Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural
Features a Spruce Top
Laminated Nato back & sides.
Satin Finish
Chrome covered Tuning Machines
Rosewood Fretboard

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Comments / reviews:
I want to start by saying that most of the very few negative reviews on here are because these individuals do not know how to set up a guitar, or know that most new guitars need to be set up in the first place.

I think it may be done to save labor, but the truss rod is often not tightened, and the saddle is too high.

This guitar also has the capability to sound like a $400 guitar, but this will cost 20 in extra parts. A TUSQ saddle and a new set of strings. I prefer medium-light for these lesser expensive guys, if the action is set correctly, it will be easy to play and sound beautiful. These are not necessary, but for all the reviewers who say this doesn't sound as good as some of the nice ones, put the new saddle on and the new strings, set the action, torque the truss rod, and you have yourself a wonderful sounding guitar.

Regardless of your experience with guitars, an easy test to see if this guitar needs to be set up is to stick a quarter under the 12th fret. If it has room on top of it before it touches the string, it will need to be set up. Proceed to step 1, if the quarter fits just perfectly with no room, congrats, you got lucky, you are ready to play.

1.) If you are new to guitar, I would highly recommend taking it to a guitar shop and having them set your action. This will usually cost 20-30 bucks but will make this guitar play really nicely, and your progression as a guitarist will be effortless instead of very difficult. I dont recommend spending the extra money on a new saddle or new strings for a beginner. To them, this thing will sound full bodied as it is, and you can switch out the saddle and the strings in 6 months or a year when you replace the strings anyway.

If you are not new, or new but handy with little repairs and such, go on you-tube and type in "how to set up your new guitar" A great video of how to set it up. For anyone experienced with guitars, the sound quality will be pretty good stock, but to make it resonate and sound full bodied and amazing (like a true solid spruce top guitar) change out the saddle for a TUSQ or something equivalent and buy some Ernie ball Earthwood medium light 80/20 strings. Together they run $20 and once your action is set correctly and your truss tightened perfectly this thing will sound like a $400 takamine, No joke.

I keep referring to the action, this is the amount of space between the frets and the strings, it is the most crucial part of setting up a new guitar and will make ease of playing, sound quality and the whole experience fantastic. The way to decrease action is to loosen the strings enough to pull the saddle out and sand it down 1/32 - 1/8th inch depending on how much is needed. This process takes less than 10 minutes yet many players don't know how, or don't know that this is an option.

Many reviewers on here say that the "action is too high" which it may be, but it is VERY easy to fix, and makes or breaks any inexpensive guitar. Please don't listen to the bad reviews from the individuals that have not yet set up their action correctly, this is a takamine (Taak-ah-mani)which is a fantastic brand that makes fantastic quality guitars, do not be fooled by the price tag. This is a beauty, and is simple but perfect for any person with a spare 100 bucks.

And honestly, I would not buy any guitar upgrade until you could afford a Seagull s6 (roughly $400) as the seagull will play like a $1,200 guitar. DO NOT waste your money on any other cheap guitar out there, and remember... when you buy a new guitar, it needs to be set up!

You now know more than 90% of the people out there, so the next time you hear someone saying "the action is way too high" or "This cheap guitar doesn't have sustain" or "this doesn't sound full bodied like the nice ones." Just smile and know that all they need is to buy a new saddle, some new strings, and adjust the action (all less than 20 bucks if you do the work yourself). I have seen friends buy $1000 guitars and never sand the saddle down, it makes me sad.

I know this is long guys, but thank you for reading, I highly recommend this guy, and I highly recommend the seagull s6 as the next guitar upgrade. Have fun playing!

First the bad: this guitar came with low quality strings that were corroded and unplayable in my opinion. The first thing that I did before even playing it was to change the strings.

If you are a beginner this may be a problem unless you know someone who can do it for you. If not, I suggest you purchase a string winder (B0002E1G5C), a set of good strings (B0002H09RU) and a guitar tuner (B003VWJ2K8.) Find a web page or YouTube video that explains how to change the strings on an acoustic guitar. However you may get a guitar with a shiny set of new strings that sound great and this won't be a problem. But you will need the stuff that I mentioned later if you keep up with your playing. Actually if you are a beginner you will need a guitar tuner -- buy one with your guitar. You will never sound like you are making progress with an out-of-tune guitar.

The good: A little money and you get a lot of guitar. I needed a "crasher" guitar that I wouldn't feel guilty if I bumped it around and another guitar for a gift. I purchased this along with the slightly more expensive Jasmine By Takamine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar (B0002GXZK4). I don't think you are missing a lot by choosing this guitar over the model that is a bit more expensive, although the other model looks sleeker and has a cutaway for access to the higher frets. The other guitar has a slightly better sound, but you are a beginner, it won't matter.

