Comments about Linksys Dual-Band WiFi Router for Home (AC1200 Fast Wireless Router)

Linksys Dual-Band WiFi Router for Home (AC1200 Fast Wireless Router)

About the product
Delivers speeds of up to N300 + AC867 mbps
Gigabit ports
Supercharged wired connection
BELKIN INTL/LINKSYS EA6350 Ac1200 Wi-Fi Router
Up to 2.8 times faster than Wireless-N technology: Simultaneous dual-band speed up to N300 Mbps (2.4 GHz) + AC867 Mbps (5 GHz) for media-intense applications
USB 3.0 port: USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet ports ensure ultimate media streaming and fast data transfer of photos, video, data files or connecting devices across your network. USB 3.0 is 10 times faster than USB 2.0.
Smart Wi-Fi allows users to prioritize devices or websites, gain parental control over inappropriate content, monitor network activity, turn Wi-Fi access on or off, and create select password-protected guest networks.
Smart Wi-Fi apps: A growing suite of apps offers improved opportunities to control one's home network
Easy setup: Simple installation requires no CD
Four 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
One (1) USB 3.0 Port

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Ok, I was in the same boat as many other negative reviewers here. I couldn't get the Smart WIFI Web Based Setup to work, then the router started to loop and then it would randomly reset/reboot on its own. Now, I am not a network tech or even in IT but I do know my way around most electronic devices. These symptoms that others had written about were the same that I was now experiencing with this brand new router. Heck, I couldn't even make it to the setup page to try and update the firmware because of the hardware resetting/rebooting every 10-45 seconds.

Stepping back for just a moment, this reminded me of a 12v audio/computer installation that experienced similar problems/behavior. Our 12v in car PC would have instability and random reboots/random hardware failures. After many hours testing each component in the setup as well as checking each wire in the custom harness, a ROOKIE, yes a ROOKIE got his multimeter out and tested the source power (where the harness was hooked to the battery/distribution box) and the destination connections (where the harness lead into the car PC) and as it turns out, the voltage was below 10V, causing us to realize that we used the wrong gauge wire. We essentially used the bare minimum wire for the installation and whenever the in car PC would have a load on it (cold boot), the voltage would drop just enough to cause issues. We beefed up the power line considerably and all was well after that.

Why the heck do I write a router review that includes a story about a 12v car PC? Cause the same problem is here:

The Linksys label on the bottom of the router calls for a 12v 2a power supply. I checked the power supply that this NEW router came with and low and behold, the darn thing is rated for 12v 0.5a. This router will NEVER work properly without the correct power supply. I got a power supply from my LED strip parts bin that was rated for 12v 3.0a and plugged it in (same barrel connector). The router immediately came online, downloaded its updated firmware immediately and went online within 1 minute. I have only had this router for two hours since the power supply was corrected and I have had NO issues as of yet.

To all of the folks that still have this router and are having any intermittent connectivity issues or having setup issues, check the power supply label and see if it is 12v 2.0a or higher. If it is not, replace it and hopefully that will solve your issues. Keep in mind that you may need to complete a factory reset with the new power supply and go through the setup process (as noted in the forums and manuals). If your router still is NOT working after correcting the power supply and redoing the factory reset & setup, then you may truly have a defective unit.

I had a Linksys router before and needed a replacement, after looking through reviews and determining my needs for home wifi this model seemed the best. It was very easy to setup it was up and running with minutes. I was able to connect all my devices (2 TVs, 2 Tablets, 2 Phones, video game console, Fire Stick and Chromecast) within 30 minutes. That includes labeling them in the app, which I feel is one of the best features of the Linksys routers. All in all great buy for the price and I get to have 2 wifi network on 2 different frequencies (2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz). I highly recommend buying this product especially if you run a lot of devices and do a lot of streaming.

I replaced an old model of Linksys model WRTG. It was still operational and must be 10 to .15 years old,maybe older.Nonetheless with cutting the Comcast Cable I now have Amazon Fire T.V. ,Netflix,Amazon Prime video and Hulu.While watching movies it took a while for them to load up and at times that buffering effect was going on .So I figured I'd try replacing the router.Stayed with Linksys and purchased the EA6350,it has a second band at 5 ghz.The old router had only the 2.4 ghz band. That did the trick,all movies stream great now at 5ghz.The EA 6350 was a breeze to install,just followed directions and it was operational in 10 minutes. I was able to set new passwords one for each band .It has been about 1 month now and all is well.I would have to assume that this unit from Linksys will perform just as well as the last.I would recommend this router to anyone.I don't have a lot of devices using the band width,at present 3 Kindle Fire tablets,Amazon T.V.,2 cell phones and a laptop.All seven have been used at the same time with no problem at all.

Good bang for the deal. Seems at least double the speed and coverage of my 5 year old dual band route in which the 2.4 ghz band died on its own. I have at least 10 streaming devices within my 1,000 Sf concrete apartment using this router with no slow down. It runs warm with the 2 amp power supply it comes with and not hot as others desbribe. Have not used the USB storage feature yet. Setup was easy using my PC and not an Android phone. Router management website and app are also useful. Hope it lasts more than 5 years.

