Crescent MG38-CF 38" Acoustic Guitar Starter Package, COFFEE (Includes CrescentTM Digital E-Tuner)

Crescent MG38-CF 38 Acoustic Guitar Starter Package, COFFEE (Includes CrescentTM Digital E-Tuner)

Guitar is 38 inches in length and come with Steel Strings. The guitar has Linden Binding and wood construction with geared tuning. Each guitar comes with an extra set of steel strings, pick, tuner, gig bag and strap. The Steel String Acoustic Guitar is perhaps the most versatile and common guitar type. The Steel String Acoustic Guitar has a loud, bright ringing tone that clearly projects to the listener. This type of guitar is the backbone of most country and bluegrass bands. It’s perfect for backing a singer and its stylistic palette encompasses everything from New Age and Country Blues, to hot Bluegrass flatpicking, jazz fusion and “unplugged” rock. Tuning Pegs are made of Brass and Steel for easy tuning and to keep the tuned string held in position.

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Comments / reviews:
I was skeptical after reading all of the reviews about the quality of this product. I figured for the price it would at least be worth a shot, and if it was as "bad" as others were saying then I was out very little money... Here are my thoughts and I hope this helps everyone who is considering buying this guitar for a child that is not sure if they want to learn to play or not. I would rather spend minimal $$ on a chance rather than a larger investment on a name brand guitar.

When I gave the guitar to my 7 year old who wants to "learn to play like Daddy", she just about fell over. She didn't care that it was not a Taylor Grand Concert or another name brand, she had a guitar. I read alot about the comments stating that the guitar could not be tuned, and being a guitar enthusiast I felt differently. Here is a tip, yes if you try to do a standard tuning on the guitar, it will bow the neck backwards causing it to seem impossible to tune, however if you tune it down an octave you get several benefits. 1) the strings are easier to press which is vital for young hands just learning to play chords 2) the tension on the neck is minimal causing it not to bow and then the tuning works just fine. 3) you have a very happy child who thinks the world of you.

I will not say buyer beware, because for the price this is a good buy. If you want your child to be the next Joe Satriani and high quality is what you believe is important in a 1st guitar then you shouldn't buy this one. On the other hand, if you have intelligence you realize that you can make a minimal investment to offer your child the opportunity to learn the art of music and as they advance then you can go to your local guitar retailer and pay the higher price for the name brand guitar.

Bottom line, good product and very reasonably priced. I have no problem with it at all. Maybe some of the others who complained should study guitars a little more and understand that tuning of the Low E to E3 is not the way it always has to be.

It's actually a great little guitar, considering its price.

It ships unbranded, which I wasn't happy with as it's pictures show it with a branding label inside of it and a branded headstock; it is however an unbranded guitar. That said, let's review.

It's action is pretty good. Strings do not sit too high or too low, fingers glide up and down the neck taking minimal string pressure, which is very nice. Its body produces a warm, vibrant sound, however it's volume isn't particularly loud, which is not to say at all that it is a quiet playing guitar, merely that it does not sustain for very long between its string vibration and sound reflection through its medium sized body.

It is a great sized guitar, comfortable playing either standing or sitting. The paint job is nice, however the paint around the sound hole is nothing more than a sticker decal. This is fair, however again, when we consider the price of this good little guitar.

The guitar loses tuning on the 6th string frequently. The rest of the strings have a nice and tight winding. However, this could be because of the generic non branded guitar strings it ships with. At this time, I am still playing with its original strings, so therefore I will not rule out its string tuners.

I have been playing for half of my life, this was a great way to get me back into playing as the costs of guitars is too high. I suggest this as a great way to get back into playing, or get started playing because of its price and its acceptable quality. With an external microphone, it records nicely. It is a great option for jamming between friends and family, and I couldn't see why it wouldn't be great for beginners learning the art.

All in all, I like it a lot. I do wish it had its labeling as depicted, but as someone who has bought plenty from China on Amazon and eBay, I know how it goes. Highly recommended for its cost and acceptable quality.

My granddaughter (8 years old) instantly fell in love with this guitar. Pink is her favorite color.

It is as described in the listing.

The only part that I was/am concerned about is the case....It is plastic and flimsy.... I will have to purchase a hard carry case for her.....The one that was included will tear after a few uses. I am pretty sure that the zipper will break as well.

