Comments about 10 X MOSDART 16GB Bulk USB 2.0 Flash Drives Swivel Thumb Drives Zip Drive Memory Stick with Led Indicator,10 Pack Black

10 X MOSDART 16GB Bulk USB 2.0 Flash Drives Swivel Thumb Drives Zip Drive Memory Stick with Led Indicator,10 Pack Black
SUPER SAVER PACK - Includes 10 units of 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive packed in a compact and eco-friendly box
LED INDICATOR DESIGN - The bottom of the usb drive has one red LED light.
360 TWIST AND TURN DESIGN - The Metal Clip rotates 360 around the ABS plastic body having a rubber oil finish. The Metal Clip is integrated with a key chain loop which helps you to protect your drive from getting lost.
USAGE - Fast data transmission allows you to store all your important documents, images, videos, software, instruction manuals etc. in the thumb drive which will be available on the go and can be accessed from any device with USB slot.
COMPATIBILTY AND INTERFACE - Supports almost all operating systems including Windows Windows 2000/7/8/8.1/10/Vista/XP/2000/ME, Linux and MacOs 10.3 and above. No need to install any additional drivers to use to the flash drive. Compatible with USB 2.0 and backwards.

Comments about 10 X MOSDART 16GB Bulk USB 2.0 Flash Drives Swivel Thumb Drives Zip Drive Memory Stick with Led Indicator,10 Pack Black
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Comments :
I have been in the USB business for almost 10 years. We always test the work of factories before we buy mass quantities for use in industrial processing. I get a chance to be a “mystery shopper” when a factory sells on Amazon. I can test their product without them knowing. There is no better way to get a true sense of their quality then by testing their normal, average, everyday output. No way for them to send me "cherry picked" product! :-)

I tried the product from this supplier and am very impressed at their quality. I can recommend them without reservation, and that is rare in this business!

Here is what I found:

1) The product came professionally packaged. I sometimes receive drives stuffed in polybags... as if someone just took a handful and shipped them to me. Not this time. This created a great first impression. Of course, the real measure is in the product quality, which I describe next.

2) They use SMI controllers, which is THE premium controller. It costs a bit more, but performs reliably and is worth the extra cost. Most factories will use lower-grade controllers like Alcor or Chipsbank. The cost savings with the other controllers is not worth the stability risk.

3) They used a brand name memory. In this case it was Hynix. It’s not so much the brand per se, but it’s that they are using identifiable memory. Most of the low-cost sellers on Amazon other online sites use generic bulk memory to save money.

4) They use premium grade memory, not the “promo-grade” memory preferred by low-cost sellers. The premium grade, aka “Gooddie” is known for stability and high read/write speeds. Quite frankly, I do not often see such high grade memory used in these kinds of sales and I was quite impressed. The promo-grade memory is often downgrade memory that cannot pass at higher capacities. A 8GB drive, for example, often uses 16GB memory that cannot pass testing at that capacity. The factory will then program the controller chip to downgrade it to 8GB. Not this factory... they used high-grade from the start.

For our testing methods, we use a dedicated $35,000 machine from IMI to conduct read/write tests. We test for speed. We then burn-in the drives by writing test patterns and reading them back for comparison. The “promo-grade” memory will typically see a lot failure rate of 17% or more. My test lot from this supplier showed ZERO failures after a 100% test.

The read/write speed test were quite impressive as shown here. The real capacity is shown in bytes, and the speeds are shown in MB/s. These are the individual results from the 10-pack I purchased. The review does not allow for tables, so I included a screen capture.

Test TestDate Testing Real_Bytes Read Write
7243 1/9/2016 Passed 8053063680 24535 8813
7243 1/9/2016 Passed 8053063680 24595 8487
7243 1/9/2016 Passed 8053063680 24647 8560
7243 1/9/2016 Passed 8053063680 24635 8412
7243 1/9/2016 Passed 8053063680 24569 8801
7243 1/9/2016 Passed 8053063680 24590 8724
7243 1/9/2016 Passed 8053063680 24684 8890
7243 1/9/2016 Passed 8053063680 24632 8982
7243 1/9/2016 Passed 8053063680 24605 9732
7243 1/9/2016 Passed 8053063680 24673 8791

These are very good results and these are very high quality drives.

I welcome questions.

File free, Virus Free

Call me paranoid, but as far as I can tell the worse thing that could happen when buying mass storage devices is any kind of tracking files. ...Which, given what's going on in the world of web-browsing is probably not all that far away from happening.

To check, from a Windows command prompt, first I changed the drive with "F:" (or whatever drive it's on), then I typed: dir /w /a
This gave me the unique device id for each USB, showed no files on the device, and showed 8 gigs available. Same result on all 5 devices.

In order to copy/paste the result, I ran it from powershell. first type in F: (or whatever drive it's on.)
Then type: cmd /r dir /w /a

Results were as follows:

Volume in drive F has no label.
Volume Serial Number is XXXX-XXXX

Directory of F:

[System Volume Information]
0 File(s) 0 bytes
1 Dir(s) 8,034,222,080 bytes free

Shout out to all the Amazon reviewers that did more exhaustive tests than mine. Their reviews & commentary convinced me this seller was safe.

Last thing: Really like the packaging: a rubbery foam that will protect these in a drawer forever. More support than is needed, but hey, I like my drives snugly packed like pigs in a blanket.

I often write presentations that must be transported and used in a different location. The size and portability of the 8GB 2.0 Flash Drive was excellent and large enough to store the information of the presentations. I also like the small red light that appears on the end of the drive to tell it is on when operating. All in all, I would recommend this product.

