Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar, Vintage Sunburst

Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar, Vintage Sunburst

The DR-100 features a Select Spruce top; Mahogany back and sides; and Rosewood fingerboard and bridge.

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Comments / reviews:
This was my very first guitar purchase on amazon, and I think I read the reviews about the guitar itself, and reviews on amazon for about 2 weeks before I decided I was going to buy this. I am a intermediate player, and play acoustic the majority of the time.. When I bought this guitar I was in love with it as soon as it came out of the box, shipped very well, there was so much packing paper in the box. The guitar will also come with a epiphone sticker and a poster of other epiphone guitars, personally I taped it too the wall because it was neat.. The sunburst is just BEAUTIFUL, but to get off the locks of the guitar.. The bridge pins are very hard to get out, harder than normal.. The fretboard is nice, very easy to fret and play, which if your a beginner this guitar is perfect for you.. Although after playing after a couple minutes, my fingertips were black from the fretboard.. I haven't had to adjust anything on the guitar beside it's strings, the stick strings are okay, but if you've been playing for years and you have strings that you prefer I would put them on. I use dean markley blue steel medium gauge. It keeps tube very well. It's well worth the 100 dollars, it looks great, sounds great, you sure get your money's worth and even more than that.
So if your skeptical about buying this, I would consider the fact that it is a $100 dollars and you get what you pay for (even though I think it's basically a steal for 100)
If your a beginner or an intermediate I think you'd fall in love with this instrument easy.
If your on a budget! I know when I looked at it in person I would never think it was a $100 guitar.
I hope my review helps! (:

This is hands-down one of the best sounding guitars in this price range (the $100-ish budget range). I am quite blown away by how great it sounds-- it's very similar to any of the solid-wood Epiphone Masterbilt guitars, which is also a great bargain because they sound just like their Gibson counterparts (e.g. the AJ) -- which sound somewhere between a Martin and a Taylor -- not too dark/muddy as some Martins can get, and not too harsh/bright which most Taylors are... It's just perfect.

Really great projection/volume too when you do full strum, and clear articulation and voice at any volume. I keep saying to myself, how do they make any money off this thing? Almost all "beginner" or budget guitars that I've played sound very shallow and "boxy" (like the sound is coming from a small cardboard box). They all do this-- any cheap Yamaha, Takamine, Washburn, whatever. But this DR-100 (also known as PR-100 if sold by Guitar Center/Musician's Friend) is just miles above those other guitars in sound quality and voice. I would say this sounds like a $500-800 guitar. Whether you're an experienced player looking for a backup guitar (which is why I bought mine-- wanted a laminate guitar that I don't have to worry about and just leave out and play whenever at the office or take with me outside), or a beginner, this is the perfect guitar and most bang for your buck at $100... plus it's a Epiphone with a lifetime guarantee and not some no name brand...

Of course, a guitar can't be perfect at this price range, so I'll tell you where they cut corners. They didn't cut corners on the finish-- the finish is very nice and glossy and the binding is very nice and has a lot of great details such as the nice big headstock. But here's where it needed some work: The frets. Ouch. They needed to be dressed BADLY. They were so sharp that I think you can really cut and bleed sliding up and down the neck... I spent a good 30 minutes just filing it down and smoothing it out as best as I could and now it's so much better. You can tell these were just pressed in by machines in a factory and that's it-- no one hand dressed them and filed them down and finished them-- that sort of manual hand labor is where it costs money and this easily can be a $500+ guitar... The other part that they cheaped out on are the tuner machines. They are not terrible, and fairly usable, but they aren't the best. If I had to modify one thing on this guitar, it would be to swap out the tuning machines with some good Grovers and call it a day. Specifically, when you turn the tuner, for the first 1/16 of a turn, it doesn't do anything, and then it turns and then sometimes it doesn't do anything... So it's not a 1:1 translation of turning it and the turning changing, which makes tuning the guitar a bit cumbersome. I was lucky to have bought the guitar and it didn't need a truss rod adjustment and the action was fairly good. I did file down the saddle nut about .5mm to lower it a bit more, but that's really it. Even with the crap strings that come with the guitar, it sounds good and that's what I'm basing this review on, so obviously with a better set of strings (I like the Elixir Polyweb in Light or Medium) it only sounds better. The stock strings corroded easily (noticeably changed colors) so I took off the strings from one of my other acoustic guitars and put them on this one.

In short, based on just the sound of the guitar-- I'm amazed that a laminate guitar sounds like a mid-level solid wood guitar. At this price, I don't have to worry about it getting dinged up or whatever, and yet it plays beautifully. I believe the Tak Jasmine S35 also gets good reviews for its sound, but I haven't had a chance to play it in person, so I can't compare...

