Reviews SanDisk Cruzer 128GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive (SDCZ36-128G-B35)

SanDisk Cruzer 128GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive (SDCZ36-128G-B35)

Take it all with you on reliable SanDisk USB flash drives Transfer with confidence when moving images and other files from PC to PC or other CE devices. Operating Temperature: 32° - 113° F (0° - 45 °C), Storage Temperature:14° - 158° F (-10 °C - 70 °C)

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No doubt, I lack the technical expertise to evaluate this flash drive – many reviewers provide excellent spec information on the quality parts and superior processing performance of the Cruzer. But I do have the hands-on expertise to say it is an awesome piece of equipment. File-sharing services may eventually make these drives obsolete, but for those who love securing their data on something they can see and hold, the SanDisk is outstanding. I use these little beauties to back up my computer. I can also easily download my huge graphic files to share with colleagues.

The price has really come down, and for those who worry about the security of emailing files or cloud computing, flash drives offer a no-frills, secure, and easy solution to your storage and sharing needs. I also like the sliding USB connector. It stays tucked inside the case when not in use, but is easy to plug into any port. I love flash drives; there’s something very James Bond-ish about them. Like keeping a landline phone around to plug in when your Internet-enabled package gets knocked offline, keep a couple of these high-performance accessories around as a portable backup system.

I bought two 256GB drives to archive photos and videos. Flash drives are ideal for this purpose because they are small, convenient, inexpensive, reliable, and have plenty of memory for thousands of photos, etc. I purchased USB 2.0 drives instead of USB 3.0 because my computer’s output has 2.0 only. You can check which you have on your MAC, for example: apple/about this mac/system report/USB.

Two things to keep in mind: 1) Although read speed is decent, write speed is VERY slow. If you intend to write files to the drive often, you might be better off getting a stand-alone external hard drive instead. For archive use, write speed shouldn't present a problem. 2) If you are going to load individual files larger than 4GB, you need to reformat the drive first. Formatting is a fairly simple process, I found instructions for doing so via Google. After formatting, the large files load with no problem. NOTE: format BEFORE you start loading any files, because all data is erased in the process.

A friend asked me to pick up a flash drive for her. I logged onto Amazon and glanced through the SanDisk Cruzers. They have been my go-to flash drives for years. Currently, I have a 256 mb, a 16 gb and now a 32 gb on my desk. I use all three in solving software problems on friend's computers. So I ordered the 32 gb for the friend and ordered one for myself as well. As always, they work instantly, perfectly and quickly. Great products!

I am in the process of moving my pictures off of CD’s and onto jump drives and am looking for high quality, high storage devices. SanDisk is a trusted brand, so I was excited to find such a deal on this 32GB disk.

I found the disk to perform as expected. It hold loads of pictures, creating an easy way for me to organize my photos from the last few years. I did notice the more photos I added to the disk, the slower it got, not a pace that was inconvenient, just one that took a little more time to get loaded up with photos.

In terms of the design of the disk itself, the sleek black look is nice. It has a small metal bar on the back that could be used to attach to a key chain or something similar. The red button is fairly easy to push open and close, but not so easy that it will accidentally open when in a bag or purse. Once the drive is extended, it is easily inserted into a computer without the drive pushing back into the case (a problem I have had with other disks).

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone looking for a drive to save photos or other things on. I will purchase another when this one is all full.

I've used a number of thumb drives over the years. SanDisk Cruzers have always been in my list of go-to drives for design and dependability. When my 6-year old 16GB Cruzer was no longer big enough to hold all my portable apps and music, I knew I had to turn to another Cruzer for the same performance and guaranteed life expectancy. Why Cruzers, you might ask. Well, my 16GB went through the wash a number of times and still worked after allowing it to dry out before using it. I also lost it in my garden while I was weeding the garden in the Fall. When planting in the Spring, I found the drive in the dirt. I cleaned it off with rubbing alcohol and let it dry out. After snow, rain, frost, thaw, etc., the darn thing still chugged along after I plugged it in. At that point, for me, I was sold on Cruzers for life.

Admittedly, for me, transfer speeds aren't a major concern. I only use the drives for portable apps and music storage. Except for work laptops, which are newer but require encrypted devices, I use a much older Toshiba that has USB 2.0 jacks on it and have a Toyota Tacoma in which I use the drive to play music. So, 3.0 transfer speeds mean little to me and this 2.0 would work quite well. You have the option to download for free and use SanDisk's encryption software. I don't keep sensitive software on portable devices. So, I didn't have a need for it. I also reformat my drives, wiping them completely clean before using them. So, I don't use any pre-installed software, etc.

The housing on this Cruzer is made of a thick plastic, quite substantial, but neither bulky nor heavy. The thing I really like about Cruzers is how the USB insert slides back in the housing to protect it; and, there is a built-in LED light that shows when the Cruzer is transferring data. The Cruzer has a small metal rod built into the housing, which would allow you to put a lanyard on it if desired. My one gripe about new Cruzers, and the reason for a four-star vs. a five, is that they no longer come with lanyards. Even cheaper drives come with lanyards. Cruzers should too, as the lanyard would allow you to attach the drive to your keys.

