Comments about Linksys Tri-Band Wifi Router for Home (Max-Stream AC5400 MU-Mimo Fast Wireless Router)

Linksys Tri-Band Wifi Router for Home (Max-Stream AC5400 MU-Mimo Fast Wireless Router)

Next Gen AC2 Wi-Fi utilizes Multi-User MIMO technology to improve productivity in your home office while keeping your family's Wi-Fi devices online at the same time and the same speed. Refer to page 15 in User Manual for troubleshooting steps.

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I intentionally waited a month before reviewing this router. I got it on Deal of the Day or it would have probably been out of my price range (or needs). I work from home, have 8 desktops/laptops, 2 printers, security cameras, various tablets and smart phones, smart TVs and devices, netflix, Amazon Instant Video, etc. My needs are more than most, but still not necessarily so extensive that I would need this router. But, I got a good price, and decided to splurge. I've not been disappointed.

This router replaced a Belkin RT68U that was about 3 years old, so I do typically purchase high end routers.

Simple and quick. I configured my Network name and passwords exactly as in my old router, and all my devices connected without the need to re-configure. This was a huge time-saver. Setup time took less than 20 minutes, including connecting cables, going through the setup, and updating firmware.

I have Xfinity (Comcast). I did a speedtest (wired and unwired). Download speed went 80 Mbps to 180 Mbps and upload speeds from 25 to 40 Mbps. These speeds can vary and I only ran the test once.

Awesome. No other word for it. Placed the router middle floor, same location as the old Belkin. I now have 5 bars on top floor and basement and 4 bars in far corners of both. I have a fairly large yard (3/4 acre) and I'm connected all over the yard.

Features I like:
Linksys Smart Wifi allows connection to the router from anywhere and the ability to setup alerts.

Static IP: reserve an IP for a device (like security cameras, printers, etc.) by simply clicking on the device in the network map and selecting reserve DHCP address.

I can't say I've used many of the advanced features I payed for, but I'll get there. I hope this review was helpful.

Got this to replace a Netgear R7000 wifi router. We have a shared 6TB network drive that is connected via USB-3.0 and the Netgear was disconnecting from the drive on a daily basis and we'd have to reboot the router for it to reconnect. Probably some kind of USB-3 connection problem inside the router. After searching online and reading reviews, we settled on the Linksys as being the best router for our needs. We have a large house so opted for the wifi extender as well. It's been a couple weeks now and everything seems to be working fine - connections are stable and USB drive is still online. We have the Xfinity 150Mb package and our average speed is way above that (see screenshot). In order to save some money and get the best speed from the source, I got rid of the Comcast modem and purchased the ARRIS SURFboard SB6190 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem. The results speak for themselves.

First, I would like to address a few of the other reviews. I've had two of these, and both came with the correct power supply (12 volt, 5 amp). There may have been a problem in the past, But this was the first thing Linksys checked when I called support. ** The EA9500 I bought here, came as a version 2. Its CPU is a Broadcom BCM4908 (1.8 GHz, Quad Core), as opposed to version 1 &1.1's 1.4 GHz, Dual Core CPU. The version 2 also has two USB-3 ports and four times as much RAM (one GiB). Almost all of the refurbs are version 1 &1.1.
This is one of the few routers that you can buy that has eight outputs for Ethernet cables. And the tri-band wi-fi allows several devices to stream 4K videos at one time without any buffering. It is large but attractive, so there is no need to hide it; mine is centrally located in my house in the living-room. I needed great coverage throughout the entire house, as I do own a few items that had poor to no reception from my old Wi-Fi system. This router fixed this issue, and has generally exceeded my expectations. It's adjustable, user friendly, and puts out three powerful Wi-Fi signals.
A SIDE NOTE: I first bought a factory refurbished one and it stopped working the second day I owned it. Support was great, but after comparing reviews between new and refurbished ones, I opted to return it and buy a new one. The new ones have several upgrades and much better reviews. I've had this new one a few months, and have had no problems with it.

Just dumped my NetGear Nighthawk X6S AC4000 (a mouthful) for this ... so I've only had this for a little over a week. The Nighthawk was a NIGHTMARE! Signal strength and speed were great ... when it was running. I'd have to restart almost every week. It'd drop assigned equipment OFF the network at random ... Ryobi garage door opener, Yamaha receiver, iPhone(s), HP Officejet Printer. I'd have to restart the router 1-2 times before it'd allow login. The 24/7 customer service was at a loss other than re-install the old firmware software. The Netgear external storage access was always a hit-or-miss. Access too many times and I'd have to restart the router. So ... I took the plunge and have ordered this. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I can access my devices and they STAY connected. No more ... "Incorrect PSWD" notices. I was able to manually assign an IP address to my Yamaha receiver and can access it EVERY TIME with my Yamaha app. I have IMMEDIATE access to my Apple TV. No more restarts and 15 min waits until the router allows access! Only thing I cannot attest to is the durability and FTP access (until I figure how to setup). The warrantee is for 3 years as well as the customer service. Netgear was 1 year and 90 days ... unless I wanted to spend almost another $100. BUT ... Netgear's customer service was useless since they didn't have a stable firmware the whole year I owned it!

