Reviews Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top - Vintage Sunburst

Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top - Vintage Sunburst

Ever hear of a Gretsch Rex acoustic guitar? Probably not. That's because Gretsch stopped making them well over 50 years ago. Part of Gretsch's Roots collection, the G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top acoustic guitar brings back the sound and feel of one of their most popular guitars throughout the '30s, '40s, and '50s. It may be small (parlor sized, as they called it back in the day), but the G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top packs more than enough volume, thanks to its 12-fret design and elongated upper bout. What's more, it's made of highly resonant agathis, which delivers the warm and mellow sound of mahogany with the wonderful resonance of pine. Whether you're looking for a great guitar for couch strumming or something different to play onstage, you'll get a real kick out of the Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top.

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What sold me on giving this parlor sized guitar a shot was the positive and detailed reviews posted here plus some pretty awesome YouTube videos (it's amazing what some people can do on even a budget instrument).

Even with all the positive press, when I first pulled this out of the box, I thought "toy"!

Then I tuned it, played it and lost track of time - I love it!

Yes, it doesn't project, and don't expect much bass, but it rings really sweet and the body size makes it "extremely" comfortable to play. The neck isn't exactly thin, but it isn't a baseball bat, either, and it has a silky matte finish that feels great. When I get a chance, I'm going to put a different set of strings on and see what happens.

Bottom line, if $160 is dear to you, then you may want to see this little guitar in person first and try it. Otherwise, go for it - it will put a smile on your face.

Update 12/16

Well, I've owned this for over a year, and though I don't play it as much as the parlors I've picked up since, the Jim Dandy is still pretty cool to play, especially if you want a boxy blues sound.

I recently did some much needed maintenance to it:

Cleaned and lemon oiled the fretboard - really brought out the richness and grain.

Put my favorite strings on D'Addario Nickel Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light. Really perked it up.

Since the Jim Dandy doesn't have bridge pins, you string it a bit differently than most other guitars - I suggest that you use your thumb and index finger to put a gentle curve into the beginning inch or so of the non-balled ("front") part of the string - when you stick the curve into the string hole, it's much easier to grab hold of and pull the rest of string through the bridge hole. For the bass strings, it's also a good idea to cradle the string with one hand as you pull it through with your other hand, instead of letting the string rake against the body of the guitar.

Sometime in the future, I'll probably put a Tusq saddle on this guitar....

Maybe it won't beat a Taylor or a Martin, but it's just over a hundred dollars, what the heck do you expect? This guitar is the surprise of a musical lifetime. I absolutely love it, sounds amazing, wonderful quality and super easy/fun to play. I want to buy 10 more and give them as gifts. BEST guitar you'll ever purchase under $500.00. If you want to learn guitar and aren't sure, start here. If you need a couch, travel, camping, parlor, blues, truck, elevator, girlfriend's/boyfriend's house, work, motorcycle, second/third/fifteenth, acoustic or just all-around knock-around guitar, this one's a winner.

Really cool little guitar....gets the most play now around the house. I bought it originally because I was looking at travel guitars to take with me on the road with my construction job that takes me out of town alot. I couldn't find one locally, but I did play the little martin and baby taylor at the GC here in town. I didn't really like the sound that much, and they were too dang small. This Gretsch has a 24" scale, like a fender mustang or the likes, so it's small but it is more parlor size than travel size. So, I bought it online here without ever playing it.

How does it sound? Just like a cheap plywood parlor guitar should sound. Awesomely boxy, plenty of volume, not trying to be a small version of a bigger guitar but just content to be what it is. The old vintage Montgomery Ward guitars have some competition here. Put a soundhole pickup (Lace) and changed the strings to John Pearce 12s, and this thing is totally gig worthy. If you like the whole vintage thing, and don't have any brand loyalties to martin and taylot (I only mention these since their small guitars are very popular for travel, which was my need), I think this is a better guitar for half the price. Action is low, plays easy, and has a nice chubby vintage neck (I like that, you might not). Intonation is perfect, open gear tuners with white knobs look killer. I love it.

