Reviews TRENDnet 150Mbps Wireless N Home GREENnet Router TEW-651BR (Piano Black)

TRENDnet 150Mbps Wireless N Home GREENnet Router TEW-651BR (Piano Black)

The 150Mbps Wireless N Home Router delivers the highest level of security with 6x the speed and 3x the coverage of wireless g products. Quickly install the router and use it with TRENDnet wireless n adapters to receive the full benefits of wireless n speed and coverage. The latest in wireless encryption and a secure firewall protect your valuable data. Router setup is fast and intuitive. Wireless Protected Setup (WPS) integrates other WPS supported wireless adapters at the touch of a button. Seamlessly stream HD media, download files and surf online with wireless n speed.

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Bottom line: a good router for a fair price. It will work best on a single floor in a smaller house. Do a firmware update after you get it.

I ordered this sight unseen and just hoped it would work well with my AT&T DSL at home. It does and it does. The set up is good. The setup wizard walks you through most of the important set up steps you need. The one big step that is missing from the wizard is security. I would have expected that the wizard would present me with the option to set up WEP or WPA or something. You can configure the router for these things but not with the wizard.

The form factor is good. It is fairly small and since it is black it can be hidden in the shadows if you need to. :)

The range is not what I'd hoped for but I guess it is to be expected for the size of the unit and the single, small antenna. Coverage on the same floor is good but weak in the basement.

Also, I had a problem with the router where it would simply routing wirelessly. If I plugged my laptop in via an ethernet cable I could manage the router but there was no connecting wirelessly. I'd have to restart the unit to get it working again. Before I called their technical support I checked on line for a firmware update. There was one. I downloaded that and installed it and it seems to have resolved that problem.

I read the reviews before I ordered and believe I made a good choice. This router is priced for a tight budget, was very easy to set up and has an easily accessible interface. The interface allowed me to quickly set the security features which are state of the art and adequate in a war driving college town neighborhood. My wife loves to stream netflix movies daily to her acer laptop and I serf, facebook, email, chat and amazon from my dell pc. The speed is very adequate for us and much faster than the expensive linksys we were using. The only thing I wanted but didn't get was a network monitor similar to cisco's program that came with my linksys but cisco offers one online for about 39.00. If you want to spend 20.00 and want wireless, this router should satisfy you well.

I am a computer tech and I've set up at least ten or twelve of these over the past couple of years for various residential customers and I've never had a complaint . While it's doesn't have the range or power for all situations, for a small apartment or limited area (such as a secondary WAP) it is solid and reliable. Highly recommended.

I believe there is a new firmware update so after installing the router you should go to the Trendnet web site and download and install the update to make sure the router is as stable and reliable as possible.

This is a nice product, I have had no issues with it, and it set u very easily. I didn't want to spend a lot of money but I didn't want a huge hassle. This router filled both of those criteria. I use it wired for my xbox and wireless for all of the other devices. It works fantastic for all of them.

My old TRENDnet wireless G router quit working because my settings got messed up so I bought a newer, faster one. My old one is now a spare. This one has both a power switch and a WPS button. I've only had to reboot it once or twice a year.

This is a nice small router I like it I rate this a 5 first thing fast shipping 2nd easy hook up all what you need was included in the box& for the price cant pass it up I can go outside with my phone & it picks up a signal other one did not do that &yes I recomend to get this router

Purchased this router to replace a Netgear that would no longer function. Setup was easy and it doesn't drop the internet connection at all (which the Netgear did).
UPDATE - 10 months later the router will not connect to the internet. Trendnet support was quick to respond, but the router is dead. Has a 3 year warranty though, so I am returning it for replacement.

This is a good router being a N type speed. The setup is pretty easy and the web user interface is pretty nice. Very user friendly and very dependable. I would recommend this to anyone setting up a home wireless network.

These seem to hold-up to regular and normal abuse while still performing well. We purchase these devices in large quantities to include with our installation services. TrendNET is a good quality name-brand that can be trusted!

This router gives us the opportunity to connect our LG BD670 BluRay player to the web with no hassles at the highest speed available. The setup was quick and easy with no hassle.

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