Comments about Linksys Dual-Band WiFi Router for Home (Max-Stream AC1750 MU-MIMO Fast Wireless Router)

Linksys Dual-Band WiFi Router for Home (Max-Stream AC1750 MU-MIMO Fast Wireless Router)

Wi-Fi for all. Family no longer has to negotiate for home Wi-Fi; everyone stays connected with the Max-Stream AC1750 Router (EA7300). It eliminates buffering for everyone in your household. Next-Gen AC Wi-Fi - Multi-User MIMO Technology – is like a dedicated router to multiple devices at the same time, same speed. Enjoy Seamless Roaming when you air the Max-Stream EA7300 Router to a Max-Stream Range Extender enabling your device to switch to the strongest Wi-Fi signal as you move freely throughout a home. Plus, with a 1-year warranty, dedicated tech support and the updated Smart Wi-Fi app, you can take advantage of great features to help manage your home Wi-Fi from anywhere, anytime. Refer to page 15 in User Manual for troubleshooting steps.

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For the most part, this router works flawlessly. The biggest issue I had was with keeping my Samsung S7 Edge connected to the Internet. I would continually see the message "Connected, no internet" on my WiFi settings page of my phone. I would have to disable WiFi on my phone, then re-enable it, and this would work for a few minutes. I had other laptops, tablets, printers, Roku devicess, Nest thermostats, and phones that could stay connected without any trouble, by my S7 Edge was driving me crazy. I'm not sure who is at fault, but either Samsung or Linksys has messed something up in their implementation of MU-MIMO. I say that because the fix for "Connected, no internet" for me was to disable MU-MIMO on the router. After logging in to the router's web admin interface, manually change the URL from "home.html" to "advanced-wireless.html". Look on the available tabs for the option to disable MU-MIMO. I disabled MU-MIMO and now my Samsung S7 Edge stays connected perfectly.

I am giving this 4 stars because of the MU-MIMO issue and the fact that the advanced wireless page is not documented by Linksys anywhere that I could find. I saw another unrelated forum post somewhere and decided to give it a try on my router.

I've had this about 18 months now and overall I've been very happy with the router. No issues streaming 4k to two tv's simultaneously and running multiple other devices from media server, NAS, laptops, ipads, and desktop all at once. The setup is pretty easy and signal strength is good through all of my property even out in my backyard.

Where I had issues is with our Android phones all of a sudden not wanting to stay connected to the wifi and with one of our smart tv's constantly dropping the connection. They would connect quickly and obtain an ip address and then within maybe 15 seconds disconnect and have a message stating "Wifi connection error" and then not reconnect. I tried everything to fix this from resetting the network cache on each phone to doing a factory reset on the router and manually reconfiguring everything and nothing worked.

On curiousity (because phones were connecting to other wifi no problem) and out of any other ideas I decided to separate the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands into 2 different SSID's with different passwords since prior they've always shared the same SSID & password. I then logged the phones and tv in again and now have zero connectivity issues. I don't know why or how this made a difference but it has solved the problem so I am happy. All tv's, phones, and everything else connects with outstanding speed. I can't quite get gigabit wireless out of it but I was hovering around 750mbps on my laptop which is good enough for me. It makes for excellent usability of the media server on the network, playing videos from mobile devices on tv's, and greatly exceeds anything my isp is capable of coming in.

Overall since I've been able to resolve hiccups on my own I say its a solid 4 stars. I was hoping to get 3-5 years out of this when I bought it so if it gets me that I am happy.

I decided on this router to replace my Verizon Fios "Quantum Gateway" router, model G1100, which I was paying $12/month for. I am an engineer by trade but I am by no means a networking expert, in fact this is one technical field that I don't have a lot of experience or knowledge about. Despite that fact I was EASILY able to replace my Fios router with this one, literally within minutes. No problems to speak of. Once you disconnect the Fios router (there are instructions for doing this on the Fios website) this router will automatically connect to the service and activate within a couple of minutes. It is that simple. In addition, the Linksys website and app are both useful and very easy to use.

The main reason why I decided to get this, aside from saving myself from the monthly payments, is because I was having connectivity issues in my home. I discovered that there were several reasons for this. But in terms of a direct comparison to the Fios unit, I can tell you for certain that this router is slightly better in terms of overall range. After I switched the Fios unit with this (in the exact same location) my televisions and other devices in my home were receiving a slightly stronger signal and also stayed connected in circumstances when they used to disconnect. I also ended up moving the router location in my home and added a Linksys ethernet switch to further improve the network in my home for streaming, but that really has nothing to do with this review.

Overall I am happy with this purchase. This router has improved the overall stability and range of the wifi network in my home and has reduced my Verizon monthly payment amount, which means it will pay for itself in about a year. Any investment that pays for itself that quickly is probably worth it.

It was definitely time to replace my old router. I've had this one a week and so far it seems to be a big improvement over my previous 10+ year old Linksys. Installation and setup was pretty simple and I'm not a computer tech. I estimate it took about 15 minutes including thoroughly reading the instructions but you can honestly do it without reading anything if you just go to the website. It will walk you through everything.

It solved my disconnect issues. I have 17 devices in my house that can connect to the internet and it isn't too uncommon for 8 of them to be connected at once with up to 5 of those streaming a movie or video game. The old router just couldn't handle that and it would force disconnects at times. So far this one has handled that volume with no problems.

The 5 GHz connection seems to have helped streaming as well. I haven't had any lags in video streaming like I did before.

I've been using it for over a month, so I think I can say something now just for everyone's information.

