Comments about WiFi Router AC 1200Mbps 5G Dual Band Wireless Internet Routers for Home- Compatible with Alexa

WiFi Router AC 1200Mbps 5G Dual Band Wireless Internet Routers for Home- Compatible with Alexa

Wi-fi router long range Wi-Fi technology: 802.11AC/N/G/B/A dual band. Beamforming: boosts the speed, reliability & range of your Wi-Fi connections, antennas 45dBi external.

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I bought this router to replace the one I had, which was still working, but was just too old. I used it to boost the wi-fi signal in an area of my house far away from my modem. So, any issue I had while being in that area, I blame it to the old router. This new router is working fine and I'm not having those issues anymore.
There was only one part that I had to struggle with a little bit: the configuration part. The instructions seem to be redacted by an automatic translator. It's English, but weird. In short, use THE SAME password for both 5G and 2.4GHz. They don't say it, but if you don't, you won't be able to connect to the router.

This has all the features of the expensive name brand routers but a fraction of the cost. Setup was very easy, was done in minutes. I wired this to my cable modem and my speeds are noticeably higher. Pages load so much faster, my Amazon Firestick works great with this. No more lag or buffering while watching TV. I am also using a VOIP for my home phone and everything works so much better. Don't be fooled by high prices and big brand names, I highly recommend this router for all your your WiFi needs.

Just unpacked and set up, already works like a charm.

Really good and solid router. I've bought in a good sale which put it in a even better position.
i tested the range and speed on various iPhones and iPads around the house and found it to be running at the max I can get 61mb down and slightly faster up then before at 19mb this only dropped slightly and the far reaches of the house. Our house is a modern dorma bungalow only a couple of years old so we have dry walls rather than brick which I think may help.
Overall so far ps4,sky Catch up tv, pc and various iPads/iPhones have a solid connection. No drops or reboots yet as per other reviews. Fingers x it continues. If I encounter problems I will update in future.

I was getting tired of paying for high speed internet but experiencing slower or lagging speed. A Spectrum tech advised that I purchase a dual band 2G/5G router. This router is a great price and easy to install. No issues so far. You can change the default password or else your network will be listed as an unsecure network and moochers can access your wifi.

Great value, easy setup. I set it up from my phone, which was convenient. I rated it 5 stars for the range, but I really have nothing to compare it to. Since it is such an great price, I'm planning to buy a second one as an extender, as my router is located on the second story, and I'd like a stronger 5ghz signal in the basement.
EDIT: I purchased an EDUP WiFi Extender AC1200Mbps that is the complimentary unit for this router. Extremely happy with the pair, and set it up right from my phone following the simple instructions.

I needed a wifi adapter with some decent range to pickup a 5GHz connection from my Verizion FIOS router in our basement and my old ASUS adapter just wasn't doing it. I bought this Card King wifi adapter and Windows 10 immediately found and installed the drivers for it as soon as I plugged it in, it's using a Realtek 8812AU chipset and the range was perfect for my needs! I'm now able to max my 100/100 fios connection with this adapter.

It's easily over twice the price to get a high gain antenna USB adapter the one step speed faster, but no need to when this works great! We moved our main desktop across the house from our AC2600 router and this connects steady at the max speed of 866.7 mbps and maxes out our internet connection easily with very low latency. Haven't had time to try gaming but for fast internet with solid steady downloads it works perfect. On Windows 10 it will auto install but then go to the device in Device Manager and choose the option to update the driver over the internet and it will download one dated 8/2018, so good driver support by RealTek too.

Edit: Can't believe how low priced is this now, I found this to be an excellent value at twenty bucks, it's a STEAL at anything less!

This router supports both the 2.4 G and 5 G
easy to install and configure (I am not an expert in technology) but everything was easy
logging from laptop to the address://
the modem password is: admin
the price/performance ratio of this router was a good deal for me
highly recommended

Received and setup within minutes. Very pleased with the interface and price. Highly recommend.

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