Great guitar, solidly built. Anyone who may complain about finishing issues, I think, is missing the point of this guitar. It has a beefy neck which is taking some getting used to, It stays in tune better than the Taylor GS mini and it sounds great! At this price I plan to get every color and tune each one to a different open tuning. This guitar coupled with the Jim Dunlop 232 Harris brass slide(and a little truss rod adjustment to bring up the action) will transport you to the front porch of a rundown country house deep down in Mississippi on a scorching hot day, with dust kicking up in the wind and... I think you catch my drift. I decided to remove the pick-guard which was about as easy as removing the UPC sticker from a Bic lighter. I've handled both the Fender and Recording King parlor guitars and even if they were $149 instead of $199, I'd still get this guitar.

This Jim Dandy arrived in excellent protective packaging with no damage. I owned a Baby Taylor but sold it and now have replaced it with the Jim Dandy and I'm very satisfied with the sound and quality. Ordered the brown which gives it a rustic look. I've added a removable pick up and practice slide guitar. This is a very good purchase and I highly recommend the Jim Dandy. I checked out the you tube vids and that's what convinced me to order it. I looked at other parlor guitars and this has the best bang for the buck and hey it's a Gretsch. I also own Gibson, Epiphone, Wechter and Fender acoustic guitars and I feel I'm qualified to make this recommendation.

Very impresssive guitar for the price. I wanted something I could take with me when I travel, and for family gatherings. This guitar met every need and sounds fantastic. I have always known Gretsch to make quality instruments but for the price, this guitar is worth a lot more. The small body size makes it very comfortable to play, and the neck is very beefy and instantly makes you feel at home. I have had this guitar by the campfire, out early in the morning, and have let it sit for over a week, and it still stays in tune. Whether you're looking for a cheap beater to have around the house, or a solid back up travel guitar, this thing will certainly fit the bill.

I've had the G9500 for less than 24 hours and it really is hard to put down. I build CBG's as a hobby and love the blues. I had been looking for an acoustic beater for my nightly couch playing. I love playing my cigar boxes, ukulele (s) and Stratocaster, but I haven't owned an acoustic guitar since I was a teenager. I have a Gretsch Uke and its quality and sound is amazing, so when I found this parlor guitar by Gretsch, I gave it a shot. ... and just WOW!

I can literally not keep my hands off this guitar. There was a minor truss rod adjustment (6th string buzz) but besides that its flawless. Beautiful sound and very comfortable playability were the two things I was looking for and its got BOTH. I would have never believed that a 150 dollar guitar could ever be this great. Unless I'm just crazy... If you are trying to decide on purchasing this guitar JUST DO IT NOW or SOON.

absolutely awesome lil geetar punching out 7ft matons and martins and is tha kick ya in the balls sneako that will GET the Girl with that G!,A Real legend!,and 6 days shipping to Australia?,awesome!!!

Met all the expectations I had after reading review after review about how great a guitar it is for $150. Didn't have an opportunity to see one in person and I was skeptical when I ordered it because I've heard stories like that before. The finish is pretty terrible and sloppy and I had to take a minute to get over that before really deciding what I thought about it. Especially for a guitar it's size (its small) it has great volume and tone; it plays really good right out of the box; it stays in tune really good and has good intonation; the frets, fret board, nut, and saddle setup are great, and the neck action is like a full size guitar not like the the action on other 'Travel" guitars I've had experience with. What more could you want for a $150 12 fret small body blues player/beater?

Well, isn't this "dandy?" I received my new Jim Dandy yesterday. Packaged very well but still has an odd scratch on the front and some wipe mark as if the person who applied the pick guard got glue on it and attempted to "fix" it. Not that noticeable so I will keep the guitar. It was actually almost in tune out of the box. Never had that with a new guitar.
Stings are a bit heavy gauge for me. Plays fairly well. No fret buzz. It's a fun & quirky. I'm going to install a preamp and under saddle pickup. It will be fun and add a retro vibe to my solo gigs. It's a fun little guitar to leave on the couch & noodle with. For the low price it's a blast.

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Ever hear of a Gretsch Rex acoustic guitar? Probably not. That's because Gretsch stopped making them well over 50 years ago. Part of Gretsch's Roots collection, the G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top acoustic guitar brings back the sound and feel of one of their most popular guitars throughout the '30s,