I cannot recall if the listing mentioned that there is a zippered pocket on the carry case or not.... that's where we put the accessories.

Once we got the guitar tuned it played beautifully.

It is a regular sized guitar, which surprised me... Because the listing said either beginners or kid's guitar, I think......

Overall, I am very pleased with this item.....An added plus was I got to choose my granddaughter's favorite color.

I did have contact with th

Great starter guitar for my kids, comes with everything they need plus more. It was easy to tune and had great sound.

This guitar is not like my better Martin, but I bought it for taking to guitar classes. The pitch tuner didn't work well in the E6 position. It did not come with a full set of extra strings like described, so when I broke one of the thicker strings while tuning, I had to go out and buy a new A string. But when I asked the seller if they could send a new pitch tuner and the full set of extra strings, they sent a whole new package and provided a return shipment label to return the old. Great customer service. And a nice guitar for the money. I did buy a canvas bag to use instead of the one in this package - it's just too light and the zipper pulls broke right off. But a great buy for a beginner I think.

The replacement was the same as the 1st. The 1st guitar replacement was in a little better shape. The replacement came with even fewer guitar strings (1), but the pitch tuner works better. So, kept the best of both shipments and sending the rest back.

I think this is a great guitar to learn with. If you have a nicer guitar you don't want to take out into the elements, this is a perfect option to take out. I'd recommend buying a set of replacement strings so if you break one while tuning you aren't done playing for awhile. I also recommend buying a better carrying bag. I bought one for $16 on Amazon and it's a great canvas bag for this guitar.

Customer service was exceptional. Thank you!

I bought two of these for my two granddaughters. I had to replace two of them because the neck broke off the first day on one as it fell over onto the carpet, and on the other one the E string tuner would not tune it just would spin around. However they replaced them with no problem and sent new ones out right away. We love the tuner and even my 10 year old granddaughters are able to use it and tune it themselves. The guitar stays tuned fairly well. And the girls loved putting the guitar in the case and carrying in around on their backs. The case is a thin vinyl and one of them had the zipper break fairly quickly, but not sure if that was the case or the child error. It isn't an expensive case or a guitar but for a first guitar it is worth the price. I bought both the girls a guitar wall bracket holder for them to put the guitar on when not in use so it would be a little safer. I would recommend this guitar for a beginner especially since they don't always stick to it.

I'm not a musician, but my daughter is. When she asked for a guitar, I figured an inexpensive one was the way to go initially. Right after we received this set, she attempted to tune it and it would almost instantly go out of tune. We took it to a friend with a lot more experience and he gave us a full rundown. This guitar has the wrong strings for the type. It needs classical strings in nylon. It's off to the music store for restringing.

love it! love it! love it! the tuner makes the guitar almost "self tuning". Very happy!!!
I bought this to see if I could still play the guitar, after a 40 year absence from playing for the pleasure of it. This guitar fits my small hand. I don't have to struggle to press the strings. The body of the guitar is perfect for 5'5" height. My right arm doesn't go to sleep or hurt from playing. I wish I'd had this guitar when I was a teenager!!! It's just a great, wonderful, fantastic, beginner guitar. It's perfect for adult females and kids. I plan to buy another one for a friend.

Its a great starter guitar. I bought it to learn to play. The only issue I initially had was that the seller didn't include the extra set of strings, which the seller (amazon llc) was more than happy to correct. As far as the tuner spot on and easy to read. Pitch pipe is exactly that pitch it out. Not worth anything and not even close to being in tune. Case is a dust cover with little to no padding. That is all the cons I could find. The guitar, a nice sounding piece of work that is extremely light, moderate action and worth what I paid for it. This is something you want to pick up if you are learning, because guitar prices go up from here so its easier to mess up this one while learning and not a more expensive model.

Nice guitar for the price. The green color is absolutely beautiful. I can admit that it is not made from the best grade materials, and it is glued together. But for under 50 bucks, that what I expected. Doesn't really seem to hold a tune too well, but I did not purchase this item to play in a band, I bought it as a toy for my 4 year old son. It is more of a toy than a legit musical instrument, but my son enjoys the real feel of the guitar, over a plastic toy that takes batteries. Great starter for little musicians!

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