Reviews Buffalo AirStation N300 Wireless Router & AP WHR-G300N (Black)

Buffalo AirStation N300 Wireless Router & AP WHR-G300N (Black)

Product Description

Buffalo Technology Nfiniti Wireless-N Router and Access Point WHR-G300N

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First of all I have a MAC which the start up disk does NOT support, but it doesnt matter! All you have to do is unplug everything and connect the new router and you can set it up from any type of computer using your web browser page to link into the routers settings box! The ease of setting this router up is just baffling, took me all of 10 minutes!

This router is used for my Playstation 3 (and my MACBook Pro) upon which I experience NO LAG what so ever! I have an internet connection which has 4Mb upload speeds and 22Download speeds and this router allows me to get my moneys worth, where m last router would only allow me around 1.5Mb upload when im paying for 4Mb!

Needless to say, this router is amazing! I have not had to restart this thing once(ive had it for over a month now)! And my last router needed to be restarted every other day!

My Verdict: Save your money and buy this router! It does everything you need! Wireless, secured with a pass word, blazing fast speeds, and it is tiny! About the size of a ps3 game case if your familiar with one, but the wireless range is mighty! BUY THIS ROUTER!

A lot of people have complained about the setup on this device. I mainly got this device for its support of DD-WRT but their standard setup is solid too. If you know a thing or two about computers avoid the wizard setup and do it the manual way. Just connect the router to your service provider modem and then run a Ethernet cable to you computer. (I used a mac). Direct your browser to Enter User/Pass (Default User: Root, password left blank) and you ready to configure wireless. It was so easy that a caveman can do it.

So far satified with the product. Haven't done anything specific as far as routing rules and port forwarding. But will be setting up a VPN Tunnel soon. So I will update review then.

Can be used as a router or a simple access point it has a switch for operation mode.
You can tweak almost everything in this router, it has a lot of options. I don't know for sure but seems you can install DD-WRT (Linux Based Firmware). I'm happy with it, as i have total control over the settings.
Be adviced, at the first time connection, you just have to wait at least 5 minutes to be able to use Internet (if it is connected to a DSL modem or Cable Modem), as it seems that it has to setup everything.
One thing to note, is that the cable provided with the router is only for the PC that will setup the router (don't know if it is crossover or rollover, haven't checked, but i had trouble when connecting it to the modem).

I just received this router yesterday. I took a big chance because i did not know the brand. I alway hear about Linksys, D-link, Netgear, Belkin, and it's real easy to compare amongst those, but Buffalo isn't that bad. First of all, it has so many features to play with that the average user might not like if all they are looking for is just plug-n-play. This router can actually help you set up your network as if you were going to run a small business and other people would need to have limited connectivity to the internet. It's a little hard to set up the router at first. I ran into a couple of gliches but it went through after all and when i was setting my wife's laptop, it literally just took me 15 secs to do it.

I am not using a wireless-N receiver in my laptops, therefore i can honestly say i'm not using the most of this router. But for right now, it works for me.

I run 3 of these routers/access points to cover the entire house. All my Apple devices are smart enough to switch from one access point to another as I get closer to one, and further away from another. Always full bandwidth in my house, and with the new limited data contracts out there, I keep my data usage to a minimum!

So far so good. I like it, it's small, but strong. I wouldn't say the wifi range is wide and long, but it's just about right.

With the help of someone who knew what they were doing, we had it up and running in less than half an hour. Without his help, I could NEVER have figured out how to make it work. But I can't blame Buffalo for that...

But, now that everything is hooked up and good to go, it's perfect. The computer and TV are cabled in and the Zune and the laptop have flawless wireless throughout the house. Maybe there's a reason to spend $100, but not for what we're doing.

Buffalo is the best router their is on the market!

Everything went well with the order... no issues!

I recommend it...


The router works great. Novice computer people be careful before you buy. The included software is not compatable with Windows 7. If you have the skills to set it up without software, you can't beat the router for the price.

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