Reviews Kingston Digital 16GB Data Traveler 3.0 USB Flash Drive - Blue (DTIG4/16GB )

Kingston Digital 16GB Data Traveler 3.0 USB Flash Drive - Blue (DTIG4/16GB )

USB 3.0 in a colorful design. Kingston's data travel ramp; REG; generation 4 (Dtig4) USB flash drive features USB 3.0 for quick and easy transfers of music, video and more. Its practical design and fashionable colors make it ideal for everyday use at work, home, school or wherever you need to take your data. It's backwards compatible with existing USB 2.0 ports, allowing 2.0 users to migrate to 3.0 in The future without replacing their drive. Dtig4 is backed by a five-year warranty, FREE technical support and legendary Kingston; REG; reliability.

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I ordered this brand because I trust the quality of Kingston from past/current experience. My USB 3.0 16gb flash drive worked fine, but as expected for this budget price point, it is certainly no speed demon. It bounced around from 4-8MB per sec while copying a bit over 300 MP3 files (almost 3GB worth of data). For contrast, my old USB 2.0 flash drives do the same thing at about 2-3MB per sec. I won't be doing much reading or writing to/from this flash drive, as it was purchased as storage back-up for some random files/data just in case I need it down the road. USB flash drives usually fail due to excessive writing/overwriting (each storage section can only be written/overwritten so many times before failure), so keep that in mind. They are perfect for somewhat limited writing to drive, and lots of reading from drive.

UPDATE 1/1/2018 - Survived (with cap on) full wash cycle in the washing machine with no damage. Nice!

UPDATE 8/2/2018 - All 3 of these USB drives that I purchased are still working fine, within their expected limitations (as mentioned in original review above) - even the one that went through a full cycle in the washing machine (w/cap on). :)

I always carefully read reviews -- especially 1-star reviews -- before deciding what to buy.
I know and trust the Kingston brand. Some reviewers complained that the USB 3.0 speeds of this drive are at best average. Some quote them as being 10 MBytes/sec write and 70 MBytes/sec read.

Upon receiving it, I did a complete write/read test with H2TestW, on a USB 3.0 port on my new HP Z230 workstation running Windows 7.
First, the entire disk capacity was verified (so, this is NOT one of those fake drives). Second, the speeds measured were 19.2 write and 116 read. This is serious speed for an inexpensive thumb drive.

I notice that some people gave this device less-than-stellar reviews, complaining of failure when they tried using it as a working disk drive (as opposed to a simple storage device). A $20 thumb drive is NOT an SSD ! And if you think that for $20 you can get yourself a hi-speed SSD-equivalent then you are bound to end up disappointed. This is an excellent storage device of huge capacity (mine is 64GB); think "super-CD" or "super-DVD". If you load it with music or video, you'll be able to stream off it at blazing speeds. But please don't try to make it do the work of a hard disk. Simple flash drives are not up to such abuse.

For example, I have a KDLINKS X1 Full-HD 1920*1080 dashboard camera. After a very hot summer and some 6-7 months' use the camera started acting up and spontaneously going dead on me. Turns out the micro SDHC card had gone bad. I replaced it and the camera was back to its original functionality; 6-7 months of constant hours-long hi-volume writing to the card and then deleting old files to rewrite over them managed to ruin the card. Don't expect any different if you're using this thumb drive as a working HDD.

Does what it's supposed to, and nice looking. There's one design element that may or may not be of interest to potential users.

As shown in the photo, one end has a red plastic loop, that facilitates handling or might be used to attach the drive to a key chain or lanyard.


A plastic cap on the business end must be removed to expose the connector. To help avoid losing it, the cap can be snapped onto the end with the red loop. Except: if you have anything else attached -- the keychain or lanyard, for instance -- the cap won't fit, and you have to be careful where you place it. If you don't plan on any such attachment, that won't be an issue.

Two other even more minor notes: when in use, the drive doesn't snap fully into place: there's a but of metal still exposed, and the drive wiggles around a bit on my computer. On the other hand, it seems to connect well, and I had no trouble transferring data. And this particular drive comes only with a red plastic loop (at least when I bought it through Amazon). Having the same size drive available in different colors would make identification easier: photos of the kids on the "red"drive, backups of love letters on the "blue," and so on. As it stands, different capacity drives have different colors. And with the number of old love letters I have...

I was looking for some USB 3.0 drives of smaller capacity, to be used to create UEFI bootable drives for various windows installs as well as utilities, such as MemTest86+ and Intel Processor Diagnostic. Microsoft told me that a 64gb drive (which I had used successfully) was too large. I didn't think the size was causing the problem I was experiencing but needed to eliminate any potential causes.

These fit the bill perfectly at a great price.
I cannot vouch for the speed - they are certainly far faster than USB 2. I didn't test for true USB 3.0 speeds, as others have mentioned that they didn't reach them.

I bought 3 and used them quickly - and so ordered 2 more.

