Comments about Gadgets

The Swedish studio Love Hulten is known for the remarks of games, musical instruments and other devices for entertainment from those times when computers were big and inaccessible to inhabitants. Their last a child – the electronic Evoboxx simulator for the ancient game "Game of Life" of 1970.
Twin brothers Eduardo and Emiliano Parini, natives of the Incubator of the innovative enterprises of Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy, started the startup of Get. They took the idea of "a clever bracelet" as a basis as alternative form of a personal communicator, but tried to solve the basic
Surveillance cameras in terminals of the airports – necessary attribute of a security system. However quite recently the historian of video games and the archivist Jason Scott, walking waiting for the flight at the international airport of Newark (USA), with surprise found the touch game Xbox
The Chinese University of Hong Kong developed the wearable device which develops energy when walking, and can recharge smartphones and other small electronics. Important nuance – it does not create additional load of the person, does not burden him. It is necessary just to move. The idea is
It would seem how it is possible to combine two such concepts how "high technologies" and "coffee table"? However, what was impossible in a century for the 20th, in the 21st becomes a reality. That Coosno can call a coffee table very conditionally as before us something, equipped with the mini
The team of scientists from Peking University of Qinghua developed a prototype of a synthesizer of the speech (WAGT) for the people debarred from voting which represents a new kind of wearable electronics. In essence it copies technology of the laryngophone, however the advanced microelectronics
While Europe pines with an abnormal heat, Sony proposed a futuristic solution with individual cooling – the personal Reon Pocket conditioner which is located in a shirt pocket. The device is located slightly below than a neck in a pocket of a special undershirt. Switching of the modes of its work
Developers of bracelets Mictic position them not as a musical instrument more likely as a toy. Or devices for self-realization, creativity. With their help it is possible to create fancy combinations of sounds from nothing, just moving in space. But even if compose a melody, you will hardly
The Californian company Scubapro submitted the version of the information projected display for divers – Galileo HUD Mask-Mounting Dive Computer. In 2017 the French startup of Thalatoo already tried to bring to the Maoi market, a mask for diving with the integrated screen. The option from
Canon starts a crowdfunding campaign of the next novelty – strong and the Ivy Rec compact camera with special fastening for shooting in campaigns and travel. The camera is equipped with the 13-megapixel sensor and is capable to record video in 1080p with a frequency of 60 fps. At the same time
B what success waits for the franchize Star Wars, and therefore on this invented world especially did not invest in development of accessories. As showed time – in vain, rare samples of toys of those years are on sale at the fabulous prices today. Collecting of old figures from the world of Star
in honor of the 30 anniversary the brand of Garmin releases a new line of the watch which belongs categories "smart". In assortment five models, everyone with the integrated GPS module, the fitness tracker, a pulsator and oksimetry for measurement of level of oxygen. Garmin promises from 28 hours
Insta360 Company is well-known, first of all, the video cameras of the circular review. Its novelty – the Evo transforming camera expanded the former horizons of opportunities: she can remove "round" — by 360 degrees, and when shooting by 180 degrees "gives out" 3D - video in format 5K/30fps.
So far batteries of smartphones remain unpleasantly "lean", and energy consumption by gadgets only grows, all hope for high-speed chargers. The Xiaomi company allowed curious data leakage – on the account Weibo of Lu Weibing, the general manager of the Xiaomi Redmi subbrand, the comparative test
grenade fire extinguisher As practice showed, the majority of South Korean municipal low budget rooms – goshivon — are badly protected from the fires. So, last year as a result of the fire in one of residential buildings seven people, and in small hospital in the south of the country – 37
Perhaps, any who was born last millennium learns this subject - it is a toy in the form of the famous character of animated films, a red cat of Garfield. Since the middle of the 80th of the last century residents of Brittany constantly found on the beach near Iruaza fragments of the cheap phones
the Team of professor Abass Kuzani from the Australian University of Dikin developed the device under the name "Cube Comfort Monitor". However testers nicknamed him "Baby cube" (a children's zone) at once that captures the essence much more precisely. The matter is that ordinary office worker, as
glasses "Clever" points still are very far from perfect. In 2013 Google relied on Google Glass smart glasses, but, unfortunately, the project was failure. The bitter experience of Google was nearly repeated by Apple. However, not everything is so hopeless. the American company North submitted to
to Hand to small children smartphones and tablets that "played and did not disturb", it is considered not the most successful idea for a number of reasons. On the past weekend the journalist of the The New Yorker edition, Evan Osnos, filled up the list with one more point. It appears, the
For people with severe forms of an allergy the prick of an epinefrin appears nearly the only means capable to block a dangerous attack. However it means that the saving and very bulky syringe filled with medicine has to be always at itself, and its loss or absence at the critical moment can cost to
Engineers and scientists from the international KAUST team developed technology of the portable radar which is intended for UAVs and wearable electronics. It is useless for military in view of extremely weak power, but is optimum for household robots and the systems of navigation in the closed
the Idea of the toaster for gamers of Razer's Project Breadwinner, also known as Razer Toaster, soared in air several years and was even sounded by fans until in April of the 2019th found the official embodiment. The joke for April 1 instantly generated the petition "Give us such game toaster". And
several years Later after the world saw Scrubba — the tiniest operating washing machine in the world, the same team released the new version. The new Scrubba Mini model weighs twice less than old, only 70 grams. But at the same time is stronger than the predecessor, more reliably, and in
the Chinese company Ragnok developed the new type of the gamepad intended only for shooters – games with firing and a look from the first person. Took the concept of the old vertical joystick which was placed in the new building repeating a silhouette of the handle of the legendary Desert Eagle gun
Initially the concept of the tiny printer from Berg studio intended for fast listing from the Internet of small fragments of curious information – news, jokes, memes, a photo, etc. The novelty was unclaimed, and in the 2014th servers of the project were closed. And now the Nord Projects studio
conditioner In San Diego from year to year becomes hotter, and in the University of California attended to development of new, mobile and economic climatic systems. One of novelties intends for carrying directly on a body of the person and cools or warms directly him. Because of it consumption of
Thanks to synchronization a smart of North's Focals glasses with Google applications of Fit and Google Slides, users will be able to obtain information on the health directly on lenses of points now. For this purpose it is necessary to load a special application of Focals for the smartphone, to
Owners of bicycles of the last century well remember wheel dynamo cars, in a form something similar to small small bottles. CadenceX is the updated version of the bicycle generator which incorporated achievements of modern technologies. the Novelty – a child of the Chicago startup of
to Resist to the doctrine of the planned degradation in electronics industry very difficult. But it is possible at least to try to minimize one of its negative consequences – creation of huge mass of toxic waste which are not exposed to processing. The Finnish design studio Aivan developed
Why to buy the full-fledged personal computer and to allocate for it physical space in a workplace if it is possible to manage the virtual copy? The new font of Rokid Vision with connection to the smartphone and the system of augmented reality does it possible — as well as full-function
the Group of the Israeli and Polish scientists held testing of a technique of multitouch stimulation of sense organs. The purpose – to help people with problems of hearing, sight and other types of perception is better to be guided at the expense of a combination of several sources of information
beer Within the E3 conference there took place many interesting events, including a tournament on the game Street Fighter V in which the actor-comedian Eric Andre battled against the fans. It is remarkable also the fact that as the first prize the Miller Lite brand distributed to 200 best gamers