The setup was a bit frustrating at the begging because it kept giving me errors, but after I had them figured out (after a quick Google search on my phone) the rest was a breeze. Everything worked, and changing passwords/network names was easy, and the addition of phone app made sharing wifi with friends that came over a breeze. The craziest part is how I still have a signal when I was sitting in car almost 5 houses down, when on the 5Ghz band, which was a pleasant surprise.

For the price, you can't go wrong, and so far I've had no issues other than the few hiccups at startup. It is too early to say if this product will hold up through the years, but if it's anything like my previous router, then I think it'll become obsolete before it breaks ( which is a great thing ).

The latest firmware for Linksys EA6350 Wi-Fi hotspot & Router (Firmware Ver. is dated 7/26/2017 and still is not updated to cover a DNS Vulnarability (Port 53. ID CVE-2017-14491- DnsMasq heap buffer overflow vulnerability), while the fix is available since October 2017 (DnsMasq software version 2.78).

AVAST has found a vulnerability in Linksys EA6350 Wi-Fi Hotspot & Router that can be used by attackers to hack into user's network. This vulnerability can be misused by cybercriminals to break into your network and compromise your security and privacy. Android devices used as a Wi-Fi hotspot can be also affected.

This is DNS Vulnarability. Port 53. ID CVE-2017-14491-- DnsMasq heap buffer overflow vulnerability. Severity: High. Reference: CVE-2017-14491

The affected device's DNS service is running an outdated version of the DnsMasq software which is known to have a heap buffer overflow vulnerability. A remote attacker can gain control of your network device and your Internet connection by sending malformed DNS packets to the device. It allows the attacker to intercept connections and perform a traffic hijack, or execute arbitrary code with unrestricted privileges as well as access all important and private data stored on the device -- your device login/password combination, your Wi-Fi password, and your configuration data.

Any device connected to your network, including computers, phones, tablets, printers, security cameras, or any other networked device in your home or office network, may have an increased risk of compromise.

The issue was fixed in DnsMasq software version 2.78, released in October 2017. To solve the vulnerability on your device, apply the firmware or system update that contains DnsMasq software version 2.78 or higher provided by your device's manufacturer.

I have worked in IT for several years and set up a company network across the country. No, this router is no Meraki, but for my home it's great. I wanted additional security features from what my modem/router let me do, so I turned off the router function on that device and within 5 minutes (3 of which were finding an open outlet) this router was up and running. It pretty much set itself up, I really didn't need to do anything except connect my devices (laptops, phones, etc.) To the new wifi.

I love the remote management app which allows me to troubleshoot (or create) connection problems for my wife if I'm not at home.

I don't have great internet - thanks Comcast... But I noticed a 15-20 Mb/s download speed increase with this router.

The controls this router has is fantastic and would satisfy the needs of a consumer who doesn't know much about networking, but has enough nobs for someone who knows networking to be happy.

Purchased this router to replace an older Lynksis 2.4 ghz single band router. Many parts of my home received poor quality reception due to the plaster and lathe construction - particularly the kids rooms in the back of the house. In addition, when multiple people were streaming video or otherwise using the wifi, it was impossible to stream Netflix on the television in the master bedroom. I thought a mesh system was overkill for a 2100 square foot ranch - even with plaster walls - and the reviews and price point of this router were good. Installation was simple out of the box, and setting up the multiple channels was also easy. I assigned each television to a separate channel to avoid streaming conflicts - which has worked out well. I also put the televisions at the top of the device priority lists for each channel to insure that iPad using teens would not tank my Netflix experience half-way through a show. Even my normally surly teens agree that the wifi coverage and speed issues that had plagued them as they lie dormant in their rooms like motionless fungi have disappeared - and that they now have even less of a reason to ever get out of bed. Excellent choice for wifi - YMMV as to parenting. The one thing you need to know is whether your device will support the 5ghz band, though. The older TV does not - so it was assigned the 2.4mghz band priority. All of the iPhones, Android devices, Smart TVs, AppleWatches etc... support 5ghz though. For around $80 this is an excellent upgrade for an older router. The real plus is the ability to block a device (hypothetically, for example, an Android telephone belonging to a teenager who has decided that math homework is optional - not that I would do that! - or his Playstation or Xbox - or all of them). Works nicely with the "No Data for You" functionality of the AT&T app, for example. Not a panacea of coverage, but exactly as advertised.

I was having extensive internet issues with my old LinkSys WRT54. Wireless was constantly dropping off and both wired and wireless were less than 1/2 the speed they should have been. I though my ISP was the issue since there was no change after updating firmware with old router. This router performed magic. Speeds over Ethernet cable are exactly as advertised by my ISP and there is very little drop in speed over wi fi. No drops in service either. Set up was extremely simple. I noticed some reviews complaining about receiving a 0.5 amp power supply when the router calls for a 2 amp power supply, but mine came with a 2 amp power supply so they must have addressed that issue.

I had anemic wi-fi coverage with the modem/router that was supplied as part of my 50 mbps FIOS -- barely extending to the next room. Since I already had a cat5 Ethernet cable going from that router to where I had a 4-port switch for my wife's computer and a smart TV a couple of rooms away, I replaced the 4-port switch with a LINKSYS EA6350 Gigabit AC1200 Smart WI-FI Router. Now, Internet access from my wife's computer is faster, and wi-fi reception is fantastic. Setup was very easy. The only complaint I have is that the rubber feet on the bottom are not firmly attached. They just press into screw holes. One has already fallen out and is lost.

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