Reviews USB Flash Drive 128G, USB Memory Stick 128GB Jump Drive Thumb Drive 3.0 Flash Drive Compatible for iPhone/iPad/PC/Android Password/Touch ID Protected Flash Drive for iOS/iPhone (128G Gold)

USB Flash Drive 128G, USB Memory Stick 128GB Jump Drive Thumb Drive 3.0 Flash Drive Compatible for iPhone/iPad/PC/Android Password/Touch ID Protected Flash Drive for iOS/iPhone (128G Gold)

This is a creative USB 3.0 Flash Drive (Multi-Functioning, Mini-sized, Aluminum alloy design, large storage capacity) which has double connectors, can be transferred the documents for all series products of Apple, iPhone, iPad & Android(with OTG function) &PC.

1)Protect your privacy:
Enable all data to be protected by password and touch ID, your privacy will not be stolen even you lose the flash drive..

2) Mini Size and easy to carry:
Light weight,as small as lipsticks,keychain hole makes it easy to carry when you on trip.

3) Files supported (From PC to the Flash drive (memory stick) and play them on iPhone or iPad via App)

a.Why can’t all the photos in the album be imported into the pen drive?
- After the phone opens the iClouds share, the original picture was uploaded to the iCloud cloud. What you see in the system album is not a source file and cannot be imported. It is recommended that you downloaded the source file to the system album, and then try importing.

b.How do you move the photos from your cell phone album to the pen drive?
- click on mobile storage in the app home page >iPhone Photo Album >Edit >Select the photos or Select ALL >Copy >External Storage >Select the folder you want to save and copy it in.

c. What is in the package? 
- 1* usb flash drive
1* Instructions
1* Anti-dirty waterproof bag (In the outer layer of the package) 

* Android phone: if your phone can not work,You need go to open mobile phone set open OTG connection"

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Just love this! I loaded the USB Flash Drive up with photos, mp4 movies, and a bunch of mp3 music - simply inserted the drive into my iPad/iPhone, opened the Y Disk App and was able to play/view any file with ease. Couldn't be an easier way to free up storage on my iPhone or an easier way to bring alone a bunch of videos to watch on long trips. Nice job guys - simple interface, easy to use and manage files.

USB Flash Drive 128G, USB Memory Stick 128GB Jump Drive Thumb Drive 3.0 Flash Drive Lightning/iPhone/iPad/PC/Android Password/Touch ID Protected Flash Drive iOS/iPhone (128G Gold)

This drive works great on all products. I do have to remove my iPhone case to use. Would be nice if the lighting plug was longer so I didn’t have to remove the case

Just installed this drive with no problems. Very straightforward. Only 4stars because it does not seem very rugged. Time will tell.

This is accessory needed to download info. from my iPad and iPhone.

It is a little flimsy where it slides back and forth...the slide area is loose. Otherwise it stores everything well. I used it for photos.

Set up flash drive and very easy to store photos and documents. Preparing to transfer to PC. I don’t anticipate any problems based on previous reviews. User instructions under settings on the Y-disk app.

Very easy to use right out of the box, just follow directions to install the proper app for use. Very good product

Drive was easy to use. The instructions were not very clear. I was able to figure them out.

I love it it worked perfectly for iPhone X flawless item

Use it for backing up my photos

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Security: *
Product Details:
Interface: USB2.0
High Write/Read speed
Size:2.01*0.87*0.196 inch
Weight: 0.46 oz
Capacity: 32GB
USB Service Voltage: 4.5V- 5.5V
Storage Temperature: - 50C - +80C
Storage Lifetime: More than 10 years
Environment Temperature: -40C -
If you own an android smartphone & tablet PC with OS version 3.1 or higher, YOTRON brand USB On-The-Go (often abbreviated to OTG) flash drive enables you to attach flash storage, mice and keyboards to your Android device through the micro USB port on the device. Just plug it in and copy files to
This lightning USB flash drive is a memory expansion, which provides extra 32G memory for our iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Android and PC, and 3 connectors can freely transfer data among multiple systems and devices. Enjoy Infinite Storage & Endless Joy! One USB 3.0 standard A Male connector for data
Features: New and high quality portable storage device Easy plug and play installation Stylish lightweight; portable,new concept modeling,classic fashion,compact Brisk Unit dimension : 2.36" x 0.70" x 0.39" (60mm x 18mm x 10mm) Weight: about 52g/item Storage Capacity:
* High quality & Extremely Fast Speeds 
* 360° rotation Creative design 
* Original chips security and stability 
* Plug &Play 

OS Support Windows XP/Vista/Window10/Windows 7/Windows8/Windows 8.1/MAC OS 
Interface: USB3.0 and
1)Portable & Convenient: At a fraction of the size and weight of an iPhone, it is the best? companion for your Apple devices. Take it with you everywhere to? instantly free up more space, letting you enjoy more content and have more freedom.? 2)Format supported: Music:?m4a, aiff, caf, mp3, wav
FEATURES: *FAT 32format supports.  *IPHONE/IPAD: You need to install "AGP FILE " app from App Store before connecting with your IPhone/IPad. *ANDROID PHONE: No software installation required. Works with all smartphones with a micro USB connector (Type A and B) without additional
Metal aluminum alloy credit bank card shaped USB flash drive. Allows you to keep it in your wallet,keep important files handy. Excellent quality, easy to use, no need extra software to drive it,only plug in. Portable,light weight and funny mini style, easy to carry. Store and transfer photos,
This lovely 16GB lipstick bear design USB flash drive is a fun and practical way of storing all of your important files and documents. It even comes with a necklace to prevent you from forgetting or misplacing it. It makes for a great gift for family,friends or even significant others so don't