I have about 25 devices connected to it. 18 are wireless and utilize all 3 bands. The other devices are using hard wire ports. Absolutely love the fact that is has 8 gigabit ports that allowed me to get rid of a separate switch. :)

Having tested various speeds via hard wire and wireless I found that the wireless is only slightly slower than wired!! So, very surprised and happy about that too. Range is excellent. I have a 3 story house and was able to get rid of TWO access points!! (YAYY!) This router is on the 2nd floor and covers all of 1 acre lot and 3000 square foot house with no problems.

The interface could be bit more intuitive.
The price is bit steep - but at the same time it allowed me to eliminate one switch and two wireless access points.

Unbelievable speed boost, honestly I didn't really believe the reviews that said that but I tripled my Spectrum speed from 33Mbit/s to 118Mbit/s ! Having a DOCSIS 3.0 modem is a must but still. Upload is the same pokey 11mbps but With all the devices in any modern home, this router rocks it. Stupid simple to setup. I did not open an Linksys account, I went right to the router to configure my port forwards.
Fast speeds!!!
Easy to setup
8 Mbit/s + 2 Gbit/s ports on the back for all your wired needs ( mine are full now )
Covers all my home now, no need for extenders.
Yeah, that simple setup? Not a fan.
I still have a few devices that I have not been able to get connected quite as well as before but that may be just me.
Coming from DD-WRT it's a bit lacking in features and no upgrade insight as this router is too difficult to flash apparently so in this YMMV.
I'll deal with it until something as powerful and more configurable comes along.
Not Cheap but its future proof so this one will last you a few more years than the cheap one I bought a year ago for the same price I paid on sale for this one.
If this router craps out, I'll post that too.

Wow I'm impressed all around with this router. I've tried the Nighthawk, the Eero, and then this one.

My setup is somewhat advanced in that I have a lot of walls between the edge of my network and the router location, so I have to use a repeater. I also have over 40 WI-fi devices (I chose to go with WI-fi lights rather than Zigbee or Z-Wave, don't do that it's a bad idea). Previous to this router my issue was constant dropped connections, especially a the parts of the network where I'm clearly running off the repeater.

This router 100% solved the dropped connection problem, since installing it I have never had a single issue. This is critically important for me when gaming, it was KILLING me before on both my mobile games (especially Clash Royale) and my PC based games (my PC runs on the 5Ghz network).

Now comes my favorite part. I upgraded to gigabit internet. Had to replace my cable modem etc. Get it all installed and the fastest I can get on my devices is 280mpbs. No matter what I tried. I replaced the cable between the modem and router, I tried plugging in, nothing was working. So I called Linksys. I have to be honest I just expected a bad experience, and instead got my mind blown. Long story short something I did messed up the speeds and even though I fought tooth and nail against it we wiped my settings and started over from scratch. Who knows what I did but it was absolutely something I did because once we got setup BOOM 980mbps on my 5Ghz connected PC.

Problem solved! But it didn't even end there, the tech actually called me back the next day to re-run speed tests and make sure everything was still operating. And remind me that my warranty was for 3 YEARS!! Let's just say one of those other guys I tried wanted me to pay for support after just 30 days.

10/10 would upgrade all networking equipment to Linksys and highly recommend this specific router.

All in all it's not bad. We bought this after having trouble with the ASUS RT-AC88U (that one has all the features we want, but it's buggy and unreliable).

The bare minimum features that are required are present and work properly. This includes port forwarding for IPv4 and port allowances in the IPv6 firewall.

What takes a star away for us are the features that are missing:

1. VPN - it's astonishing that there's no way to set up a VPN to allow you to get "home" from on the road.
2. No 802.3ad link aggregation. We have a Synology NAS with two Ethernet ports, and link aggregation would allow us to make better use of it.
3. No USB print server. You can't plug in a USB printer and have it act as a print server.

These are really basic missing features - it's a real head-scratcher that a router this expensive lacks them.

This works really well for my smart home with 48 WiFi devices when teamed up with the added AP.
Without the added AP, devices will occasionally drop connectivity due to the number of devices trying to stay connected. Speed? It’s good for internet speeds of 430mbps as that is the fastest internet available in my area and I’m able to test. I can stream 4K on 2 TVs and still have other internet devices work seemlessly (that’s the max load I’ve ever tested). It’s possible it can do more though, idk.

My only 2 complaints are with the user control interface. It has really poor detection and goofs up with telling me what kind of connection (wired or WiFi connected) the device is using. The controls are sluggish too. as far as playing big brother, this device can’t help monitor anything as some other brands can. occasionally it says a device is connected and it’s not and vice versa.

So far so good. I am replacing a combo router/modem though I am still using the modem. I was sold on that Nighthawk but boy did it stink. Just so many issues and resets involved.

No real issues on this honey. It's pricey- no doubt. But I wanted something where I was going to always get a good wireless signal to my TV/Roku and it works great there.

Signal strength is strong and beats out my alternate router downstairs which is closer to my measurement but much weaker (again much closer still!).

I like the software and though it is large, I don't find it oversized by any means. I do have 2 offices so I do have a touch of room.

If it holds up, I think this will be one of my better buys in a while even though pricey.

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