Reviews Fon FON2100B La Fonera Wireless Router

Fon FON2100B La Fonera Wireless Router

Product Description

The La Fonera Router from FON is a WiFi router that allows users to share WiFi in a safe and secure environment. It also lets you connect all your WiFi-ready devices (laptops, phones, PDAs, and other gadgets) to your broadband connection. The router comes equipped with an Ethernet WAN port for Internet connection. While the Ethernet LAN port allows for connecting a computer or other device (network printer, storage, etc). With 2 SSIDs, one public (named FON_AP by default) non-encrypted, and one private (named MyPlace by default) encrypted with WPA-PSK, it offers enhanced security. The 128/64-bit WEP and WPA/WPA2 encryptions further fortifies the security feature. The Automatic Channel support allows selection of optimum wireless channel at boot up. The included external detachable antenna enhances the range of your WiFi signal and offers a gain of 1.5 dBi. With the La Fonera, you get WiFi at home and can roam FON Spots around the world too!

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When purchasing this product you are not only purchasing a device that will allow you to access the Internet over your own wireless network but you are also assisting in building out the worlds largest wireless access point network. You can configure your FON wireless router to broadcast two SSID's one for your personal network which would be encrypted and then one for the public. The public would be other owners of FON routers around the world. The benefir here is you will have a FON user/pass that you can use at any of the tens of thousands of FON routers around the world. If this continues to grow there will be FON routers almost anywhere youo need.

The FON wireless router is a great concept being implemented with a great product. There are also all sorts of possibilities as far as customizing certain FON routers which you could locate by doing a Google search for FON and Pineapple. :)

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