Reviews D-Link DIR-628 RangeBooster N Dual Band Router

D-Link DIR-628 RangeBooster N Dual Band Router

Product Description

The D-Link RangeBooster N Dual Band Router (DIR-628) is designed for users looking to create a high-performance wireless network. Connect the RangeBooster N Dual Band Router to a cable or DSL modem and provide high-speed Internet access to multiple computers, game consoles, and media players. Create a secure wireless network to share photos, files, music, printers, and more, from greater distances throughout your entire home or office1. We¿ve also included a QoS engine that prioritizes time-sensitive online traffic to enable smooth Internet phone calls (VoIP) and responsive gaming.

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I like you, read almost 3/4 of the reviews here and honestly thought about not purchasing this router. One post talked about how the Securespot program that comes with the router "hijacks" your computer like a terrorist, causing an unbearable continual annoyance. Another post exclaimed that the Securespot program automatically installs on your computer and eventhough you turn the program off it continually asks for you to sign up for the Securespot service.

Although I've been using this router for only a couple of hours now let me tell you my experience.

OS: Windows Vista 64bit
Old Router: D-Link DI-624 2.4GHz Airplus Xtreme
Internet connection: Road Runner Hi-speed Cable
Wired accesspoint
Ipod Touch 2nd gen.

First off, do as directed. Insert the CD prior to disconnecting your current router. After the Installation Wizard verifies your current connection, then proceed to disconnect your old router and connect your new router. Since I was switching from one D-Link router to another this is where our experiences may vary. At this point I was asked for my "admin" password, which after entering, wasn't recoginized-but don't worry. D-Link allows you to continue configuring your new router without setting up a password. Because my password wasn't recoginized I was forced to restart my PC with the new router in place and rerun the Installation Wizard again. After restarting the PC, the Wizard was able to complete the configuration successfully. Now for the second hurdle. My Internet connection continued to show that it was not connected and rightly so. I've yet to clone the Mac address to the router and restart both the modem and router simultaneously. After cloning the Mac address from the D-Link server ([...]) I was able to configure my router successfully.

This router does do a couple of things that other reviewers have previously mentioned, such as your Internet connection dropping in Mbps straight out of the box and without any tinkering. My connection prior to the switch was running around 4.7-5.1Mbps (running Road Runner hi-speed cable)using the D-link DI-624 Airplus Xtreme G model-which operated as advertised. After the switch, it is now running at a meager 2.2Mbps-that's with the advanced DNS protection turned off. The change is slightly noticable but remember, this is straight out of the box-there's room for improvement. VERY IMPORTANT: Now since I didn't click on the Securespot button on the left hand margin of the Installation Wizard and turned off the Securespot from the D-Link server ([...] my PC is Securespot free!!

Wireless Device:
I upgraded my router because my Ipod wasn't working with my DI-624. I'm pleased to say that my 2nd gen. Ipod Touch is now able to access the internet, email, Youtube, iTunes, etc. etc. etc. after the switch. Although Apple claims the Ipod Touch only works on 5Ghz internet connections, I'm happy to report that isn't the case. I have this router at 2.4Ghz with 20mhz bandwith and my Ipod surfs the web perfectly.

So just remember to not click on the Securespot tab within the Installation Wizard and to checkoff the Securespot button from the D-Link router server and you'll be fine. To alleviate the dip in connection speed make sure the QoS Engine is disabled!! Disabling that will dramatically increase your connection speed.

This review however does not reflect the USB port, SharePort Technology or 5Ghz connection performance. This router does have tons of advance features allowing you to fully customize your LAN and WAN connections. For full disclosure sake, I gave 3/5 stars for reliability b/c I'm unable to comment on that at this given time.

P.S. Make sure the "Enable Traffic Shaping" option, under the QoS Engine option from the left margin under the Advanced tab is left unchecked.

I recently purchased this router and it was an easy set-up. My laptop is up and running within minutes.

I did ran into trouble at first because i didn't follow/read the instructions completely. If you're installing the router, first make sure 'You're Online' ( so if you are replacing an old router, you need to connect the cables to your modem so you're online ), then insert the CD and follow instructions.

This one has a strict security so make sure you have an account on the desktop, in my case I'm connecting to my brother's computer and so we had to make an additional account on his desktop computer under my name so i can connect to the router.

Definitely recommended.

~ Ed

router works excellent. only had it for about 1 month but not issues so far & don't expect any. great wireless coverage throughout my whole house (single story, 3 bedroom). d-link's proven to make some of the better routers out there, especially for the $ (this model's normal price is $80 but i got it on sale for $53, so look for those deals!). although i have noticed some of d-links base model routers are more 'you get what you pay for,' so its worth it to get at least a mid-level model that costs a bit more ($60-$100 range). would certainly recommend this router to anyone who needs the coverage w/out the pricetag.

