonoHUD module which "has considerably lost weight", became simpler in production and is much cheaper in comparison with the predecessors. The company also announced the agreement with the producer
Three years ago the idea of personal saving means for escape from a skyscraper on an external wall had had a material embodiment – a SkySaver device prototype. It is a backpack with a strong cable on the coil and an anchor which needs to be fixed in the room. Evacuated gets out and smoothly goes
the Portable washing Sonic Soak machine is aimed by at travelers or those who are far from the house. Her unique advantages – the tiny sizes and an opportunity to effectively clean any things (not only clothes) without use of detergents. Sonic Soak erases literally everything — clothes,