Reviews USB Flash Drive 128GB, Sunany Memory Stick External Storage Compatible with iPhone/PC/iPad/Android and More Devices with USB Port (128GB Gold)

USB Flash Drive 128GB, Sunany Memory Stick External Storage Compatible with iPhone/PC/iPad/Android and More Devices with USB Port (128GB Gold)

★ Multi function iPhone iOs usb flash drive 128GB with phone lighting port, USB Micro-B
and 3.0 USB ports. Large capacity of this kind of usb flash drive 3.0 allows you to watch
movie videos and share files at any time and anywhere, just enjoy you life with this usb drive.

★ The data transfer speed of this 128gb usb flash drive 3.0 can up to 80 MB/s reading and 40
MB/s, save more time when you transfer the data between the usb thumb drive and
other devices.

★ With this 128 gb usb memory stick, you could be more free to enjoy the good time in journey.
Take thousands of photos or videos and directly save all in the 128gb photo stick.

★ Just by plugging usb flash drive in the iOS devices, the free App will appear and
then download it directly.

The format usb flash drive supported:
Music:m4a, aiff, caf, mp3, wav
Image:gif, jpg, png,jpeg
Document:doc, ppt, xls, xlsx, pdf, html, txt
Video:avi, flv, m4v, mkv, mov, mp4, rmvb
Please Note:
You can’t transfer or watch media files downloaded from iTunes or other 3rd party apps,
because these files are Digital Rights Management protected.

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Just rec'd today. Plugged into iPhone, downloaded app from Apple App store & opened. Went to pictures, & copied them them to the drive then removed it & connected to Windows 10 desktop & placed on it. Worth every penny.

Going backpacking where there is no wireless or wifi, and my iphone 5 has only about 5 Gb of available storage, so I needed something to back up my photos so that I could delete them from the phone to recapture some storage space and take more photos.

The device arrived today and I tried it out.

I backed up 500 photos and 1 15-minute took about 10 minutes. Newer phone probably works faster. Also took about 3 or 4 minutes to delete all that data from the flash drive. My more normal photo session is a few dozen pictures, and that backs up very quickly, just a few seconds. Capacity of 128 Gb is way more than enough for me.

This thing is really just a thumb drive that fits both the regular USB port on your PC and the lightning port on your iphone and ipad.... PLUS an app that lets you control the thing from your phone or ipad. Perfect for what I needed. I can back up all my photos on the trip, and send them up to the cloud when I get home. I had actually thought about buying a phone with more storage, so this little device saved me a lot of money.

Wish it had a lanyard for attachment to my keychain. Also wish that both the USB connector and the lightning connector could be retracted at the same time. As it is, if you retract one, you expose the other, and if either connector got damaged, it would be a problem for me.

Worked without any fuss from my iPhone 6 and 7plus. Asked me install the app when I inserted into iPhone and copied files automatically. I could then use the USB side to take it to my laptop and copy the files.

Very easy to use, didn’t even have to read the directions! So far very happy🤗

Once I received this Flash Drives iPhone 128GB today, it works successfully. I was capable of downloading the whole photos without missing but I had no ability to delete them on a laptop. An iPhone allows me to delete the images, and videos only. I think that the company should improve to add a new feature for computers to enable users to edit.

This product solves t he problem that I currently have for my ipad 4 and extends storage that I need. I don't need to read instruction manual and it pops up after you plug it in. Easy to use. Awesome product!

I am active on social media which means there are a lot of pictures on my phone, and my major issue is that I don't delete the pictures after I post them because some are personal & important to me. However, keeping those pictures in your phone forever eats up your storage space and makes you & your phone unhappy.

The instructions are in the box, but you barely need them because once you plug the flash drive into your iphone, there are prompts that tell you exactly what to do. Following the prompts, I downloaded the app, the pictures were downloaded in less than a minute, and the last prompt asks you if you want to delete duplicate pictures (of course I do!).

After the process was done, there were still photo's on my phone, however, it is easier to scan through 50 pictures than it is to scan through over 1,500, which is how about how many I had. It even asked me if I wanted to delete duplicate pictures, which of course I did.

This memory stick saved me from having to buy more cloud storage which I have had to do twice already and which can get pretty pricey. I still have room on the memory stick to download any new pictures, keeping all my photos and videos in one place. I put the flash drive into my computer and, yep, my pictures are there.

This item is well worth the price.

Works as advertised!

This flash drive is so cool... really a space saver specially for me who need more space for my phone.
I used it to my note 5... will recommend it to my fam and friends

Well built metal frame. Very fast download. Convenient App.

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Security: *
Product Details:
Interface: USB2.0
High Write/Read speed
Size:2.01*0.87*0.196 inch
Weight: 0.46 oz
Capacity: 32GB
USB Service Voltage: 4.5V- 5.5V
Storage Temperature: - 50C - +80C
Storage Lifetime: More than 10 years
Environment Temperature: -40C -
If you own an android smartphone & tablet PC with OS version 3.1 or higher, YOTRON brand USB On-The-Go (often abbreviated to OTG) flash drive enables you to attach flash storage, mice and keyboards to your Android device through the micro USB port on the device. Just plug it in and copy files to
This lightning USB flash drive is a memory expansion, which provides extra 32G memory for our iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Android and PC, and 3 connectors can freely transfer data among multiple systems and devices. Enjoy Infinite Storage & Endless Joy! One USB 3.0 standard A Male connector for data
Features: New and high quality portable storage device Easy plug and play installation Stylish lightweight; portable,new concept modeling,classic fashion,compact Brisk Unit dimension : 2.36" x 0.70" x 0.39" (60mm x 18mm x 10mm) Weight: about 52g/item Storage Capacity:
* High quality & Extremely Fast Speeds 
* 360° rotation Creative design 
* Original chips security and stability 
* Plug &Play 

OS Support Windows XP/Vista/Window10/Windows 7/Windows8/Windows 8.1/MAC OS 
Interface: USB3.0 and
1)Portable & Convenient: At a fraction of the size and weight of an iPhone, it is the best? companion for your Apple devices. Take it with you everywhere to? instantly free up more space, letting you enjoy more content and have more freedom.? 2)Format supported: Music:?m4a, aiff, caf, mp3, wav
FEATURES: *FAT 32format supports.  *IPHONE/IPAD: You need to install "AGP FILE " app from App Store before connecting with your IPhone/IPad. *ANDROID PHONE: No software installation required. Works with all smartphones with a micro USB connector (Type A and B) without additional
Metal aluminum alloy credit bank card shaped USB flash drive. Allows you to keep it in your wallet,keep important files handy. Excellent quality, easy to use, no need extra software to drive it,only plug in. Portable,light weight and funny mini style, easy to carry. Store and transfer photos,
This lovely 16GB lipstick bear design USB flash drive is a fun and practical way of storing all of your important files and documents. It even comes with a necklace to prevent you from forgetting or misplacing it. It makes for a great gift for family,friends or even significant others so don't