Reviews Westell F90-610025​-06 ADSL2+ Router

Westell F90-610025​-06 ADSL2+ Router
Westell F90-610025​-06 ADSL2+ Router

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Shipped quick and had everything I needed, power cord, Ethernet and modem cables were included. Still had the last users name (email) and password in the config. But, that was not really an issue for me. Modem works great.

it worked great

Good modem for ATT. This model does not allow you to set DNS. It is more stable than the other ATT modems I used. I'm one of those last mile customers who just barely get dsl at it's slowest speed and get about 3/4 of the rated performance. When booting and logging in, it takes about 10 seconds longer than the other models I've tried, but once it stabilizes, it is good to go unless something else interferes. No IPV6, but it is upgradable if your service supports this modem. If your ISP doesn't support this modem, then if/when the IPV6 is established in your area, you'll have to find alternate avenue to upgrade it.

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