Reviews Tenda W308R 300Mbps 2T2R Wireless-N Broadband Router

Tenda W308R 300Mbps 2T2R Wireless-N Broadband Router

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Tenda W308R 300Mbps 8X faster than ordinary wireless 2T2R Wireless-N Broadband Router

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I purchased this N router to replace my older G router. Overall I am happy with the unit. I do get a better signal in my house and my Chromecast streaming is not lagging like it was. This unit is not overly complicated and very easy to set up. They only issue I have with it is after you are connected to the router either via wireless or Ethernet cable by using the password 1 time, you no longer have to enter a password to access the device (yes, even wirelessly). The other complaint is when you enter the device address on any device it shows you the wireless password on the main screen. You don't have to enter a username and password to make any changes to the settings. This worries me a little on the security side.

The only thing wrong with it, is that I ordered the wrong kind.
I needed one with a DSL connection.
This one is only ethernet-connection

Very good

I was attracted to the price of this router, only $20 at Microcenter. The setup process seemed quite easy, although the instruction sheet needs a LOT of work to clean up the English (why can't they ever hire a native speaker for an editor?)

When I set it up, it worked great on the cable-connected Ethernet ports. However, when I tried to update the firmware, the unit kept freezing before completion. And then during reboot, it freezes up again, too.

I sent an email to their tech service, which promises to reply within 24 hours,. Three days later, no reply. And their 24/7 telephone line is always "out of service". I hate to spend more than twice as much for the same thing for a name brand router, but if I can't get any satisfaction soon, back it goes.

Well, I did get satisfaction. Finally, their tech service replied by by email with the solution. It took a few iterations to find the problem, but the problem lay in the extension of their update file. It came across during downloading as an .rar file, which happens to be a proprietary compressed file - yet the update didn't say that, nor tell how to decompress it. And when trying to use it to update the firmware, it failed, as I previously described. Their technician then sent me the same file in a .bin format, which the router understood perfectly. The update process then went to conclusion without a problem.

Since then, the router has worked perfectly, and has a reach across the whole house. Because of its performance and price, I can now wholeheartedly recommend it.

This is my third router over the years. It's my fifth if I count the two that I returned. The very first one is made by D-Link. It could not even download a file correctly. That was really terrible. It should have been on the market. Then I bought linksys WRT54G. It was average. Several years ago, I switched to Trendnet TEW-432BRP. I think the Trendnet router is much better. However, recently, the Ethernet link will drop during busy hours for some reason. Therefore, I decided to get a new router. First I tried another D-Link router DIR 605L. I thought D-Link has been in the business for many years. I will give them another try. Unfortunately, the quality is still not there. It can't even have a stable wireless link in the same room. Then I tried this Tenda router from a Microcenter for its low price. Surprisingly, it works just fine. Both the Ethernet and wireless link are stable. For the money, it's a winner. I did a firmware update as well. It went through smoothly.

Have AT&T as ISP. Had an issue getting the router config with modem. But was able to reach Tenda technical support( after a few days trying to reach someone on the phone. Prior getting TS was about to take router back to Microcenter) and was able to get the router config correctly to modem. Works just fine now! Wireless works great with ipad and laptop. So, call TS if you run into problems getting router to config with DSL/Cable modem. Might take a while to connect with TS. But once they assist you with config router it works great!

Have at&t dsl, and I couldn't get it to work. No English instructions, but they wont help much anyhow (basic plug in diagrams). Went to Tenda website where they have detailed fixes, and found a solution. Had to Change a few settings on the router. works good now.

I have Comcast as my provider. I plugged in the modem (per the instructions), connected via wireless, went to [...]- and then chose DHCP and set my own password. I'm writing this review via my wireless connection, so it seems to be working fine...

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Product DescriptionTenda W368R 2.4 Ghz Band 300 Mbps Rate 1 10/100Mbps Auto-Negotiation Ethernet WAN ports for WAN connection Wireless N