Comments about USB Flash Drive Memory Stick iPhone Backup Drive Photo Stick Mobile iOS Flash Drive for iPhone OTG Android Type C Phone Stick Storage iPad USB 3.0 Flash Drive iPhone Jump Drive PHICOOL 128GB Blue

USB Flash Drive Memory Stick iPhone Backup Drive Photo Stick Mobile iOS Flash Drive for iPhone OTG Android Type C Phone Stick Storage iPad USB 3.0 Flash Drive iPhone Jump Drive PHICOOL 128GB Blue

ღWith PHICOOL Photo Stick iPhone Flash Drive,Recording all your Life and World all in Hand! Storage your files in your pocket;Best gift for your friend

iPhone Flash Drive Photo stick Back up Drive withFCC,Rohs, CECertificate,True capacitymemeory andQuality  chipset, Working  Stable and Fast

TIPS:ONLY Android Smart Phone/Tablet with OTG function can working with PHICOOL Photo Stick  iPhone Flash Drive

iOS Flash Drives for iphone Back up photos transfer videos and other files straight between the photo stick & iphone flash drive and PC,laptops,MAC Book,iPhone and all OTG Smart Phone ,via easy APP : "LUV-Share".

Android Flash drive for iPhone Expand your smart phone and tablet space with an External Storage for more entertainment and resources packed with High Speed and Stable Transfer to iPhone photo stick USB Backup Drive photo stick for iphone memory stick

iPhone flash drive for iphone storage drive iphone Memory Stick iPAD External Storage Play movies directly from the ipad External Storage USB 3.0 Flash iPhone stick mobile for iphone usb flash drive

iPhone flash drive can watch most format videos,songs directly ; Android Adapter Expansion Touch ID Encryption iPad External Storage drive can watch all popular format videos,songs directly from the phone flash drive Android wherever you are, Jump Drive Thumb Drive Pen Backup Drive OTG Smart Phone Memory Stick without occupying your device memory space

Photo Stick  iPhone Flash Drive Compatible

IOS:iPhone:5/6/7/8/X/XS/XR. iOS 8 up; iPad 4/Air/mini/2/3/4/iPod touch 5/6

Computer:Windows7/8/10/or higher ,Macbook OS

Android:Samsung S8/S8+/S9/S9 Plus/Note8/S7/8/Sony/Motorola and so on

Photo Stick  iPhone Flash Drive  Package 

Photo Stick iphone Flash Drive *1 

iPhone memory stick User Manual *1

Comments about USB Flash Drive Memory Stick iPhone Backup Drive Photo Stick Mobile iOS Flash Drive for iPhone OTG Android Type C Phone Stick Storage iPad USB 3.0 Flash Drive iPhone Jump Drive PHICOOL 128GB Blue
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Comments :
I'm excited about the size of data this flash drive will hold. It's exactly what I needed to download a bunch of photo albums I had scanned for my son. The packaging was nice and professional too. It seems to be a sturdy, compact, and super helpful device!

 I never used flash drive in my iphone or ipad, but since i saw this product while searching for normal flashdrive, I bought it. This is so perfect, its even compatible with mobiles, ipad to c type connector for new macs. It got enough memory like small hard drive, that is more than enough for any types of file transfer for normal students. Never out of space and no worry to the device type that you are connecting. The different ends of it can be hidden inside if you put them in center, which I like. The color and arrangement looks good too. Wish they had a hook to attach to keyring.

I found it very useful in transmitting large data between different mobile devices and laptop. When you are in a group of people who owns different kinds of phones, like iphone/android and different connecting port, usb-c/microusb/usb/iphone, it is convenient to transfer data this way. Yes, cloud is even better, but for some private/confidential data the flash drive is a very good choice.

This flash drive is easy to use, it has 128 gb of storage, it is perfect way to store pictures and video the flash drive actually plugs into my phone where you charge it. It works on the phone no extra cords needed very fast to load backed up all the pics. I love it save money got the new phone I can access these any time I want without worrying about running out of storage. This product is a life saver!!! It is worth buying with price $35

Photo stick usb drive for iPhone are great tools for loading photo or video files on your iPhone (or iPad), without having to connect to iTunes. The photo stick flash drive for iPhone takes a while to understand the best way to manage your files, but when you figure it out, it helps you save a lot of time to edit (save, remove or delete) your videos/photos, or do a quick and easy backup. Also, I backed up all the documents from my MacBook onto the flash drive usb photo stick.

