Reviews TP-LINK TL-WA750RE 150Mbps Universal Wireless Range Extender (Wall Plug)

TP-LINK TL-WA750RE 150Mbps Universal Wireless Range Extender (Wall Plug)
Range Extender mode boosts wireless signal to previously unreachable or hard-to-wire areas flawlessly
Small size and wall-mounted design make it easy to deploy and move flexibly
WPS button allows users to set up instantly
Smart Signal Indicator helps to find the right location to place the range extender
Compatible with other 802.11n/g/b wireless devices

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I got this as an inexpensive way to expand the range of the old, stock Linksys router that my grandparents use. In a sense, their house has these thick cinderblock walls that are quite effective at keeping its range limited, meaning my grandmother can't ordinarily use her iPad on Wifi in the bedroom (and considering the area of the house is also a dead zone, that pretty much eliminates connectivity. This little bugger comes in and saves the day on the issue.

It was quite easy to setup. Literally, just press the reset button on the bottom, and connect with the unsecured wifi network to the extender itself. Once there, you can either follow a wizard to go through the steps of connecting to the network in a relatively seamless fashion, or you can do it the old fashioned way through various panes in the sidebar on the left. Only potential issue I had was that their router didn't broadcast its SSID, so the process was a bit too complicated for the wizard to handle, but it was super easy to get this working in about fifteen minutes.

As far as the range goes on this, it's much better than the original linksys router, and it pretty much covers the whole of their condo, so I was pretty pleased. I know other reviewers have criticized the speeds on this as being pretty low, but from my experience, it's not much worse than connecting to the network directly. Essentially, if you don't have a high performance router, I'd imagine the speeds should be more than sufficient on this to keep your network functioning well.

Wow!!This device has got to be the steal of my life for me.The build quality is great , doesn't look cheap at all but really slick. I was a bit skeptical ,I didn't want to believe that something so small could work so much wonders for such a low price. Setting up the device was really easy and didn't take up to 10 minutes If u follow the easy 2 use instructions. I used the second option because the WPS button option didn't work for me. Its hard to believe, but I am actually using this device to extend wifi from another building close by into my apartment. It is actually working across buildings , not even rooms. The performance is really good even though the indicator on the device only has 2 bars. I can still stream Netflix and watch videos easily. I am impressed Tp link, u guys have made a great product. I will certainly recommend this to everyone.Thanks

The thing actually WORK. In my current situation, the main router is located in the office room with multiple obstacles like plaster walls that totally destroyed the wifi signal to my room, which is on the other end of the house. Given that when the signal gets through, I can get speeds of 20+mbps and ping consistently BUT I actually can't do anything on my browser. I think the lost of packets + really bad signal killed it. Now with this amazing device, I get 10-15mbps-ish BUT can now actually do something on the internet. I'm just at 50% strength but what matters to me the most is that I can actually do stuff and use the network consistently.

I'm planning to move around the router now that I know this thing works and this might end up relaying the connection to the office room instead, as I move the main router towards the middle of the house which should give me a better connection.

I did have some problems setting it up through ethernet and WPS, but the setting up wirelessly was a breeze, so I'd recommend taking that route if ever the other two methods are not working out for you as well. So yeah, I'd definitely recommend this product.

I have a really long log home and internet service is sketchy at best. I placed this extender in my hallway, halfway between my router and my bedroom and I am never without internet. I definitely recommend this product!

Brand new review.
It arrived in very nice retail packaging. I like it when a maker puts some thought into how their item is packaged. Shows that they care a little. I could not get it to work with the WPS connect. I tried from the router and from the browser, just would not go. But plugging it into my computer to set up went very well. just make sure that you unplug the computer from the network and have just this plugged in to the network plug on the computer. My first try I plugged this into a spare Ethernet plug on my computer and found that the site in the instructions is for but once i unplugged from the web it went just fine and it is working great right now.

The order was filled quickly and arrived sooner than expected. Out of the box I choose to try the method of linking to my router of pressing the "buttons" on my router and the extender. Didn't work. So I tried the next method in the directions, very simple and clear. That worked! Time spent to set it up was almost 4 minutes. Has it extended my range? Yes. Is it doing what I bought it for? Yes.
The only reason I gave it 4 stars is its only been working for a few hours. If I remember I'll update this later on.

Nice and clean contemporary design. It took me about 3 minutes to install it and pair with the router. It increased the power of wireless signal in one of the bedrooms from almost nothing to maximum. All my guests who have been staying in this bedroom always complimented me on how strong and stable my internet is.

The good news is that this will work with Verizon's FiOS routers. The bad news is that it's a huge pain to get it to do so. I found the trick in someone else's review.

Your computer needs to be connected to the WiFi signal from the router during set up. Not the LAN. The instructions tell you to disconnect from other wireless signals but they are wrong, you need to be connected. I spent 3 hours and was about to give up when I found that tip from another reviewer and it FINALLY worked.

So, to recap:
Your computer/laptop - connected to your router via wireless, not LAN
Range extender - plugged into the LAN port on your computer, and into a power outlet near the modem

Once you connect the range extender, it should show up in your network options, go ahead and connect
when you connect, it should automatically open up the browser window to configure the range extender

You'll need:
Your network name (capitalization matters!)
MAC address of the router, this is usually found on a sticker on the bottom or side of the router
(the MAC address formats like this xx-xx-xx-xx-xx so if your sticker says 182RED112478 you put that in on the screen like 18-2R-ED-11-24-78)
Network security key

Just write all these down because you'll refer to them frequently over the multitude of times it takes to get this right. I think mine are memorized now.

I bought this as I wanted to keep my mbps up in all rooms of the house. My office was cut off by a brick wall from the wifi source. This device was easy to install. I plugged it into an outlet near my computer and hard wired it into my desktop. My desktop now runs at 15mbps minimum and it ups all my tablets as well.

We have a two-story house and have internet connection through our cable company. In one room, the signal was very low and terribly slow for us and for guests on their own tablets and phones. With this extender, we now get quick and very efficient reception. It plugs into a wall outlet and it needed to use the software procedure to get it to recognize the wireless network, but after a few minutes it was up and running and very efficient.

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