Comments about ChargerCity Heavy Duty 4-Way Multi Joint Adjust Aluminum Alloy Pole/Bar Music Mic Microphone Stand Clamp Mount for Apple iPad Pro Air Mini Samsung Galaxy Microsoft Surface Pro/Book 7-12" tablets

ChargerCity Heavy Duty 4-Way Multi Joint Adjust Aluminum Alloy Pole/Bar Music Mic Microphone Stand Clamp Mount for Apple iPad Pro Air Mini Samsung Galaxy Microsoft Surface Pro/Book 7-12 tablets

ChargerCityВ® Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy Music Mic Clamp Mount w/ Universal 7" to 12" Screen Size Tablet Holder.

Our Top of the line Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy Clamp mount with Innovative 4 way multi adjustable arm can Rotate 360В°, adjust & lock on to the perfect viewing angle (Interchangeable Arm Length is also adjustable from 10" to 6" inches).The C-clamp mounting base allows mounting on all Floor or Podium Music Mic Stand, Tripods, Monopod, flat-edged tables, desks and counters, carts, or other flat-edged or cylindrical surfaces. It also mounts to posts and rails. The clamp is adjustable to fit on wide or narrow surfaces.
(The C-Clamp base allows mounting on most flat-edged tables, desks, counters, Music Mic Microphone Wheel Chair Hospital Bed Pole Bar Mount, use it anywhere you desire (Concerts, Choir Class, Wedding, Party, Meetings, Sporting Events, Live Performances, Tripod Attachment Video Recording, table, counter, and post and rail mounting)

Universal Tablet Fitting
The Super strong spring loaded HDX-2 Universal tablet holder can fit any 7inch- 12inch tablet. The holder features a spring-loaded design that makes it easy to insert or remove the tablet by pushing down on the lower legs of the holder with one hand. Included with the holder are 8 support legs (4 short and 4 longer versions) that can be inserted on the top and bottom of the holder and can be easily adjusted in order to keep any side buttons and ports unobstructed

compatible with Apple iPad Air, iPad Mini iPad Pro, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad Original, Google Nexus 10, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung Galaxy 10.1, Samsung 7 11.6, Nexus 7 8 9 10 12 HD and HDX 8.9, Sony Xperia Z, Microsoft Surface Pro (Surface Book Tablet also), Asus Transformer Book T100, and other 7"-12" tablets

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Works very well. Heavy duty, mostly metal construction. They designed the metal joints well. 2 of them have teeth (like drum hardware), so they don't move, but for some reason, they didn't use the same joint closest to the clamp. That joint has the most torque/force on it, so it would have made sense to have teeth there as well, but the friction/pressure clamp is metal, so it has held up so far. The spring-loaded arms hold the ipad well (it is a tight spring), but that also makes it a little harder to insert the ipad in the first place. I was also able to put a 7 inch samsung tablet in portrait orientation (the arms slide inward). It would have been nice to flip the portrait/landscape orientation easily, but you do need to loosen a ring to switch orientation.

This looked like it would do exactly what I needed. I am a vocalist and use a round-base mic stand with a 12" gooseneck. I wanted my iPad 2 on the stand, extended about the same distance as the mic, but angled slightly upward to reduce glare. I have an earlier version of this same product that I've used for a year. It is less adjustable, and I've always felt the functionality could be improved.

At my first gig with the new model, I was rather disappointed: the extended "arm" (roughly perpendicular to the stand) didn't seem to support the weight of the iPad 2 and its Smart Cover, allowing the tablet to sink downward. I was tempted to return the product, but decided to play with it at home, dividing the "stress" (weight of the tablet) among the 4 adjustment points--pretty much as shown in the photo--duh! It worked perfectly on my second gig.

I'm SO glad I didn't return this item before making time to learn how it works. The older model will appear on eBay later this week.

This product is awesome! It does just what it's supposed to do, and it does it very well. I used it a lot, and have used it for LIVE performances, and it's perfect. If you are looking at this, and wondering if this is what I need... you have found it.

I have been a gigging musician for 30+ years. I have always had a tough time memorizing lyrics to the rather large selection of songs I have... even the lyrics that I have written are tough for me. Thus, I've messed with binders of music, little slips of papers, gone Sarah Palin and written stuff on my hands. It always lead to more performance anxiety always worrying about messing up a verse or putting a chorus in the wrong place. Saturday, I performed my first full 4 one hour sets using a 7 inch Verizon Tablet with the lyric pad app for droid loaded (ALSO an awesome product, if you are in need of something like that). I have never, ever felt so relaxed at a show. This holder is rock solid, well built, and capable of being adjusted to fit any need I can think of anyone having. The table holder itself is also very adjustable- it hold the 7' tablet that I have with its protective cover on, and the combination of varying lengths of holders to insert along with its ingenious spring loaded portion- I can't imagine a tablet within the stated sized that WOULDN'T work.... truly appears to be universal.. Anyway. I looked around and hemmed and hawed.... so glad I chose this product. Rock on!

High quality, two arms and four holders for spare! Wow! Incredible product, my iPad Air (5th Gen) stays super adjusted and safety! Very very excellent product!