My husband loves ios flash drive! Memory stick flash drive was easy to set up. You just have to download the app --LUV-Share and then it is pretty to operate. My husband had a lot of videos and photos on his phone and was constantly asking me to transfer them for him to my computer so he could have more space. IOS flash dirve takes care of that. He can do it himself now with the app.

I store music and movies on the flash drive for iPhone usb stick and use on my iPhone and iPad. The memory stick are very easy to use, especially with the LUV--share app (which you must use). You can store photos, music and movies and backing up contacts, creating files/folders, etc. Photo stick flash drive is lightweight and durable, which is nice. I would recommend phicool flash drive usb stick!

Work as expected. So glad i ordered flash drive usb photo stick because as an iphone user and anyone who has an iphone you all know the struggle of not enough space. Now i can easily hook it up to my phone and transfer pictures,videos and files and either carry it around or store it safely somewhere, including on the computer.the memeory stick usb flash drive for mac very small and compact and the design is neat. More durable than others i've had before. I would definitely recommend flash dirve for iPone photo stick!

Very easy to use this usb flash drive photo stick. Wanted to check this out because for some reason my iPhone 8 plus has a hard time transferring my photos to my HP computer. I was hoping photo stick jump drive would work between the mac and the pc. So far so good. I transferred about 4000 photos and thumb drive took a couple of hours to get them off my iPhone. Uploading them to my PC took around 30 mins.

I was weary when I bought this because I never had a USB that could do this but I bought one out of Faith. Let me tell you, it works great! I have an iPhone 5SE and it worked in my phone well. When you plug it in, it makes you download an app which will help you. The company is kind enough to give you PDFs and those have instructions. Me being stubborn, I skimmed the PDF and guessed the rest. In the end, I was able to download 448 pictures and videos which took maybe 5-10 minutes. I then connected the USB to my laptop to see if the downloads were in the USB... they were! Worth it

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Brand Name: FYEO Product weight: 20g brInterface type: USB 3.0 Model: for USB iPhone flash drive Product Type: Multi-function Material: Metal Interface Type: Hi-Speed USB 3.0 Storage: 128GB Quality: Testing one by one Quantity: 1 PIECE USB Flash Memory Disk product features: 3 in 1 U disk Please
【Dual Storage Functionality】 Dual USB Storage For USB Type 3.0 Devices and USB Type C Devices at 128GB Capacity. It's like having 2 USB in 1 Device!It makes it easy to transfer files and data between your smartphone, tablet and computer! 【High-Speed Device】USB 3.0 flash drive for fast data
Product Details:
Interface: USB2.0
High Write/Read speed
Size:2.01*0.87*0.196 inch
Weight: 0.46 oz
Capacity: 32GB
USB Service Voltage: 4.5V- 5.5V
Storage Temperature: - 50C - +80C
Storage Lifetime: More than 10 years
Environment Temperature: -40C -
If you own an android smartphone & tablet PC with OS version 3.1 or higher, YOTRON brand USB On-The-Go (often abbreviated to OTG) flash drive enables you to attach flash storage, mice and keyboards to your Android device through the micro USB port on the device. Just plug it in and copy files to
This lightning USB flash drive is a memory expansion, which provides extra 32G memory for our iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Android and PC, and 3 connectors can freely transfer data among multiple systems and devices. Enjoy Infinite Storage & Endless Joy! One USB 3.0 standard A Male connector for data
Features: New and high quality portable storage device Easy plug and play installation Stylish lightweight; portable,new concept modeling,classic fashion,compact Brisk Unit dimension : 2.36" x 0.70" x 0.39" (60mm x 18mm x 10mm) Weight: about 52g/item Storage Capacity:
* High quality & Extremely Fast Speeds 
* 360° rotation Creative design 
* Original chips security and stability 
* Plug &Play 

OS Support Windows XP/Vista/Window10/Windows 7/Windows8/Windows 8.1/MAC OS 
Interface: USB3.0 and
FEATURES: *FAT 32format supports.  *IPHONE/IPAD: You need to install "AGP FILE " app from App Store before connecting with your IPhone/IPad. *ANDROID PHONE: No software installation required. Works with all smartphones with a micro USB connector (Type A and B) without additional
This lovely 16GB lipstick bear design USB flash drive is a fun and practical way of storing all of your important files and documents. It even comes with a necklace to prevent you from forgetting or misplacing it. It makes for a great gift for family,friends or even significant others so don't