I just bought 10 of the 8GB drives, and I have a suggestion if you can't access the drives. Read every Q&A on their website If you still can't access the drive (what people are saying are Dead on arrival drives) open Windows Explorer (Windows 7). Put the drive in a primary port that is physically in your PC, and after a time it will show the drive list under Computer. It can take minutes for the PC to find it. There won't be a name, just the drive letter of the port. Right click on it and choose format, set the parameters to Default, and click Format. I had one out of 10 that wasn't readable and after I did this it works just fine. Just to be sure I format EVERY flash drive I buy first. Who knows how the manufacturer formats these? If I'm using it on my copy of Windows 7 then I want it to be formatted by my copy of Windows 7. Dunno how long they will last so I can't comment on that. Lastly I consistently get 4 MB/sec which is not terrible for a USB 3.0 controller.

I got tired of finding USB flash drives that didn't have enough storage space for everything I wanted to store. Many brands were very expensive, or didn't get very good reviews.

The very first drive I ever got was a Kingston, and many years later it still works, where some of the others do not. When I saw different sizes of Kingston flash drives all at affordable prices on Amazon, I couldn't resist. I read many reviews, and ultimately purchased 3 Kingston 3.0 DataTraveler flash drives. I bought 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. All 3 were carefully packaged, clearly labeled with a color coded band, and the storage space number printed on the drive. The picture shows that the cap that fits over the part that goes into the computer, snaps onto the other end. When that cap is not snapped onto the back end, there is a large round loop so that you can attach a lanyard to the drive and where it around your neck. I was very pleased wit this purchase, and when I need more of these in the future, I will definitely try to buy these same ones again.

Pretty much what I wanted for the price I wanted. As always, a little disappointing that the capacity is measured in base-10 rather than base-2, meaning it only has 14.5GB of capacity. This is mentioned clearly on the product page, so it wasn't a surprise, especially since just about every disk manufacturer does it; just a little disappointing.

Based on the picture, I was a little surprised that it is so wide at almost 7/8". Squeezing it in between the adjacent two USB cords on my laptop was a snug fit. If either of its neighbors were wider than the usual USB cable width (5/8"), it wouldn't fit. The dimension is also mentioned in the product description, but I hadn't noted that it was wider than I'd expected.

The plastic keychain connector feels like it wouldn't sustain great abuse, but would suffice to keep it on a lanyard in a backpack. I wouldn't trust it to hold long-term if attached to my keys. Both came with blue loops, so I had to write on them to distinguish their use/contents.

I bought this drive to be used as my dedicated Operating System installer and it's worked great. Only had one issue and that was installing Windows 10 and my computer didn't recognize the drive until I plugged it into the back of my computer (instead of the front, through the chassis), but that could have been more of the Case/Mobo than the drive itself. Other than that, it's worked great for Windows 7&10, and Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04, and Ubuntu Server 16.04 installations.

I'm sure this drive would work well for everyday use. The case seems a bit cheap, but unless you go with a metal case, they're all like that for the most part.

Have used for several weeks and so far no real issues with it. Has been detected the majority of the time when plugging into sources and I can't say for certain the stick was at fault when it wasn't. Once connected it runs as it should with fairly quick read and write speeds. Build quality is a bit on the cheaper side but at least they didn't replace the metal connector with plastic like another brand does - Lexar - which I refuse to buy from again. If you need something cheap you can't go wrong with this one

Shape is less rounded or torpedo shaped than Kingston's USB 2.0 G2 and G3 drives. So not as easy on one's pockets. But the hole for attaching to a key ring or the like is much more useful now without having to resort to a small lanyard. And the cap appears much more durable plus it stays on the ring better when the drive is in use. Obviously, you can't have the drive on the key ring and then place the cap over the hole. So maybe better on a carabiner style clip where you can remove the stick you want to use with little problem.

As for speed, oh, I dunno. I suppose I was expecting it to be significantly faster than the USB 2.0 devices. Yes, I am using USB 3.0 ports, and it is faster, just not as much as I'd envisioned. Writing approximately 12 GB (to the 16 GB versions) of both a USB 2.0 G2 Kingston drive and these USB 3 drives, the former took about 20 minutes. The same files took about 14 or 15 minutes on the USB 3 stick. Note these numbers aren't "stopwatch accurate", but were done just to get a rough idea of performance, and ensure the sticks work. Certainly not the "SuperSpeed" 5 Gbit/S as per the standards, though that may be a question of whether or not my ASUS P8Z77-V Pro mobo supports SuperSpeed. Thought it did but that may be what I get for thinking. Or it could be these sticks don't support the higher transfer rates. Since SuperSpeed is roughly 10x the speed of USB 2.0, one might have expected my 12 GB to transfer to the USB stick in less than 5 minutes, and that's not what I experienced.

So, bottom line: Is it worth tossing all your USB 2 sticks and replacing with these? Probably not. But since they are the latest standard, and prices are reasonable, go ahead and switch to USB 3 sticks as the occasions arise as they are compatible with USB 2 ports, will just transfer more slowly than with a USB 3 port.

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