Comments about 1000GB (1TB) Hard Drive External Storage for iPhone 11 Pro/6/7/8,X,XR,XS MAX,New iPad Pro MacBook Windows PC,USB USB C Data Photos Backup Flash Drive (APP Management for iOS 13),iDiskk MFi Certified

1000GB (1TB) Hard Drive External Storage for iPhone 11 Pro/6/7/8,X,XR,XS MAX,New iPad Pro MacBook Windows PC,USB USB C Data Photos Backup Flash Drive (APP Management for iOS 13),iDiskk MFi Certified
✔【10000mAh Power Bank + 1000G External Storage for iPhone】- it not only helps to expand storage space for your iPhone,iPad,Macbook, but also can be used as power bank to recharge iPhone iPad and Android Phone
✔【Wide Compatibility】- USB+Type C+Micro USB (USB-C) ports guarantee it compatible with most devices (iPhone 5/6/7/8/X/XR/XS MAX,iPad series,Macbook and PC)
✔【Automatic Backup of photos or videos/files,music 】 -Every time you connect the hard drive in, use "iDiskk Pro" App camera to take photos/video ,which will be automatically stored into the drive.
✔【MFi Certified】- Certified chip and connector guarantee stable and safe data transfer
✔【Portable & Charge OTG】- Carry in your bag and urgent power supply for your iPhone and iPad, just plug and watch movies which are stored in the drive during your trip or on travel.

Comments about 1000GB (1TB) Hard Drive External Storage for iPhone 11 Pro/6/7/8,X,XR,XS MAX,New iPad Pro MacBook Windows PC,USB USB C Data Photos Backup Flash Drive (APP Management for iOS 13),iDiskk MFi Certified
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Comments :
As photographer I use my iPhone to show the pictures for my models , and usually I transfer it wirelessly to my phone or to the customer phone , and when you transfer 50 Gb per session it’s a huge capacity on the model phone or on my phone so I have both of use we have to save a free space on our devices so you have to go back home to plug your phone on iTunes to remove those photos .... and every body knows the process it’s a time consuming, then I discovered this great solution for i users just plug it in you iPhone or MacBook transfer, clean your devices and move forward, I strongly recommend this item for all the I users , why to loose money for virtual clouds ?! The simple way is IDiskk try it and you’ll never regret
Extend your iPhone , iPad and MacBook storage to one terabyte for a hundred $ it’s a great deal
And I’m not promoting this item just a professional recommendation for those who like to use I devices for photography and videography and for my photographer colleagues
IDiskk hard disk or iDiskk flash memories it’s really an important tool you have to keep it with you to backup your unforgettable moments , if there is na hundred stars for this item I would like to give the a 100 stars
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While it wouldn't work for the purpose I intended, it is a very sturdy and compact hard drive. If I owned a Mac it would have worked for my movies, unfortunately it ONLY works with Apple and Mac. I might also add that the price was excellent compared to others. Returning it was a breeze. If you own an Apple and Mac it is perfect!!

While relatively intuitive to use once you download the app from the Apple Store, they could really use a simple "quick start" guide. They provide a detailed instruction manual which is good.

previously I bought 2 of these device and had some problems trying to transfer files into it. after talking to the manufacturer and providing the problem I have, they listened and they went ahead and fixed the problem. excellent customer service was provided by this manufacturer . now I have one that works very well and just ordered 2 more. as far as I phone, I pad storage device, this is the only one in the market that comes with 1 TB size. it also charges your I phone or I pad.

I purchased this for my daughter who needed to save various papers and other work during college. This one gave her enough space to fit several large documents without loading issues. It’s a sleek, good looking hard drive that matches her MacBook. It works great, plug and play for MacBook. Provides plenty space for storing. Good size for you need to carry it with you. This drive highlights are the transfer speed and shock resistance. It’s the ideal product and price for much product, highly recommend.

I was looking for a hard drive to back up my photos and files because of my small and limited phone capacity. Found this on amazon base on its reviews, price, and functions. It arrived on time and just what I needed. Small, light weight, functions that I was looking for, and easy to use. Portable design and pocket size makes it easy to carry with me in my backpack everywhere. It's fast with backups and data transfers. Storage all of my kid's photos so that I can save this precious memories forever. 1 TB is enough for lots of documents. I am very satisfy with my new portable iPhone hard drive. It more than meets my needs and highly recommend it .

I bought this because I fly long distance a lot, watch movies on my iPad Pro, and wanted a powered hard drive to carry movies on (bigger library then I could carry on the limited storage of the iPad). Powered for portability.

Based on reviews I had hopes I could swap out the internal drive for a larger SSD. For some reason the vendor says it can not work with SSD's, but so far my 4tb Samsung Evo is doing fine (and fast!). Yep this thing now packs 4tb not 1. And I consider SSD's safer for travel (bumps).

A previous reviewer noted it does NOT work with iPad OS 13 FILES app, and this is true if you connect via the USB A port. You need the iDiskk Pro App to see the files. and it powers your device (iPhone or iPad) at the same time as promised. But no FILES App compatibility.

BUT, FILES does work if you connect to the USB C port on the iDiskk to an iPad Pro (don't know about using a USBc to lightening connector to another iPad but my guess is that would work). BUT it does NOT charge the device then. The vendor labels this port 'Computer' so my guess is it doesn't plan to power your laptop! I don't know if the iDiskk Pro App would work if it is connected to the USB C port as I purposefully did not install the App (concerned about privacy).

It works great for me to use with FILES for my music, photos, movies and even the occasional work file. and it is easy to hook up to my MacBook Pro. I do not not leave the iDiskk connected to my iPad for long term as I don't know if it is drawing power from the iPad (I would hope not). I do connect my iPad (or iPhone) to the USB a port if I want to charge my batteries.

BTW, for what it is worth, I have yet to get it to work with the iPhone and FILES, no matter what combination of USB C adapter and even powered hub that I use. But I dont have much luck in general with FILES with the iPhone so this is not a ding on the device (which I am using outside its intended scope anyway).

Clearly I am not using it as the vendor suggests, if I have a problem down the road I will report it in, but for now I am happy that I have a battery powered hard drive that I can carry for external storage for my iPad Pro.

 This is the fasted external hard drive I've ever had. I was transferring several Gigs from my laptop - it took me few seconds. I even had to double check make sure everything transferred correctly - sure it was. This hard drive can work with iPhone or iPad as well (works just fine with my iPhone X). It also has a battery built in, which serves as a power bank, as a bonus.

The device itself looks good and seems to work well.

The overwhelming negative is the complete lack of product support!

1. There is NO North American phone number to call, let alone a USA number. You need to call an overseas number! 2. It is impossible to register the device on the website . 3. The website information, support etc consists of a SINGLE WEBPAGE , with zero interactivity. The only way you can contact the manufacturer is through an email address.

The Amazon support folks tried to help but they ran into the same frustration that I experienced. You would think that all these things would have been pre-planned and implemented ... but that has not happened to date.

So what should be an exciting accessory turns out to be an initial disappointment. Hopefully, the manufacturer will wake up and address this is serious shortcoming!

Purchased it due to ability to connect it to my PC and iPhone for easy transfer of files ! To be honest some reviews about not been able to connect to PC scared me and I almost haven’t bought but more recent reviews said there was no problem , so I gave it a shot . It works !!! Computer sees the device right away and so is iPhone. I plan to normally just keep pictures and videos and movies on it . Great storage amount and all the necessary cables for connection for iPhone, PV and android!
Set up is easy and directions provided.

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