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Belkin Wireless G Plus Router

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The Belkin Wireless G Plus Router connection to your cable or DSL modem and enables your computers to share broadband Internet access. Our Router also lets your computer share music files, printers, and hard drives. You can add up to 32 computers to your wireless network with additional notebook and desktop wired and wireless network cards.By achieving networking speeds that are faster than standard 802.11g, the Wireless G Plus Router provides increased real world networking speeds. This means you will see overall speed improvements in mixed mode networking environments where other 802.11g devices may be present. Wireless G Plus offers even faster speeds in pure G Plus networking environments. Wireless G Plus technology is interoperable with all other wireless devices.

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I bought this to replace my Belkin B router. This had to be the easiest switch in my life. I just unplugged my old router and powered this up and I was up and running. I have 3 laptops and my Playstation 3 all working off this and they all run without any problems. Don't hesitate to purchase this. I've seen many routers in my business and see Belkin as one of the best for the money. My signal speed increased dramatically over my B router and is faster than 802.11g. It also Complies with 802.11g standards and is also backward-compatible with 802.11b products.

My main reason for updating my router was because of the new Playstation 3 update which now allows your playstation 3 to connect to your pc to view and play all media stored on your pc. With my B router I found some videos would hesitate while being transmitted to my playstation. Now with this router the media streams perfectly.

It also Includes advanced security features such as WEP and WPA all for approx 50 dollars you can't go wrong.

Love it.

Hooked it into my system and it took right off - no complicated installation. It has a stronger signal than the Linksys that it replaced and it does not have to be reset often as was the case with the Linksys. The negative - I have had a couple of instances in which the signal from this router seemed to "fade" out and then return.

This router was easy to set up. It works very well for me and is very fast. I would recommend it over any of the other routers that I have owned in the past.

easy to setup.........sometimes it shows that there is a problem on my connection or it says connection timed out but i am still connected with the network with excellent connection...... but it will refresh and i will be back online.........

Router performs well with 2 notebooks attached. Extra PC's doesn't seem to degrad throughput. Not too hard to set up. Good product overall

works great, still in use after 5 years!

Product was very easy to install - less than 15 minutes and we were up and running. Everything has been running smoothly since the set-up, so I would recommend this product.

Works great

I have used the hardwire version of this Router and have found the unit to be as good as any of the other popular wireless routers. The best thing about these Routers is that they have an easy to setup interface but you need to have a Modem with Ethernet or else you are stuck. There is no USB in a router (nor should there be) and so you must have a ADSL modem with Ethernet to get into the routing scene properly. I think setup of the router is about ten minutes once out of the box, however you could spend a long time learning everything the bundled software of this router has to offer like Lan Settings, DHCP client lists, Wan connection types, DNS, Mac addresses, application gateways, virtual servers, client IP filters, mac address filtering, DMZ, Wan ping blocking, Security Logs etc. How much you want to learn routing is up to you, but this box is like a mini-pc that shares your ADSL to any PC that has an ethernet in. Great box and lots to learn if you want.

I would have given this router a 5 stars, except after owning just over two (barely five days over two years) it died.

As far as setup goes it was easy. But then again I do not need anything complicated to my house. I am techy enough to setup more complicated things, it is nice not to have to work too hard when you have other things to do.

For a couple of weeks It started having disconnect problems and last Sunday it stopped connecting altogether. I unplugged it several times and it still did not recover. So I did a factory reset. After that all the lights came on and would not turn off.

Not knowing what my warranty was I contacted BELKIN CUSTOMER SUPPORT. They told me to try a few things, but the lights would not turn off, and I could not access via the network. I then told customer support it was still not working. Shortly after that I registered it on their website noticing it had a lifetime support and hardware warranty. i thought COOL, but is it really true? So today, I received an email telling me I need to send it in to get replaced. YEA! I really did not have the cash to replace it anyway. All I have to pay is shipping for the defective product back to Belkin.

I fully recommend this for a good little router, But then I just need it to work within my house and maybe the back yard once in a while. It seems to do well with online gaming.

{For the record, I had a setup in Windows 7 which after resetting this router allowed me to use my same security settings as it had before, but I could not log into he router to do so. (Which IF it truly works,, it will be nice. I have friends come over on Sundays to play D&D and we all log on to the router to access the internet for various reasons. I do not want to reset up everyone's computer.) Windows Vista may have the same setup but I am not sure. I will update this when I receive the new router from Belkin.

Every so ofter we have to reset all the routers in the house (turn them off then back on again), but I doubt it is related to this product. We have had problems since we moved here, and had to use cable internet and a router in the first place. Hubs seem to be more stable, but you cannot use them for Cable internet.


P.S. ALWAYS be polite to your Customer Service Representative. I have worked in customer service, and I know how tiring it can be to get yelled at by someone who had a problem. Your representative will do the bare minimum required to help you out if you are rude. REMEMBER: The Rep is NOT responsible for your product having problems. For the most part, They make crappy wages to get insulted and yelled at all day. So if you are polite they will try harder to help you. At least, the majority of them will.

Have Fun!!!

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