I bought this Linksys AC1750 to replace my dead old Netgear N300. I loved my Netgear N300, but it was way too old and maybe something broke inside, and it was not worth of any repair. Then I decided to buy Linksys AC1750 after reading many reviews and comparing with other brands and model, e.g. Netgear, TP-Link and etc.

The Linksys AC1750 WiFi router looks pretty decent, and my experience told me that it's signal is much better than my previous ones, even better than Netgear N300, because of its 3 external antennas. Make sure you pull them upright to receive the best signals.

It worked very well for a few days, then some devices (including but not limited to iPhone 6~7, old laptop, new Surface and etc.) started randomly dropping connections to it, or you just simply don't have connectivity to Internet. Logging to router local admin website shows that it does have connectivity to Internet, as well as some other devices do have access to Internet contents. The only you can do is: 1) wait a while, and it may automatically recover; 2) disconnect your device from router and reconnect, then most of times your device regains access to Internet.

But this is not acceptable. I tried both 2.4G and 5G, and they remained the same. I did some research online, and someone suggested to not use mixed mode, while choose some single mode for each band. I made this configuration on router, and right now it's perfectly beautifully working! I don't know why this could happen, but hopefully you are experiencing the same scenario and this can help.

Overall I like this Linksys AC1750 very much now!

Bought this the last day of 2017 and got delivery yesterday. It was to replace my 7 year old N300 router.

No manual in the box, just a quick set up sheet of paper which I found rather confusing. Saw some videos on YouTube but still had issues configuring it.

Called the 800 support line and spoke to someone in broken English who asked for the serial number of the unit and explained it was out of the one year warranty with free support. I explained I just got this thing in the mail today and purchased it "new" (I thought) just 3 days earlier. She said okay, they would start the one year warranty effective today then. She talked me through set up which didn't take too long, and I got connected.

I saw speed increases of up to 58 MBS on 2.4 GHz where I used to see just 24 MBS, on 5 GHz I am seeing 115 MBS on my Android devices which apparently has dual band wifi modems.

To sum it up, nice device, decent price , setup challenging for newbies. Tech support could be better.

I don't know, it's alright I guess. However, for the price I honestly expected more. By the way, I have had it for a 10 months and a day. The range is pretty good, and the speed literally matches my Ethernet speed. The only problem is, it is not stable! Someone who only checks social media, browses the web, etc. may not notice; however, as a person who plays NBA 2K, Call of Duty, and other FPS games, I can say this router is definitely not stable. At certain points in time (like once in any 30 minute period) the router will drop speeds ridiculously low for a couple seconds. Even worse, at least once in any 4 day period, the router will stop all internet entirely. I will then check it and the Linksys symbol will be blinking (symbolizing there is a problem). However, the modem will be as stable as can be. You then have to unplug this expensive-average router for it to work again. I am not pleased and will never buy a Linksys product again. *Sigh*

**EDIT 12/05/2018**
I was going through my reviews and saw this one. I remembered how annoying this product was. There must've been some automatic firmware updates since then because I have virtually no issues with it now. It does sometimes drop connection and the Linksys logo blinks, but it has now become a rare occasion. The next time I buy a WiFi router, it will still be from someone other than Linksys.

Here is a bargain on a superior product. I used to have a Linksys router and it lasted for years but I needed an upgrade as the need for more speed and new standards. At the time I went with a router from a competitor. It burned out on my after 9 months. I came across these most recent Linksys models and read the descriptions and reviews and did some comparisons. I needed a router to cover a multi floor 2000 foot house plus a garage and some coverage outdoors. The AC1750 fit the bill. It was perfect for my needs. There are some higher end models that Linksys offers that are a bit faster and offer more coverage. Those were overkill for me. The first thing I noticed as the incredibly easy installation. All of my wifi devices connected immediately after I set up the login. The web based dashboard presents all manner of tweaks and adjustments whether you are a geeky technical brain or an average user. I'm getting at least 1.2 Gbps of speed. I have 10 wifi devices accessing my network and one ethernet connection. 11 delays, no drop outs. Streaming is flawless. I had streaming problems with my last router. There is a USB 3.0 port which I use for a 64 Gig flash drive for sharing various files. It shows up as another drive so there are no extra steps involved. I don't see where you could go wrong with this router. I hope anyone looking for a great router can get some use out of this review.

I bought this as a last ditch effort to improve the wifi from FIOS before switching to another provider. I figured I could use it in conjunction with a cable modem if I switch. My 4 year old FIOS router was dropping to as little as 1 Mbps at times and would never go higher than 35 Mbps at any time of the day on any devise even though I have 100/100 Mbps wired consistently. I hooked this into the current FIOS router and the setup took just a couple of minutes. Suddenly, I was getting between 92 Mbps to over 100 Mbps, especially when on the 5.0 frequency. Now all our devises are running as expected including multiple Fire TV sticks, phones, and computers. I am still using a TP Link Powerline Adapter for my sons Xbox as it is a wifi bandwidth hog. Once everything was switch over, I shut the wifi off on the FIOS router/modem combination. I have had it over a week now, and it is by far the best router I have ever had. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Awesome dual-band router. I use it as a switch for hard-wired devices, and it works exactly as it should. It hasn't been rebooted once in the few months I've owned it. Strong signal all over my house and outside. My phone picks up the wifi signal half a city block down.

Customization is great. The "guest account" feature is awesome if you're hosting guests/air bnb. Just change the password after they leave.

Dual bands are great for older devices and newer. My raspberry pi zero w can't do 5ghz. It automatically picks up the 2.4ghz channel.

This is a great, configurable router with some nice security features.

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