Reviews Cisco-Linksys WSB24 Wireless-B Signal Booster

Cisco-Linksys WSB24 Wireless-B Signal Booster

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Get Connected to the Internet and each other. Surf, store, stream and share. A Linksys by Cisco device is an essential part of your home network.

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I used this to boost reception in a small wireless 802.11b network set up in a duplex (about 2200 sq feet total, 2 stories, wood-lathe-plaster construction).
Initially I set up a Linksys BEFW11S4 Cable/DSL Wireless Router, and was getting only fair reception at the periphery, about 50 feet through walls from the BEFW11S4. The WSB24 installation took less than 60 seconds It sits on top of the router -- same footprint. The signal strength improved to good to excellent at the periphery. Eight computers, both Macs & PCs, have excellent internet connections through a single router and DSL interface.
PRO: Small footprint, works as advertised, easy & fast to install.
CON: Cost, another power brick, it probably won't boost reception through walls with high interference if you don't have some reception to start with (see Tip #2, below).
Tip # 1, for router placement: Place the router as high as possible in your room or structure--it will significantly improve signal strength.
Tip # 2, It's a two-way street: The wireless adapter in each computer acts as a transmitter back to the wireless router. Poor placement of the computer or antenna results in poor reception, even with a signal booster like the WSB24. Try repositioning the computer, or get a Wireless USB Adapter (like the Linksys WUSB11), which can be placed closer to the wireless router because of its USB cable. For poor reception on a laptop with an internal wireless card, replace it with a PC slot wireless card. The antenna extends out of the PC card slot for less interference. In my experience, the best is the Cisco Aironet 350, which has 100mW of transmit power (the average laptop card has 30mW) and a diversity antenna, which aligns to the router in any postion.

The product, used and like new signal booster, was as the seller described, except I wasn't aware that I would need to purchase a power adapter. The seller only said that it was missing the "sleeve," and it was confusing as to why that would matter when purchasing a used item. After I got the correct power adapter, it took awhile to figure out what to do with the antennas on the router. It wasn't apparent that I had to remove the caps on the base of the antennas for them to fit on the signal booster. Information on set up from the seller or the manufacturer's site would have eliminated the frustration in getting the booster up and running. Once I got it all together, it worked beautifully and I am very happy with the results.

I was helping my father set up his wireless network when we found out he could not get any reception in his living room. Part of the problem was that the wireless signal had to travel through several walls and a fairly long distance.
The setup for this item was very straight forward and completed within a few minutes.
Once connected the reception jumped from poor to no reception to a fair to average reception.
I would highly recommend this product for those experienceing poor quality reception with their Linksys wireless LAN. Even though this booster does have some limitations, it is definitely worth a try if you are getting poor reception in some areas of your house.

I've had a Linksys WAP11 for a few months. It has never skipped a beat and I have no complaints except that the Tivo in the basement could only connect at 2 Mbps to the WAP in the attic. Signal quality and strength from the basement was less than 30%.
After installing the WSB24, the signal strength at the Tivo varies between 85% to 100%, and it runs at 11 Mbps no problem.
If you need a little more juice out of your WAP, the WSB24 is a no-brainer. There really isn't much more to say.

This is a well needed product. I was using a wireless router to connect my computer to my neighbors system. Before purchasing this, I would only get a signal strength of around 20% and quality of poor with occasional loss of signal. After hooking this up, my signal strength went to 66% - (Very good) and remains constant. The computers are about 150 feet apart and the signal has to go through 4 walls and woodsiding. The speed has increased because of reduced/eliminated packet loss.
With this equipment, you could share your high speed internet connection with your neighbor next door and split the bill.

I recently moved into an old brick house with dense plaster and brick walls. Although my WAP worked great before in a condo with drywall, I was having serious signal strength problems in the older house I moved to. The WSB24 solved all that, quickly and easily. Install took a few minutes and my laptops went from "low" wireless reception in parts of the house to "vey good" and "excellent" with the booster. It really works as claimed.

You should note that nowhere in the documentation does it say HOW MUCH it boosts your signal. It just boosts it.
Well, I agree, it boosted my signal.
My problem was that I live in an old building with dense walls (and maybe lead paint), so two rooms away from the router I was only getting about 15-25% signal. After I installed the booster (very easy), I'm getting 70% signal.
If you just have one access point, this is the best way to increase your signal.

I am typing this in my basement, about 12 ft below and 15 feet east of the router/booster. I used to get no signal here most of the time (before connecting the booster). Now I am getting a solid 46/50% on Signal Strength and Link Quality. The meters are pegged up to about 10 ft away! I'm getting 1500/250 on's bandwidth test.

I bought this product to try and compensate for the loss of one access point in my home (needed two before to get decent coverage around a heating duct, but had to convert one to replace faulty powerline ethernet bridges). After a dirt-simple install and a moving the access point a bit, I once again had the same coverage that I had before with two access points.

Definitely boosted signal strength in all areas of my house. In rooms on second floor where signal was marginal, signal strength increased by about 15% to acceptable levels. Easy setup and worth the expense in my opinion.

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