Fantastic addition to my rig. I asked questions here and got prompt responses from customers and seller. This is "the" tablet stand. Will road test tomorrow and update I'd need be. However, I don't see a need. The tablet is in the perfect position to stand, sing, and see the tablet perfectly. Paired with OnSong, I'm in for a good time playing tomorrow.

Was concerned that bigger tablets needed to be in landscape but a twist of the tablet…and there it was!

Will update but I'm a happy camper now. Forget Hercules and iKlip. This is the real deal.

Update: Played the gig last night with the stand and it worked amazingly. Was out of the way, unobtrusive, and didn't budge the whole evening. (ipad2 with case!) Now to get some bluetooth foot pedals to turn the pages!

I like this better than the iKlip because it gets it out away from the stand a bit making it easier to see while you are playing. Very stable and adjustable.

This one is more expensive than done others but it is worth it.The spring-loaded clips hold my RCA Maven tablet securely. It comes with current sized clips and can be set up in a variety of ways. I use it in portrait mode and the tablet is held securely. It is highly adjustable and I an able to set it where I want. Thus was a big consideration for me as I play and sing and needed it to be adjustable so I could set it exactly where I wanted it. The device is sturdy and appears to be well made. I will mention that it is important to attach it to your mic stand do that a leg of the mic stand supports it as the combined weight if the device and your tablet can make the mic stand unstable. I knocked mine down at the first gig but luckily did not break either the tablet it clamp. I am now careful to set it up so that a leg of the mic stand is right under the tablet. This is not a fault of the device but is just simple physics. I have been super pleased since I have up my music book for a tablet and this device. It is so nice to be able to bring up the next chart with a flick rather than searching through a book. If you have a tablet and want a secure mount, this device is worth the money. If you don't need the.maximum adjustability, one of the less expensive one may be okay.

When I first got this in, I was concerned about how strong the legs that hold the tablet would be, given the device has a strong tension spring that grips the tablet. I was also concerned about the legs sliding out of the grooves. You have long, and short legs you use depending on size of device being held.

Once the tablet is in, the tension of the spring-loaded system prevents any slippage. My only concern is the amount of tension applied to the edges of a tablet with edge-to-edge glass. Makes me wonder if it's going to crack the glass with that much pressure, and tension, but seems to not harm my tablets.

The only other gripe I have is the device uses a ball and socket joint at the ends where the clamp for the mic stand, and the threaded mount for the tablet holder are located. These ball and socket joints are the weakest links in this system, in that they tend to slip if you press on your tablet too hard while tapping, or whatever.

I recommend doing the following to stop this. 1, you can use a grinding tool to rough the surface of the ball, and joint after you disassemble the joints. 2, for the ball and socket joint at the stand clamp, you can rotate the socket 90 degrees, so the arm's elbow rests on the socket. You'll give up the ability to swing this elbow vertically in favor of no more swinging down when tapping to hard on the tablet, or while repositioning.

Other than that, the rest of the arm between the ball and socket joints has elbow joints which have teeth which interlock to stop any unwanted motion. I wish the manufacturer had used this type of joint for the clamp-to-stand joint instead of a ball and socket.

Once set up as above, you can still swing the arm up and down to whatever angle you need, even rotate side to side if needed.

The clamp is very rugged. You could clamp this device to a table, shelf, or a vertical pole, mic stand, maybe a horizontal tube within reason. As such, this arm can be used for holding small, light weight film making gear. I've noticed you can use this device to mount an iPhone, or small camera via the threaded mount.

The arm is made of metal, and seems fairly rugged, and hefty.

I am still a bit concerned about the plastic legs, mainly the bits that slide into the grooves. I'll update if I experience any breakage of the legs.

I do wish the arm was a bit longer. Perhaps, if I can get the manufacturer to send me just an arm element, I could adapt it to be even more suited for my applications.

I don't like that the legs tend to block ports if you're not careful. Would've been better if the legs gripped at the corners, instead of the sides of tablets.

Another concern I had was the risk of a tablet sliding out of the grasp of the legs which grip the sides at either the ends, or top/bottom of a tablet depending on size of the tablet used. Fortunately, the device seems to have quite a strong enough grip the tablet won't go anywhere. I had that problem with another cheaper tablet holder.

It does take a fair amount of force to get the tablet into the rig. I recommend you clamp the rig to your stand, or whatever first, and then mount your tablet.

I would also recommend you get a small storage case, such as a clamshell eye-wear case from a drug store, or a small plastic box you can stow the remaining unused legs in.

Another thing you'll want to do is put a bit of sticky tape on the legs once you've installed them to stop them sliding off when the device is not under tension. They will slide out of the groove after, or before you've mounted the tablet, but once mounted, they're not going anywhere.

UPDATE: Once you've sorted the ball, and socket joint slipping problem, you'll find you can actually mount a mini keyboard, or up to a 9" notebook into the holder. Just be sure not to block needed ports with the legs. It seems to be holding my Perixx mini keyboard just fine after I got everything sorted.

EXCELLENT purchase!!!!! I can literally adjust this however I want to. It's not stuck way up under my mic stand like all of the other products out there. I can actually have it higher and off to the side of my stand. I absolutely love it. It's sturdy and doesn't move even with an iPad 2 WITH a Survivor case on it. Would buy this again in a heartbeat. Thank you!!!!

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