I am a person who installs many home and buisness networks from the ground up. I've been in buisness for a little under 5 years and have installed about 12 of these (DIR-628) and (DIR-625) which is the same router but a previous model in different projects. It is the most STABLE router I've ever used and I was very impressed with all the buisness class options it comes with along with a very easy to use interphase for the average home user who might not know that much about setting up a router. It is second to none in security features, firewall, and parental controls. In fact, on about half of the jobs I was installing these units on, I was replacing non-working or defective Linksys/Cisco or Belkin routers. I have used numerous different models of the Linksys and Belkin routers and have found that their average lifespan is about 2-3 years. Three of the projects I have installed these units on have been working flawlessly for over 4 years with one of them being 5 years and going. Now, I only use D-Link equipment! The other brands just dont compare in quality or options. Even the more expensive of the other brands can't compete with these units. I know from experiance! And, D-Link Support Team is a pleasure to deal with. Their Staff are the most helpful, polite, AMERICAN(not out-sourced) people I have ever dealt with. I wish some of my clients were as nice as they are... Oh, and the units will work with either cable or DSL type modems. They just have to be setup differently. In the setup process, you will simply choose which type you are using and proceed accordingly. Lastly, the dual band speed of this unit is top notch!

I've owned this unit for 2 years and have had NO problems. It was easy to setup the connections between my modem, this unit, and my laptop; my laptop connects via wireless with no problems.

I have also connected by X-box and a printer via the unit's Ethernet ports; this took a little head scratching because of my lack of experience, but I got it figured out.

My neighbor in the house next door (city lots) was also able to connect (via wireless) to my router, once I gave him access, and he's streaming movies.

Installed this router in a basement for my sister in law. Provides coverage to her entire household, including the deck outside. That puts the signal through earth, a couple of block walls and some regular wood/drywall walls. Excellent signal penetration and coverage. If you've used D-link products in the past, then setup will be a breeze. Even if you haven't, the interface is very intuitive. It's been up and running for several weeks now without need of a reboot or restart and always provides rock solid connection. You won't be disappointed.

Device arrived on time and early via the mail service. Had a little trouble with the configuration between 5.8 ghZ and the 2.4 GHZ frequency ranges come to find out my lap top only has 2.4 GHZ built in wifi wireless N system so after calling D Links Customer support and changing the router wifi settings to 2.4 from the 5.8 it was able to see my router and network and configured the WEP security settings and now I can get online any where in the house or even out on the patio lol. :) And yes I secured my network.

Good: great router for the price.Mostly easy to setup the options. Router has been up since i bought it a month ago. The interface is easy to use and navigate. The router has advanced features for even more customization for those who want to. For those who just want it to work should not have to worry about it. I use a playstation 3, Wii and several computers who all run Netflix on wifi at the same time and this has done a great job at keeping all connections streaming using the default settings. Signal strength is very good. The first couple of days the router tried finding the best signal to work with the surrounding routers , after that I have not had any problems.

Bad: Roadrunner changed their DNS settings and the built in RR DNS settings were incorrect. It is at the most current firmware. I used the old router settings and that did the trick. The DHCP should have gotten those automatically, but for some reason it I had to do it manually.

I had a Netgear (WGT 643 v3) router which I bought on Black Friday of 2006. When I hooked it up with a wire to my desktop and use the wireless for my laptop, it is OK for laptop, not to say frequent drop, but my desktop had frustration downloading everything. Then we quit and get back to connect both computers with wire.

I read some of the reviews here before I bought this one, especially the negative ones, and I was concerned about if it would work out for me. The day one I got this, it was problem free. The set-up is easy with the help of CD. My biggest concern is I have a internet phone (not vontage) router required to be wired directly with cable modem, then any router will be connect to this phone router, and I guess this is why my older Netgear router had problem. However, with this D-Link, my desktop had smooth and fast download speed for webpages and online streaming, and my lap-top (SONY VAIO NS 110E) can do the same stuff (online video streaming) smoothly.

For now, I have not figured out how to switch between the two bands and hard drive sharing, but it is fun to have this working great right now.

The good
* a/n support works great (I bought this only for the 5Ghz support; so the "you have to pick" is ok)
* Relatively easy to configure

The bad
* DNS is slow. The device has it's own DNS server and it's slow... talking to my ISP directly is a ton faster

The really ugly
* The updated firmware redirects you to a webpage where it tries to sell you some commercial software on first use... just like all those annoying hotel wireless solutions. This is obviously just totally bad and.. it keeps forgetting that I already told it to go away as well.... and it's not totally obvious how to get rid of it either.
If not for this, I'd have given the device 5 stars.. but this is just obnoxious.

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