Final Verdict: For dependability and endurance, I have no problems recommending the SanDisk Cruzer line of thumb drives. If this is anything like my old one, it'll give me (and you) years of life and data backup. If I have a reason to change my review, I'll do so ASAP. 'Til then, happy transferring.

So far it's been fantastic. I use it in my car to play 100s of music files but I also use this same drive to transfer other data from my computers.
The price is good for the quality one gets!

***Update*** I feel compelled to update my review as this rugged little flash drive has been data storage perfection. I bought this Sandisk Cruzer (128 GB) in June of 2016 and not only has it seen non-stop usage - also it has proven to be extremely tough and like a tiny vault.
I will typically leave it connected in my car (1000's of audio files) but also will bring it inside for use (fast transfer speeds) w my iMac.
*One thing I've been extremely impressed with is the extreme temperatures that this flash can endure. I have inadvertently left it in my
car during summer days when the temp in my car climbed over 100 degrees F, as well as during this winter which saw many record-breaking low temps (minus 18 degrees!) where I am. The Cruzer remains flawless - I have even dropped it down a few flights of stairs I will confess!

To sum up, don't hesitate if you need an affordable, portable option for data storage - it's a real bargain and as a flash drive it's equivalent to what a Volvo or Subaru is to automaker durability.

All flash drives and hard drives are less usable storage than advertised because of the file system they use that's normal the part of the storage you don't get or have access to is used as flash memory so you transfer speed won't be so slow if you access to all of the storage your transfer speed would be more like 500kbps not the 5 to 17 mbps you get with the their configured now what would rather have slow transfer speeds or fast speeds.

This is a fat 32 right from the start no formatting required. Best for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for most common types of digital videos like mp4,wma,wmv. To the persons giving any less than four stars listen up the main reason why most flash drives fail is because you improperly dismount it from your computer you need to click on it once to highlight it then right click your mouse to bring up options then click on eject to safely dismount the flash drive from your computer it will say safe to remove hardware and the other reason why they fail is because you don’t let it install the driver or drivers properly canceling this process will cause your computer not to recognize it in the future or flat out corrupt the flash drive for good so be patient let your computer system do what it has to do to use it don’t rush it it will cost you money for that mistake.

I bought the 64GB version of this flash drive in 2013 and it has worked really well. Three years later, I’m still using it with no problems at all, so I decided to get the 256GB version on Prime Day. The look hasn’t changed and it’s the same as my old one in every way except that I can put a lot more on it.

Since it’s USB 2.0, the transfer rate is rather slow - it took over 30 minutes to transfer a full season of my favorite TV show onto it. But once, everything is on the drive, you’re set. The videos all played with no lag and no problems.

If you’re not transferring constantly or transferring a lot of data, this is an awesome storage solution. I don’t mind waiting awhile just one time for my movies and TV shows to transfer. It’s great having so much in one place. Even though you can get several terrabytes on an external drive, I love the portability of this much more - it’s so great I that you can just put this drive in your pocket. there is no cover to lose because you retract the USB connector when not in use. I will say that it would be nice if there was a spot to put a lanyard.

Get this if you need a lot of storage in a small space for sure!

I love the concept of these high-capacity flash drives. I am a photographer and it's not unusual for me to shoot 5-10 gigs of photos in one day. To manage this kind of output I have to use traditional hard drives, but I have grown to not trust them. I have had no less than six traditional drives go belly up and nothing is more frustrating that seeing 100,000 images go up in smoke. Most of these images, of course, are backed up on other drives and on DVD, but it's still cumbersome and dvds, with only 4.7 gigs of useable space are tedious and take up a lot of space (and who knows how long they will last).

I can't afford to back up everything on these flash/thumb drives but I can back up important folders (one 32 gig drive holds the equivalent of around seven dvds) and they take up almost no room. Because they have no moving parts, I trust them more than a tradition drive with many moving parts. Also, because they are so small, I can backup an important shoot and then leave it offsite (or even mail it to a friend) for safety. And when traveling now, I backup everything to these little drives in the hotel at night and Fedex them home to myself every few days. I love knowing my images are safe and in multiple locations.

As capacity increases and price drops, I think these small drives will become much more popular. I'm a total fan.

Works well, nice that it lights up when plugged in correctly. Acceptable transfer speed but that could also be a function of your processor. Make sure to hold the red button in place while pushing it into the USB port otherwise it sometimes can just retract on its own. When you open the folder for this thing, there is a bunch of stuff on it already that just looks like clutter. As stubborn as I am, I don't take the time to look up the function or purpose of these files while also being afraid to delete the folders worrying it will "break" the flash drive. It may serve a purpose but for my purposes, I just want my own stuff on these things.

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