This is a nice looking, nice playing and nice sounding guitar (the same qualities that make for a good girlfriend.)

Rather than take someone's word about the sound of the guitar, I made a video so you could hear for yourself.

If you play guitar and want a "crasher" guitar, or you want to learn, or you want to give a very nice gift... this is it. You can't go wrong. I hoped my video and review helped you decide and if you go for it, I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine.

This is a very nice, well built simple acoustic. It is NOT the most wonderful, best ever made, so fabulous I can't believe it-instrument that a lot of reviewers have built it up to be. Don't get me wrong-it is a good sounding, solidly built banger or starter guitar. It is NOT a child's toy. It is a quality instrument. But some of the reviewers have made it sound like this is the holy grail of inexpensive guitars. It is not. It would be perfect for a student or to take camping, but you are NO WAY getting a Martin or Taylor quality for under $100.00. That being said with the usual tweaks-new strings of course, setting the truss rod and making sure the saddle isn't all jacked up with extra shims and fits properly; you have a perfectly serviceable instrument for under a hundred bucks. I bought it just to see what all of the fuss was about, not as something I would be playing on a regular basis. I will be taking it with me camping or sitting in the backyard playing. Personally I would search the pawn shops for a banger/beater. But a lot of people are unfamiliar with guitars and/or don't have someone with that knowledge to help them with the purchase. So if your new to the instrument and need a good starting point, you can't go wrong with this. Just remember it takes practice, practice practice. And YES your hands will hurt a LOT while first starting out. It's just part of the process. Just stick with it and you will be forever blessed with a gift/talent/skill that will last you a lifetime, no matter what particular type/brand you play. Happy picking. Good job!

I was going camping and wanted to take a guitar along to play on that trip, but I wasn't thrilled with the idea of exposing my expensive guitar to the perils of sharp rocks, fireside smoke, and errant goo from toasted marshmallows. So, I ordered this Jasmine S35 specifically for use as a campfire guitar (i.e. a cheap beater that you buy to play at a campfire, and when you're finished you have no regrets about just throwing it in and using it as fuel for roasting hot dogs). What I got was a perfectly serviceable instrument that was nicely playable out of the box after tuning. It has a bright, clear tone and sports a nice satin finish. The neck's truss rod can be adjusted if needed through the sound hole with the included Allen wrench. The S35 doesn't have the cosmetic appointments that you'll find on higher-priced guitars, and most people would probably never call it gorgeous, but for just 70 bucks you're getting a solid little beast that's a perfect choice for anyone looking for a good entry-level guitar or an inexpensive "just because" instrument. The Jasmine will never replace my other guitar as my favorite, but it will make a nice 2nd instrument to have around for practice or just a change of pace. If that's the kind of guitar you're looking for and you're on the fence about buying the S35, trust the very high proportion of positive Amazon reviews and press the Order button.

A week or so after my Jasmine arrived, I happened to be visiting family in a city where there was a Guitar Center, so I dropped in to noodle on a few guitars and then leave without buying anything. (Yeah, I'm THAT guy.) One of the guitars I played was an $800 Martin...and the sound of my Jasmine beat the sound of that Martin all to heck. Seriously. Once again I say, buy the Jasmine. Just. Buy. It.

After few nights around the campfire the Jasmine does now have a slightly smoky smell to it, but my wife thinks it's kinda sexy. Win-win.

Some reviewers have criticized this guitar but, as one positive reviewer said, it is amazing that you can buy a musical instrument of this quality for such a low price. If you are a guitar enthusiast and avid player, you probably will immediately notice that this guitar is not nearly as good as one that sells for $300 or $400. But of course not--it is not a $300 guitar; it is a $70 guitar. For $70, you can't go wrong. It is a beautiful guitar. The action is not as high as others have said and the strings are fine. I tuned it and played it right out of the box and it sounds great. I love this guitar. You cannot go wrong for $70.

I bought this guitar to use with the Fender Play guitar lesson since I saw an ad on facebook and saw that it was half price for life. I never knew how to learn to play and the Fender program was just what I was looking for.

In my highly unqualified opinion I think this is a pretty nice guitar for a very good entry level price. This is not my first guitar. I bought one several years ago and quickly became frustrated just to sell it, for a loss, after it sat int he corner for a few months. My son, who is 7 years old got a Yamaha 3/4 size guitar for his birthday in September, which sparked my interest again. His Yamaha is all I have to compare this Guitar to and the Yamaha, in my opinion is probably a "nicer" guitar. I nearly bought a Yamaha, but after browsing I decided for the less expensive option in case my playing history repeats itself.

