Reviews Netgear 3G+ Mobile Broadband Wireless-N Router (MBRN3000)

Netgear 3G+ Mobile Broadband Wireless-N Router (MBRN3000)

Product Description

The NETGEAR 3G+ Mobile Broadband Wireless-N Router allows you to create a 3G+ Mobile Hotspot and wirelessly share your 3G+ mobile broadband connection virtually anywhere. It features the highest Wi-Fi and WPA security available and is compatible with major 3G+ USB modems.

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i love it

As usual another awesome product from netgear. The product performs as it is supposed to works both with my Verizon air card as well as with ATT DSL or TWC broadband...


The router increased the speed of my usb broadband modem and increased the service signal. The automated plug and play is easy and fast. This product was better than expected. Fancy

it is very good router, it work very well in all other country all around the world,, work best with huawei E 220 3G modem,,i love it

If you are somewhere where you use a wireless 3G or 4G wireless usb modem to connect to the web.... then this is for you. I live out in the country where the ONLY choice for internet is a wireless usb modem or satelite...which sucks and is slow so the usb was the way to go. I use sprint sierra usb 598 series modem to connect.

Whats great is that its pretty simple to set up and you can share your connection wirelessly with wifi or with one of 4 ethernet ports in the back. This is great if you have a PS3 like me or a WII, XBOX 360. You can be connected wirelessly with your ps3 and someone else can be on the laptop or whatever.

The only 2 downsides are that

1. you have to use the usb modem on your laptop first to move around and find where you get a consistantly stronger signal from your wireless provider.... because

2. there is no signal strength meter on the router telling you how strong your connection is to the internet. Once you find that sweet spot though... then all of your wireless wifi will benefit because the router delivers a nice strong signal to them but again the key is finding that sweet spot with your laptop first then its easy from there.

You can go here: [...]

to see a list of supported usb modems because if its NOT on that list, then it will not work. Also do some searching... I got this brand new for $90 shipped.

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At the beach or on the road, instantly access your high-speed Internet connection with the NETGEAR Around Town Mobile Internet hotspot. Enjoy faster surfing, streaming and gaming with the trusted Sprint nationwide high-speed network. All with no commitments or data expiration. The Around Town