Reviews Cradlepoint MBR800 Mobile Broadband Router

Cradlepoint MBR800 Mobile Broadband Router

Reliability: The Cradlepoint MBR800 Mobile Broadband Router is designed from the ground-up to be mated with USB and ExpressCard cellular modems, ensuring the best possible cellular sensitivity for your remote network. Solutions: For use in network fail-safe redundancy or kiosk applications, the MBR800 provides a cellular network where Wi-Fi is not needed. The MBR800 provides key capabilities, such as four LAN ports, one WAN port, for full 10/100 Ethernet networking, multiple and concurrent VPN pass-through. Additionally, its built-in fail-over/fail-back functionality allows you to establish an automatic cellular backup for your wired network - eliminating any business interruption during planned or unplanned network down time. Functionality & Convenience: CradlePoint's built-in Setup Wizard provides diskless set up of the router - getting you up and running quickly regardless of which OS you run on your computer and network. For best router placement, the MBR800 also provides an always-on signal meter to help determine the best cellular coverage location.

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I'd been researching routers for my USB Sprintpcs 595U Sierra Wireless Mobile Broadband Modem for almost two (2) years and came across the Cradlepoint Mobile Broadband Router (MBR) series at that time. I also watched the prices and compared their series to other brands. Finally tired of switching the modem from one computer to the other, it was time to make a decision, which for me is the Cradlepoint MBR800. I didn't want the wireless router but just the ethernet connected model. It arrived early, in absolutely pristine new condition in OEM packaging. It works perfectly once I configured my Toshiba Satellite P505D series laptop to it.
This is what I had to do: goto INTERNET OPTIONS from Control Panel or INTERNET EXPLORER >CONNECTIONS Tab >Select "NEVER DIAL A CONNECTION" >then click on LAN SETTINGS >select AUTOMATICALLY DETECT SETTINGS >OK >APPLY >OK. Internet access was complete and works wonderfully. I presently have four (4) computers connected (the router has four (4) Ethernet ports) and they, individually, get the full bandwidth of the port.
I really should have purchased the MBR800 sooner and plan on getting one of the Cradlepoint Wireless MBR soon. All in all, a wonderful product, excellent price and outstanding performance ( never had a problem with it). Also, if I may, the router options are thorough and user friendly. One note of caution: it's best to leave configurations at default if you don't know what the option is or does.
Thank you for allowing me to present my opinion on this router.

Have this unit set between my wifi router and my cable modem to use it as failover device when cable internet goes down. It run on a UPS in case of power outage. Great affordable redundancy protection for my home security system.

Needed it in a pinch but the seller that sent it to me did not test it. It was bad. The seller refunded me.

This is an older router. I like cradlepoint but the fact that cell devices do not have any good linux support any more makes me hate them.

I use mifi devices and WRT54GL to create ethernet bridges.

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