Reviews SanDisk Ultra 128GB Dual Drive USB Type-C (SDDDC2-128G-G46)

SanDisk Ultra 128GB Dual Drive USB Type-C (SDDDC2-128G-G46)

The SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C includes one reversible USB Type-C connector and one standard USB (Type-A) connector, so you can easily transfer files between smartphones, tablets and computers, freeing up space when you need it. Plus, the SanDisk Memory Zone application (available on Google Play) makes managing and backing up content on your Android devices a snap.

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I recently bought an Asus Flip Chromebook, which only comes equipped with two USB C ports. The rest of my word is USB A. USB type C might be the wave of the future, but its along way from the beach still. I bought the 128 GB model as my 64 GB I was surprised when I received it as to how small it was. I guess its not the sliders that I was used to in the past. Technology has come along way.

Plugged it in and everything seems to work nice. About 115 MB of storage is available, and no pre-installed security software comes on the drive. The sliding mechanism works pretty good too. I have tried both USB C and USB A. I Did a quick read and write test, and speeds are not blazing fast, but decent. I got around 150 MB/S read, and about 50 MB/s write, good enough for me. One reviewer mentioned hot hot this thing gets. I can vouch for that, it did get quite warm on me,but not during the read write test, and not during type he 48 GB data transfer, it was kind of just sitting there plugged in and when I went to remove it, it was noticeably hot. As long as it keeps working I wont mind, One thing I wish they would add is some type of water resistance, as my wife likes to wash my drives regularly with the clothes. I think the tiny form factor will probably make this problem worse. Its a good buy considering there aren't many hybrid flash drives out there to choose from. I have included a couple pictures for size comparison.

While some complain about speeds, I am rather impressed with this drive. It really shines where older USB 2 drives utterly fail. That is when copying/moving many small files. It easily copies many hundreds of tiny files in seconds rather than twenty minutes on an old USB 2. drive I have.

Why is it so much faster? I honestly do not know. But it manages 150 MB per second READ speed on single large files. Write speed is a respectable 20 MB per second SUSTAINED for the whole time. (It starts higher, but never slows to less than 20 MB per second.

Please do not misunderstand. Maximum speed is nice, but sustained speed over a long write is the real test of how fast a drive is. Does it get hot? Yes it does. But not nearly hot enough to burn me. And certainly safe to the drive itself.

Getting hot probably does decrease the life of the drive. But I do not expect it to last a decade. And if you do, please spend some time thinking about that. A decade ago the biggest flash drive you could get was around 128 MEGABYTES. This is one thousand times that size. I really hope this drive is vastly obsolete by then.

To other reviewers: Please do not say the drive is burning hot. That is an opinion. While I appreciate the information, it would be nicer to hear what actual temperature both the drive, and the ambient port of the computer reaches. Surely some of you have one of those handy IR thermometers? Sadly I do not. Anyway, thanks for reading.

Awesome OTG Flash Drive! The storage space is amazing (for the price) and the functionality is outstanding. You can go from a regular USB 3.1 port on your PC, Laptop, TV, etc. to any device that supports a Type-C USB Connection (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, etc). The transfer rates on this drive are extremely fast and dont disappoint!

The entire drive itself is only 1.5 inches. With the Type A port extended, you're looking at 2 inches. With the Type-C port extended it's only 1.75 inches. This thing is tiny, but not "lose-it-in-a-day" tiny. It does have an option for a lanyard connection, however, no lanyard was included in the packaging.

I've owned several OTG drives and this one by far is the best in terms of functionality. Other OTG drives I've owned had the basic plastic sleeve that slid over the permanently extended port connection. Well, majority of those types tend to lose their "locking" mechanism so the plastic sleeves stay in place. This OTG drive has a small thumb slide (think of the old box cutter knifes where you slid pushed down slightly and slid the knife out or in). This is very similar, except it doesn't "ratchet" when extended or retracting the ports. But, it does have little notches that will lock the extended port in place pretty securely. It will also "lock" the ports within the drive casing when the thumb slide is moved to it's center position.

The design is very nice and "expensive" looking. I would definitely purchase this type of OTG again.

This thing is awesome. I needed something to go back and forth between a USB-C MacBook Pro and other, USB-A devices. This works great. The transfer speed is fast enough for large files and I LOVE the storage capacity. I could not find any other USB-C flash drives with that capacity for this price range. Be warned, though, it is tiny. I have been nervous that I was going to lose it, so I put it on a lanyard. It was really difficult to fish the string through the lanyard mount on the top, but I was able to get it to work by fishing a twist-tie wire through first, then hooking the lanyard string and pulling out the wire which fed through the string.

