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NETGEAR Digital Entertainer Live (Black)

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Play your movies, music and photo collections stored on USB storage devices and computers right on your TV. Enjoy YouTube and other Internet video LIVE.n vao voas the loghsl geo Loreum ebspom thleo lakdyog alkdoeon vao voas the loghsl geo Play movies, video, music and photos stored on USB drives, computers or NAS Enjoy YouTube on your TV, without a computer Watch pay-per-view new release movies on-demand without a subscription Watch Live Internet TV from around the world via VuNow (1-year service included) Browse and play popular movies and shows from Hulu, Netflix, Amazon VOD, CBS, CNN, and ESPN and more using PlayOn on your PC. (free trial in box) Search for Internet video using key words Works with older TVs and new HDTVs Easy to use remote control Wirelessly connect to the Internet by using the Digital Entertainer Live Wireless USB Adapter

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I was looking for a way to stream my media files stored on my PC to one of my standard def TV. I thought I'd give the netgear digital entertainer a try. Right out of the box it was very easy to setup, just the power, ethernet to my home network and the hdmi cable to my standard def TV. Once you have that set up, then it's a matter of installing the playon software on your pc (which allows the netgear device to see your media files). There is however a one time fee for continued use of the playon software. Like others have mentioned the internet and standard def streaming is fine and perfect for what I use it for. I have another HDTV, however since the netgear does not support 1080p I have to look for something else.

The NETGEAR Digital Entertainer Live provides a way for me to watch Internet shows on my TV. I can watch YouTube without a computer. I watch Netflix and Hulu by running PlayOn software on a computer on my home network. An excellent feature of the Digital Entertainer Live is that it plays YouTune Play Lists without intervention. The Xbox 360 I use to watch YouTube on another TV will not do this.

I wanted a player that gets Netflix and Hulu. To get these two sites on this device you need the Playon software running on a PC, but it works great with this player. (Playon Cost $30) And as a bonus I get all kinds of internet content straight from the player with no PC running (the Playon software). I also hooked up an external drive formated as NTFS and it plays content from that. Generally speaking it plays everything I have tried and is easy to use and setup. There are a few problems thou. Nothing is perfect! First, resolution is SD or less, depending on the source. Second the remote does not fast forward or reverse.
Overall. it plays /streams video well but the resolution is a problem. Western digital is supposed to upgrade their box to play Netflix and Hulu and Roku Netflix box is supposed to add content similar to Hulu. After a few days of use I'm leaning towards returning it and waiting for a hi def player.


An excellent device to stream movies to your HDTV. I added the wireless option and found it was very easy to configure and get going. I stream movies, reviewed a new collection of family pictures and surf You Tube. I recently added PlayOn for additional movie and TV options. Overall this was a great and simple to use device. NO regrest at all!

The Roku box is better but you can actually get everything you get on the roku on it with the use of playon. If you don't have a half ass decent computer playon sucks. I got a good enough pc to use playon I just don't like using a media server on a PC. I all so hate the cost of playon. With Roku there is no need. If you don't mind a media server like playon then get this. If not buy roku.

This product is great for my needs. I don't require the "ultimate" in streaming power; rather, I watch a lot of stuff on the Internet. The Digital Entertainer Live is perfect for this. In all the time I have been using it, it hasn't locked up or stalled even once (honestly) and streams equally well from my network and the Internet (admittedly, I have a super fast 15 mbps connection.) It detects all of my videos with no problem, I didn't even have to "scan" my network for files, it just found them - I was sharing them from a few different NAS devices. So it was virtually plug and play, not something you find very often.

There's a huge selection of Internet channels you can watch; I especially enjoy the Joost channels, as there are many full television shows available. I'll admit I've wasted many hours poking around in YouTube, too! The search feature works better than I expected and quickly finds what I'm looking for. You can even hook up a USB drive if you don't want to stream videos, a nice feature for those who don't have a NAS. I didn't spend a lot of time streaming radio or live television, but those features are available.

There are a few things that the Elite lacks, such as not being able to stream full DVD's (such as an .ISO) and the fact that to stream Netflix or Hulu, a separate software suite (PlayOn) must be purchased. I was disappointed in this since Netflix is what I use the most, but the software isn't too expensive. I've heard a few people say "well I could just get the Netflix box" but the Live does so much more... it's easy to forget that is not only streams Internet content but is also a full featured network media streamer with a USB port also.

The remote and menu system leave a bit to be desired; sometimes the delay between button press and menu reaction is somewhat slow (and I am ultra impatient) but it isn't too bad, just isn't as "snappy" as I would like. I don't think these are "downsides" though per se; the Elite is a great value at $150, just some things to be aware of.

So if you are looking for a low cost Internet "entertainment box" that's small and easy to use, and don't care about streaming DVD rips, this is a great choice. I love it so far!

Just got this box last week. It's a good idea, and does a lot of stuff, but it needs a little improvement.

It will play media from a home media server or Windows Media Extender. However, it will not find my Buffalo Terastation NAS on my network, so I can't play any of my stored files there, unless I share them thru the media extender.

It plays videos on Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix, but only if you install the PlayOn ([...]) client on a PC somewhere on your network so it can stream from there. The Netflix player also has an annual subscription, which is really stupid considering you can get any number of FREE Netflix streaming devices elewhere.

Video quality is sketchy. Some programs have very nice quality, and others are fairly poor. I like the Babylon 5 series on Hulu, and they play nicely on a 36" LCD. But when I try to stream a local news channel, the picture is marginal, and nowhere near the crisp digital quality one would expect.

All in all, it's a nice box, I'll keep it. But I'd like to see a better quality and not have to pay an annual subscription to stream free content!

I declare Netgear EVA2000 is a good streamer because watching movies with my EVA2000 is wonderful, there are no hitches and videos and music stream in peacefully.

Netgear has definitely thought of customers that don't have NAS because they can get to plug in the USB.

I am a habitual YouTube user and my Digital Entertainer Live helps watch all my favorite videos and songs.

Being a stickler for organized files I find it difficult to name files because the device won't support Unicode. It seems I can't name my files in other languages!! Even if I do it it'z illegible and doesn't serve well on this count.

All I can say is WOW! Moving from my computer monitor to my big screen TV is about to change everything for my viewing experience.

I had heard about this new device and decided it was worth waiting for. I was an early adopter of the Roku box & honestly - I was underwhelmed. Sure, there were 10,000 movies, but they were all old. When I saw these new players emerge, I decided I'd wait for the NETGEAR brand, since I already have a lot of their equipment that I'm happy with.

Straight out of the box, this took less than 30 minutes for me to set up (I went with the wireless version) & I'm not a very technical person. I was streaming Youtube to my TV in no time. Downloading movies (current titles) is super easy & the quality is fantastic. Not only is it much nicer & more comfortable to view this on my big screen, but I can also access tutorials & other business videos that seem to stick me in front of the computer. Hulu is of course a no-brainer, and having it on my TV will practically eliminate my need for network TV. I know there are more features I haven't explored, but this is essentially what I bought it for & I wasn't disappointed.

One of the easy to overlook features, that I haven't seen anywhere else is the USB drive support. You can put content on any USB (like videos, photos, etc) & instantly access it like a little external hard drive. This is a cool little bonus. I wasn't sure what I'd use it for until my son plugged his FLIP video camera directly into it.

All in all - this is a winner. I'd highly recommend it, and it'll be on top of my holiday gift giving list. Sharing photos & videos with family is a huge hobby and I think this is easy enough for a recipient to set-up that it won't be in danger of being a dust collector.

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