Reviews PACE iLok3 USB Key Software Authorization Device (99007120900)

PACE iLok3 USB Key Software Authorization Device (99007120900)

The all-new Third Generation iLok holds over 1500 licenses in a strong metal case that works with all iLok-enabled software and features a sleek new design. This new edition is half the size, twice as fast, and holds three times the amount of licenses as the 2nd Generation of iLok. It is also fully backward compatible with the 2nd generation iLok, so if your software shows that it works on the 2nd generation iLok, it works on this new generation as well.

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Well, what can I say. It's a mandatory buy. I'm just glad that they've thought it through enough to put it on a keychain. I really do wish that theyd stop this whole mumbo jumbo with the security keys though. YOU CAN'T RUN FROM TECHNOLOGY, DUMBOS! People have already found a way to bypass the security, so I find this really useless... I'd rather just buy the system fair and square so here I am. Buying this thing. Bleh.

iLOK of years past looked huge, bulky and excessive. Surrounded in a plastic shell it was easy to bump and cause issues when plugged into notebooks.

While still on the bulky side (yes I said bulky) the metal casing is much more professional and far less obtrusive. I would love for it to be half the size or even 2/3rds smaller so it could reside in a laptop without being unplugged but that is only other nitpick was it not coming with some kind of loop and latch keychain ring.
Easy to use.
Easy to setup and register.
Thank you.

The 3rd generation iLok is well built and appears to be quite tough with its all metal body. The dongle has a footprint no larger than a USB port so it doesn't interfere with other neighboring devices and is reasonably short compared to previous versions. While the software could stand to be less cluttered, it gets the job done. Supposedly this version of the iLok can store 1500 or so licenses, but I can't imagine anyone ever needing anywhere even remotely near that many.
If you're buying one of these it's because you have software that necessitates it or as a backup unit in case one fails, but since this one is so compact and with a sturdy metal body, I don't expect it to break.

It works and it's reliable. I'm using to lock various EastWest products and it was zero problem getting it installed and it has never given me the slightest issue. OTOH the Steinberg lock I'm using with Cubase was a total pain to get running, and has several times locked me out of my Steinberg products. Unfortunately, one does not get to pick which device can be used with various products. But if I had a choice, this iLok3 would be it, hands down. With the Steinberg lock, if there's an option for a software-only license, I would advise you to pick that unless you are working with multiple computers under the same license.

It's an iLok. What more is there to say? Well, okay. I'm coming from having multiple iLok 1s (the translucent blue one). I needed more licenses but was not excited about hogging more USB ports to support them. Sure, I could get a USB hub, but that'll almost cost as much as this. What's nice is the tiny footprint is has (it's literally half the length of iLok 1). It's also one solid piece compared to the old iLok 1. I'd bump into that hanging off my computer by accident and nearly break it in half. This thing being tiny plus solid is a win/win.

Well, hey. Look at that. I wrote a full review on an iLok after all.

The new ilok is tiny... if you have to travel with it, take some advice and attach a climbing hook, cable tie, keychain or something to it. Even if it was in your jeans pocket it's likely you'd miss it after a quick search and end up washing it. Maybe they count on that so you'll buy zero down time. The good thing is there's no more external USB connector to bend when something snags it on the front or back of your machine.

Love the new size and the metal construction. Worked with no issues.
I may be alone in this, but I love the ilok as a software authorization device. Now I like it even more since it doesn't add bulk to my pocket.

If you need this key for a software product then just purchase it, there is no getting around it.
I don't know why the software companies that require this to manage licenses don't tell you directly but I'm telling you now, if your product requires ILOK, just buy it, you will be amazed at how everything just started working, the ILOK manager is also not intuitive, just drag & drop..

I didn't like having to upgrade to the new iLok, but given that onerous requirement (- 1 star for that), this iLok is just as reliable and easy to use as my older plastic key-shaped one, and looks and feels much higher quality. I always prefer to license my plugins with iLok for easy switching between my multiple computers.

Works - very overpriced.

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