Acoustic Guitar 41" Full Size Natural Includes Guitar Case, Strap and More

Acoustic Guitar 41 Full Size Natural Includes Guitar Case, Strap and More

This beautiful 41” full size acoustic guitar is perfect for any musician. With an all-wood construction, steel strings, and a classic dreadnought body in a natural finish, you’ll be proud to jam out on a guitar that will give stellar sound with every strum. This set comes with everything you need to start playing right of the box, such as a pick, shoulder strap, an extra set of strings, and even a nylon case so you can play on the go! Channel your inner rock star! SPECIFICATIONS: Overall Dimensions: 15.75“(L) x 4.25”(W) x 41”(H); Weight: 10 lbs.; Color: Natural; Material: Composite Hardwood; Case Material: Nylon; Intended for right-handed use; Includes: Guitar, case, pick, shoulder strap, and extra replacement strings; No assembly required

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Comments / reviews:
Great Guitar for the Price
Have played guitar for 30 years and own several. I bought this for my 9 year old granddaughter because she always gravitates towards my guitars when she is over and I hope she would like to play one day. Had bought another brand but it was damaged in shipping and I needed another fast. Ordered this. Packaged well and no damage with shipping. Opened the box and was surprised by how nice this instrument was for the price. Tuned it up and played and was really impressed. Nice and bright with good resonance. No buzz, chords well up the neck, neck straight, action good, tuners hold, bridge solid, no blemished in finish anywhere. I can't believe the price for this thing. Was expecting a cheap toy at this price point and received an actual guitar. Only thing I would say negative is the neck is a little bit larger than I am used to, but not like classical fat. If you are looking for a starter guitar or one you can travel with without worrying about someone crushing your Martin, look no further.

My dtr just turned 11 and wanted a guitar for her birthday. I didn't want to invest a lot in one because I didn't know how long she would stick with it. The reviews were good, so I decided to try it out. Very happy with the guitar itself. She has started lessons and her teacher says it is a great starter guitar. It stays tuned and has a nice tone to it. My only complaint is with the cover. The zipper came off in the 2nd week of owning it so it is of no use. Now she has to buy another case to protect her guitar.

This is a perfect beginner guitar. It comes ready to tune and play with everything needed. My son wanted to learn to play. So, without spending a fortune, he is able to try it and see if he loves it or not before spending money on a more expensive instrument.

By far the best starter guitar ever! It was packaged very well so there was no damage at all to the guitar. I had to tune it when I got it, as you should when you buy any stringed instrument. I love the color a lot, the photo does not do it any justice. It came with the case,an extra set of strings,a strap and a pick. It has a very very nice sound you do have to press down a little harder on the frets but it is not horrible at all.

I wanted to give this five stars. It is stunning and has gorgeous sound, considering the low price. However, I took a star off because it did not come with many of the promised accessories, like the pick, or extra strings.

Great guitar for a beginner and someone just starting out, it has a nice sound and stays in tune for longer than some of the cheaper ones do. I bought a digital tuner to go along with this and I notice that I only have to tune this once a week and I practice a half hour a day 3 or 4 times a week. You will need different picks than what this comes with they are REALLY thin and cheap, and the I recommend either a guitar stand or a hard case or even a padded gig bag as well as this bag it comes with is pretty cheap and not padded.

I am truly surprised, this is an exceptional guitar. It has a beautiful finish... and most important, it has a great sounding resonance. I bought this for my Grandson who is taking beginners lessons at school . This instrument cant be beat for a beginners first guitar. It was packaged very well....right out of the box I tuned it, and it has kept in tune for a couple of days now, which is a good first sign for a low priced guitar. I just cant believe the quality for the price.....I highly recommend this just cant go wrong. Maybe the seller messed up and sent me the wrong guitar....a more expensive one...................LOL

Very great guitar for first time learning, my teenagers were able to tune the guitar themselves, both have never had lessons, but tell me it is really easy to play. Sounds great, looks great, came carefully packaged with no issues.

Got this for my boyfriend (26years old) & he was super impressed. He thought i picked it up at a guitar center where we live. He tuned it with an app on his phone & it sounds nice.
If you're looking for something cheap but nice, this is it. We've had no issues so far & even let our 8month old strum along too.
The guitar itself isnt cheaply made, its pretty & came sealed in original box.
Only downfall is it ships in original packaging, so its clear as day what it is. I made sure someone was home to get it.

I just got this guitar for my husband for Christmas. I couldn't wait to get it to see if it would look like the picture and sound like a real guitar. I thought I was going to get what I paid for but Your seriously getting more!!! I couldn't believe my eyes. It seriously looks amazing. The only downfall is the black thing on the front of the guitar. ( you can see it in the picture) is it's plastic and if you scratch it it bubbles.. maybe it's just a scratch protector like on phones? idk yet I opened it and looked at it. It sounds great, looks like a professional guitar, and it's a normal sized guitar. not a childs size. I'm so excited for Christmas!!!! :D He's going to love it. He learned how to play from his friend and has been wanting one. I'm so glad I found this one at this price and it came out to be such a great buy!!!

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