First off, I did not purchase my Epiphone DR-100 on Amazon, I bought mine through Target online. I purchase a very cheap guitar from Ebay in June 2016 ($35.00) and I loved learning to play it but it was killing my fingers as I am sure you are aware. Well, like other I researched guitars (cheap one anyway) and settled on the Epiphone. I am very happy I did. Since then I have purchased a couple of other guitars but the Epiphone is always the one I pick up when company wants me to play or something. I have learned very quickly and that is all thanks to Epiphone. It is very easy to play, very easy to adjust, and even very easy to restring. Now I play a lot, generally 3-4 hours per day. Not trying to become a pro (heck I'm over 50 years old) but Epiphone has taught this ol' dog new tricks. If you are a beginner, intermidiate or even a pro looking for a VERY good inexpensive guitar, then I highly recommend. Just buy it, if you don't like the guitar then get on here and leave me a few choice words, I can take it. I have jam sessions with musicians in my area that have played for years and I have played their Martins amoung others but I prefer this one and so do they at times.

Great guitar! I normally play a very nice nylon string Cordoba guitar, but wanted an inexpensive steel string guitar for taking on scout campouts and other places where i woyldnt want to risk mymost cherished possessions. I am tremendously impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of the Epiphone right out of the box. I dont understand the witchcraft that allows Epiphone to make such a fine instrument at such a low cost. I dont agree with many reviewers who say that the strings and tuners that shipped on the guitar were garbage. The tuners are absolutely fine and while the strings arent great in that theyll mark your fingertips and sound brassy, they are certainly playable and held tuning well. However, a set of Ernie Ball silk and steel strings do give it a much nicer tone IMHO.

Big, beautiful dreadnought style guitar with a warm, bright tone straight out of the box. Comes equipped with light steel strings, which I think accounts for the bright high b and e strings. I was learning to play on an old knock-off Stella parlor guitar (with a neck so bent the action was impossibly high)...this is a major step up. The action on this Epi is nice and low, which is fantastic for a beginner like me - I can practice for hours every day and I don't have to press nearly as hard to avoid fret buzz. The 25.5 scale is a bit of a stretch for my hand, but the sound this guitar makes is absolutely lovely ♥ I do wish that there was a size comparison photo to let you know, visually, just how big this guitar is when viewing it online. I am almost 6ft tall, so it's an okay fit...but if I was a smaller person, I might have a hard time with it - especially lugging it around once it's in the case.

I brought the guitar to a couple of friends who play professionally, for their assessment and they all agreed - a very nice guitar for an excelent price.
* I also purchased the Epiphone EDREAD case to house and protect it. It was the only case I was certain it would fit, and it does fit perfectly.

The last Epiphone I owned was the 1964 Texan in 1966, probably the best guitar I've ever owned. The DR 100 is NOT the Texan, however, for the price point, you will not find a better instrument. I'm a Chet Atkins style finger picker, this guitar is near perfect for my style. I say near perfect because I have a bit heavier finger tips which don't work so well with such a slim neck. I have always had a problem playing barred chords, the DR-100 makes it a little.bit easier. I would say the base and mid range sound is just above average to me. The retail on this model on Amazon was $118.00. I was given a $50.00 gift card, so, do the math. This guitar is the best bang for the buck, period.

I like the guitar itself. The one I got however had fret wires that stuck out on both sides of the neck. Had to return it. It is a good beginner guitar but you need to pick it up at a local shop so you can examine the fret ends along the neck and also have the string height set up for you AND have them put a good set of ultra lite strings on it so it won't be so hard on your tender beginner finger tips. It will cost you an extra $40.00 but it's money well spent. That's wisdom, don't ignore it.

I have owned numerous guitars over the last 20+ years but never imagined to get such a great guitar at such a low price. I have owned cheapo guitars as well as high end Gibson's, Fender's, Martin's and more. Yet, I am still impressed by this $100 guitar. In my experience this is the best guitar you will find in this price range. Like others have stated, I was looking for a cheap campfire guitar that could take a beating. What I received was a well crafted musical instrument that could have easily cost 6 times more. Epiphone has really knocked it out of the park with this one. My brother liked it so much that he ordered one as well. Just buy it you won't regret it.

NOTE: Order a set of strings because the ones that came on the guitar are junk IMO. One of the guitars came set up perfectly, the other needed minor truss rod adjustments.

didn't think I was going to like the color, but the sunburst was a few bucks cheaper and I'm just trying to learn, so I got it. Turns out, it's rather nice, and I don't really notice when I'm practicing anyway. I like the sound, though like I say, I'm not terribly experienced with a guitar, but it does hold a tuning well which is why I went with an epiphone instead of a super-cheap beginner guitar.
It was packaged quite securely, and with nothing on the outside the box to indicate what was in it, which would be nice if one were to have it delivered and not be able to get it off the porch right away.

My roomate has a sweet sounding Martin, hearing it daily left me with the desire to learn to play. However, spending $800 on a guitar was not possible. For under $100 this guitar is well worth the money. I know nothing about playing, cannot strum, and have little rythem, but at times I have managed to make sweet, sweet music.

My roommate uses it often and says it's harder work to play but may sound a little fuller than his Martin.

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