I use a lot of USB flash drives, and I've tried to find bargains for years. Many of the super-cheap ones are garbage, no surprise--Every time I try them I wind up throwing them away. The Mosdart flash drives are the best combination of price and reliability I've found--I've never had a Mosdart USB drive fail. They appear to be as good as the more expensive brands, but if you shop carefully, they can be a great bargain. Plus, Alice Cooper likes them!

I was surprised when I found I could but 5 x MOSDART 8GB drives for almost the same price as 5 x 4GB drives, which is what I was originally looking for. The price being around $3.00 a drive was amazing, so I figured I wouldn't be getting much for my money. Didn't expect a lot. I couldn't find any speeds advertised, that's usually a bad sign.

They came well packaged, although they didn't waste a lot of money on fancy packaging, it was more sensible. I plugged one into my computer, it did take a few seconds but all USB drives seem to on that machine, I can't fault MOSDART. It showed up, FAT32 File System, so I copied an ISO to the drive, not a large one. It was done beforew I could screenshot it! I picked a full CD ISO to transfer and tried that, watching the SUSTAINED write speeds, not peak, and it was pegged at 8MB/s. Reading the file back off the drive to a SSD sustained was around 20MB/s, but the screenshot shows the peak of 22MB/s.

The memory chips inside appear to be faster than the USB 2.0 standard will transmit. And I have had no errors yet, if I do I will update the post. Price, value, speed, and it said it had an LED, I expected a little tiny blinking light. The LED lights up the entire case and blinks with activity. Again I was surprised! And pleasantly so.

Even if one or two of these drives die on me, for the price, I won't complain!

Edit Note: Theoretical Max USB 2.0 = 480Mb/s = 60MB/s, but nobody reaches the max

The product arrives in a small cardboard box, with the flash drives surrounded by a foam holder. This product is nice because it gives you a lot of storage space in multiple flash drives at a good price. I ran a test using chkflsh.exe to check out the write speed and this is what I found:

Read Speed: 22.27 MB/s , Write Speed: 13.28 MB/s Black flash drive
Read Speed: 22.06 MB/s , Write Speed: 13.07 MB/s White flash drive
Read Speed: 22.26 MB/s , Write Speed: 13.31 MB/s Red flash drive
Read Speed: 22.04 MB/s , Write Speed: 13.33 MB/s Green flash drive
Read Speed: 22.03 MB/s , Write Speed: 13.19 MB/s Blue flash drive

All speeds are about twice as advertised, and the flash drives do not seem to have any problems yet, so I am satisfied.

I needed 5 USB's to enter some projects into a showcase. Each entry had to be on a separate USB. I didn't need them to have much space. After a trip to the local office stores I was only finding USB's that were much more expensive and had much more space unless I settled for a child's one shaped like an animal or star was. Even then it was 9.99 for one and it wasn't professional to turn those in. These worked great and come in a nice little box that I will store them in till the next showcase comes around.

I ordered 2-10 packs to install a rather large slide show of the family from pictures gathered from the last 60 to 70 years and am giving them out to all the family members. They loaded perfectly and had very quick writing speed to the drives. Tried several out after the load and they worked as expected. I would recommend these to a friend and will order the same ones when needing to do another project as such.

I purchased these for a group activity which required several flash drives. I didn't need a lot of capacity on these flash drives (only needed to hold a few pictures each), so I was hoping to find something that was reasonably priced.

These worked great. I would definitely purchase again and I am pleased with how these worked.

Two thumbs up.

As a student, my flash drives are given the durability test on a daily basis. Between being jostled around in a backpack, or my pocket, being used numerous times a day, these drives have held up like none other. With everything my drive goes through on a daily basis, it still looks like new. The case and metal swivel protector are 100% intact and keep taking a beating. I will definitely be a return customer to Shenzhen J&F Industrial, and recommend purchasing these flash drives if you need a device for mobile data that can take some punishment.

I did have one drive that didn't work. (PLEASE READ MY COMMENTS BELOW ABOUT SHENZHEN J&F INDUSTRIAL'S CUSTOMER SERVICE.) The other 4 drives work flawlessly. I haven't had a problem with slow speed when writing to/from it, there have been no issue on data loss, and the drive casings, metal protector for the USB metal head and the USB metal head itself are still intact and holding strong. With other drives, I usually run into the casing cracking and causing the head to become loose and even disconnect from the drive. To date, this has not been an issue with the mosDART flash drives.

Of all the sellers on Amazon, I will give credit to Shenzhen J&F Industrial. Out of the 5 drives I received, one of the drives did not work. Their customer service was beyond amazing and resolved my issue in the quickest time for any Amazon seller I have dealt with to date. Not only did they reach out to me, they listened to my issue, and allowed me to participate in the resolution of my issue. It wasn't just a, "this is what we are going to do," situation. I was able to explain my issue with their product (had a defective flash drive), the problem it caused me and the frustration that ensued. It was so nice to be able to explain things and not just have a canned response.

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SUPER SAVER PACK - Includes 5 units of 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive packed in a compact and eco-friendly box COMPATIBILTY AND INTERFACE - Supports almost all operating systems including Windows Windows 2000/7/8/8.1/10/Vista/XP/2000/ME, Linux and MacOs 10.3 and above. No need to install any additional
Super Value Package Deal: Includes 5pcs of Genuine 8GB USB Flash Drive, packed in a Eco-friendly package Plug and use: No need to install any software, just simple plug into the USB port of computer or other devices and use it! The USB Flash Drive is compitable with Windows 98second
- STORAGE - 32GB Metal USB 2.0 Flash Drive(pack of 5) comes with a thin body and capless design packed in an eco-friendly box. - COMPATIBILTY AND INTERFACE - This jump drive supports almost all operating systems including Windows Windows 2000/7/8/8.1/10/Vista/XP/2000/ME, Linux and MacOs 10.3 and