I was surprised that the strap peg (is that what it is called?) is under the neck instead of above it. It is above the neck on the Yamaha. I don't have a strap yet so I don't know if it effects the guitar in any way.

I think the finish on the Yamaha is much nicer than the Jasmine, but I really don't care. I figure that is I learn to play I can spend a $200 or $300 on a better guitar later down the line.

The B string was a little too close to the E string, leaving an uneven gap between the B and the G string, but I was able to correct that.

Other than that so far so good.

I got this delivered October 20,2017. today is 3/22/2017. out of the box, the finish was nice and uniform. Looking inside the sound hole, you could see everything such as braces and all had been put together professionally, no rough or jagged edges, no extra glue squeezed out from under braces, this guitar was very well built. The tuners are "ok" as some are tighter than others, the strings provided were not that bad, not my preference, but very serviceable. I play every single day and have played for over 20 years, and they lasted me a very long time. As with any guitar, I took the time to adjust the neck, the saddle and checked for proper intonation. The nut and saddle are made from plastic, which you should expect on an "entry" level guitar for under $100. The bridge pins are also cheap plastic. Like i said, for an "entry" level guitar, it has more advantages than not. Since I have had this guitar, I knew I would replace the plastic parts with quality pieces if it stood up to my use. This guitar has done that and very well I must say. I busk alot, but never in weather that would do harm to the guitar and the Jasmine S35 has hung in there like a champ. By saving so much money and it being worth it in my opinion, I have replaced the plastic nut saddle and bridge pins with Brass pins and Bone saddle and nut that was purchased from kmise-us, and their products are a wonderful addition to this guitar. Immediately after doing so, I have noticed the tone of this guitar soften and warm up considerably. The guitar was already great for what it was but now with better quality components, it is just getting better and better. I personally use Ernie Ball Regular Slinky .42-.10 gauge strings and I think I might go a little bit thicker but that is a maybe. With replacing the plastic parts, this guitar has elevated itself considerably. For those of you buying this to learn or as a gift to a beginner, do not hesitate, this is a wonderful guitar to learn on, however as I said i have been playing for over 20 years. If you take the time to have it set up out of the box you will enjoy this beast way more than if you leave it alone. By saving money on this guitar. it is easy for me to justify spending extra to get better parts. The plastic nut that was on it was being cut by the tuning of the strings and HAD to be replaced anyway, so if you are just starting out, keep that in mind. I plan on purchasing Grover tuners to replace the ones that are on there now, and again, the money saved by this guitar being priced where it is makes these purchases to me to be of no consequence. I have to repeat here, if you are a beginner or purchasing this for a beginner, please, have the action set up before going too far with it as this will help learning and hand and finger strain. Out of the box, this guitar will provide you with the tool you need to learn and grow as a musician, but in my opinion, if you want to enhance the quality of this guitar, replace the plastic pieces with those of quality of your choosing.

I like the guitar. It appears to be as advertised. I am a beginner so I don't have much of a reference to go from. I have small hands but I can reach around the neck pretty easily. I am disappointed with the packaging from Amazon. It was shipped in the original product box without much padding so it arrived damaged. I would have expected Amazon to put it in another box with padding since it is a musical instrument made of thin wood. I'm still thinking about returning it but I don't want to wait longer for another one or risk getting one that could me worse.

I like buying the "Under $100" guitars for my travel guitars, hate to take a $800+ guitar on camping trips or deer camp because of alcohol-related issues and weather. Out of the box, this guitar is LOUD!! It sounds closer to a $200 guitar and I'm very impressed with the construction (As well as one can be for a $100) I changed a few things on it and it sounds closer to a $600 guitar. I made a new Nut and Saddle for it out of bone and put premium strings on it. The strings that it came with were nice so those will be bagged and put in the case for backup. I do recommend as I do to acoustic guitar owners, especially those that use them as travel guitars, buy a decent Humidifier and case for it, this might be better constructed than most cheaper guitars but it can still warp out with weather changes faster than a high end one.

It's almost one year now since I bought this Guitar. I have played for more than 8 months, and have never changed the stings nor spent anything extra on this Guitar. It sounds really great!! I did not play in between for 3 months, and when I restarted it was still in tune. I bought it for $85, but now I see it has reduced to $69 which is good value for the kind of sounds it produces. I will buy a more expensive Guitar at some point in future, but this will remain to be played for long.

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