Doberman Security 13 alarm Home and Office security Kit(SE-0157)

Doberman Security 13 alarm Home and Office security Kit(SE-0157)

Introducing Doberman Security’s most comprehensive home security system! You’ll get everything you need to secure your home at a fraction of the cost of other alarm systems. Totally DIY, every alarm features simple peel and stick installation. No need for complicated wiring or even tools. Best yet, there’s no monthly fees. Peel it, stick it to your doors and windows and you’re done! The adhesive backing doubles as a warning sticker to further deter would be burglars from attempting to enter your home. Again, this kit is comprehensive and has everything you will need to properly secure your home apartment or even your office. This security kit includes 6 ultra-thin vibration triggered window alarms, 4 Mini Entry Defenders suitable for either doors or windows, 2 Ultra-Thin Door/Window Defenders whose slim design works perfectly with sliding glass doors, and 1 Wireless Door Alarm with 2 remote controls. The door alarm with remote control action is perfect for high traffic entry ways like a front or back door. It works the same as a car alarm. You can turn the alarm on and off with a simple push of a button on the remote upon entering or leaving. We at Doberman Security work hard to manufacture state of the art alarms with superior industrial design at a fraction of the cost of other systems. Simple….effective…affordable. Have the peace of mind knowing that your home is protected by Doberman Security, the world’s foremost leader in DIY home Security. Doberman Security…..your personal watchdog.

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Comments / reviews:
I put several of these on the windows and sliding glass door at the back of my home that are not visible from the street. Small and not too ugly. They make a loud shrill noise when the window is shaken. I expect the red "Alarm" sticker and appearance of the device alone would act as a deterrent, and if someone tries to break or open the window the noise is likely enough to convince them to leave in a hurry. If not, however, I have 4 legged Dobermans inside waiting to serve ...

I have not figured out a need or use for the door alarms, but the price for the window alarms with the door alarm was less than buying the window alarms alone. The door alarms seem to be a good product that I would definitely use if I had a hinged door that needed an alarm.

BTW, the window alarm has not been triggered by the dogs simply scratching the glass, but a full paw or body slam will start them ringing. Didn't take long for the dogs to learn to let the sliding door alone, which was an unexpected benefit of this device. ;)

This was a very good deal on a bundle of door and window alarms. I use these when husband goes out of town so I can feel a little safer at night. They install in less than a minute and the alarm is loud enough to wake you while sleeping. I would purchase again.
The window alarms will engage when the glass is jolted or broken. The door alarms engage when the door opens.

Arrived quickly, and in good condition. They are quite a bit louder than I expected. I actually like the two-piece magnetic ones the best, because they will let you know immediately when the door/window opens. The vibration sensing ones are very sensitive (i can't unlock my front door without setting it off), but I wonder if someone with a light touch would be able to get a window open without sounding the alarm. For the price I'd say these are unbeatable.

The vibration sensors worked the best and super easy to install. You have to have exactly the right door and window configuration for the two piece alarms. Certainly not foolproof, but a bit of a deterrent.

They are LOUD, & never go off unless triggered. Great product that does exactly what is intended to do. I got a whole bunch for around the house. X Law Enforcement & I think that making the bad guy's job harder is what it's all about. The more hassle for him, the better for you. Safety first always.

They work great for a bit of extra security.I purchased this mainly for the glass sensors which work very well. I don't feel that they are overly sensitive and when they are set off you know it! Well worth the money. The door open chime is A nice feature when having an inquisitive young boy

Great set that covered all Windows and doors.
Easy to set up and works as advertised.

I have purchased several of these over the past few years. They are great alarms for doors and windows. They are not a replacement for monitored systems, but give you an added sense of security while sleeping. The batteries last over a year in these devices.

Excellent product .... extremely well invested money, satisfaction guaranteed. Buy these alarms with some suspicion, but I'm really pleasantly surprised. So far they have worked very well. =)

Like the window alarms, but the door alarms won't work on my door sills.

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