Reviews Belkin Travel Dual Band Wireless N Router (Latest Generation)

Belkin Travel Dual Band Wireless N Router (Latest Generation)

Product Description

Quickly and securely connect a notebook or desktop computer to your wireless network.

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Works good. Decent range. For what it is it exceeds expectations.
This is a travel router, it is not a range extender or a replacement for a home router.
If you expect this do not ding this product, that is not what it is for.

My Girlfriend and I enjoyed the extra security and the ability to use our devices at the same time
For the geeks. I am a system administrator. This is a fully configurable device. You can set new passwords, configure DHCP.

If you travel, and use the internet, this is a must have. So many times hotel rooms provide internet in the room, but not wifi without charging an additional fee. This solves that, plus it lets many users to link in. Super easy to hook up, and it is secure with a password. I found the range to be great. I recently used it in a cabin in the mountains, and had internet on all three floors and in all the rooms. I highly recommend this great router.

Power from a usb micro with a small foot print. My home has 150mbps up and down. With this being plugged into my main router it pulled 87mbps down and 97mbps up while i was streaming a show from netflix. So yea it passes. Easy to login and change the name and password for the router to accommodate my personal liking.

This has saved me much aggravation. As an international flight attendant, the wifi reception at most hotels is spotty at best, due to high traffic. As long as there is a wire to connect it to (which, so far, all of my hotels have had) you're in business. And it's encrypted too.

I set up the router at home and connected all my wireless devices to it. When we got to two wired hotels, it took less than 30 secs to plug and connect. The signal was strong and reliable. I really like the idea that I now have a much more secure wireless access point while traveling.

Works well, I wish it had more options like being able to disable the 2.4GHZ radio. But it comes as a complete kit in a pouch and works really well.

It is Excellent, I received on time and the quality is great work as It’s required and I will give 5 stars, it’s just Wonderful, better impossible, I was checking many different and similar of this one and I couldn’t find someone like this.

I bought this travel router becasue I am always on the road working overseas. While most hotels have WI-fi other don't. I also work offshore on drilling rigs so plugging into the network can be difficult. I have not had one problem with my travel router and I love it. As a matter of fact it has speeds that are faster than most of the WI-fi networks I connect to. if you are looking for a portable router that is easy to carry and easy to use, this is the one for you. it is literally plug and play. You will need to get the numbers off the back ans change the security password but that is easy enough.

Small and portable, it is great for travel. It came with a nice little case and I was impressed how easily and quickly it was to set up.

This product has far extended my expectations. I would recommend this to anyone who does a lot of traveling and does not want to be confined to a cat 5 cable.

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