Love this new thumb drive. It replaces another SanDisk that died on me. It is quite functional and the read and write speeds seem to be better than the one that died on me. Between the time that my old one died and when I got this new one I purhchased one of those new MacBook Pros with USB-C but since we still live in a USB-A world I needed something that was flexible. I found this product and I have not been disappointed. Two critiques: 1) it gets hot for some reason. Even when it is not in use it is hot. Perhaps this is because of the power that the USB-C connection carries? 2) I REALLLLLLLY wish that they had put an opening on there that would allow us to attach this thing to a keychain. Perhaps that is what those two little openings are at the top? I don't know but what I can say is that it is damn near impossible to thread anything through those two little openings. Perhaps on version 2.0 they will design one with this ability.

As others have said it gets kind of hot and the performance isn't quite as good as a 3.0 drive, or better yet a type C drive, could be. With that out of way it's the only drive I could find that has both outlets and doesn't have stupid caps that you know will end up getting lost. It works plenty well enough for me and it's fairly small, I love having the option to plug into my Android in a pinch. You will need a lanyard or very small keyring to attach it to a regular keyring. It's has pretty mediocre performance but it probably has the best form factor of any USBC+3.0 flash drive out there.

Take a lot of photos and video on my Google Pixel 2 Xl, 128gb can dissappear really quickly with 4K Video at the pace I go ( every 10 seconds eats 80MB). I didn't want to invest too much money into a ssd usb c hard drive, and came across this. Transfers at a decent high speed. I am able to offload more files to prepare new media quicker to edit

Works as advertized - tried it on a MacBook Pro 2017 with USB-C and then on a ThinkPad p50 with the USB-A side, no problems. Formatted in exFAT, which is a good format for large file sizes (vs. FAT32).

My only complaint is that, given the small size of the thumb drive, I fear I may lose it. It has two small holes (you can see in the picture) through which can be threaded a thin cable so you can attach it to a key ring or something else to make losing it less likely, but the location of the holes in the middle is a little awkward. I suppose given that this thing's got a plug either side the manufacturer had limited options.

Very easy to transfer photos, videos, and files from phone or tablet to PC, and reverse.
At a speed of just under 100MB/s on the USB type C, the process was smooth.

The plastic casing is insanely tough! It was hard cutting it open with a knife or scissors.
This is good, but also bad, because the USB type C part, did not fit in my USB type C phone (due to the cover).
I either had to remove the phone out of the cover, every time I wanted to upload stuff to the drive, or peel the drive out of the casing.

This is probably the millionth review I give on Sandisk drives.
I wished they would just stop making 'nice' designs, and just make the stick basic.
The housing is stupid from an engineering perspective. It doesn't really protect the disk, and allows it to get very hot.
If instead they would have made the stick solid aluminum, it would cool the internal chips well, and would not have the annoying plastic cover in the way of plugging these sticks in a phone that has a plastic cover.

Flash drives are ubiquitous, and usb-3.1 seems to rule the market right now. However, new computers, especially new laptops, now come with usb-c slots. This flash drive allows me to have snappy drivers (almost 30 GB now by itself) and other installers on hand for any new computer that I need to set up. If I wipe and load Windows from scratch, windows 10 includes most drivers, but Snappy drivers have been helpful and copies client documents, pictures, etc faster than pulling the original drive and obtaining permission to see the client’s profile directory.

Usb-C is a game-changer, too. While I love the new Pci-e based flash drives, which are faster in copying files, this Dual drive gives me compatibility for every machine without adapters or extra cables, is smaller, almost as fast. USB-C can be either 5 Gbps or 10 Gbps theoretical speed, which is faster than usb-A (the larger plug).

CONs: THe USB-C plug seems to bend a little when I try to insert it. The fit is tight, and I am afraid it will break over time.

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This ultra-small, low profile drive stays put for extra storage, or moves media super-fast between devices. Enjoy performance speeds up to ten times faster than standard USB 2.0 drives, transfer a full-length move in less than 40 seconds, and count on ever-present storage that will not get in the
This ultra-small, low profile drive stays put for extra storage, or moves media super-fast between devices. Enjoy performance speeds up to ten times faster than standard USB 2.0 drives, transfer a full-length move in less than 40 seconds, and count on ever-present storage that will not get in the
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