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NETGEAR Wireless Router for Video and Gaming WNDR37AV

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Why Netgear's Wireless Router for Video and Gaming? Dual Band Wireless - Twice the bandwidth for better connection and less interference Gigabit - High speed wired connection. Ideal for transferring large HD Video files DLNA Media Server - Stream video and music from a USB drive to media players and DLNA TVs-no PC required! Video mode - optimized to stream HD without glitches, stutters, or lags Dedicated video network - Stream video on one network, while surfing the Internet on the other network Wireless Connectivity - Wirelessly connect notebooks and wireless printers as well as networked home theater devices

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This is my third router in 5 years. I upgrade when the technology takes a jump or when I start to see a lot of network outages or both. This time I replaced a router that was 802.11n but it was not dual band (netgear 3500 series). I used the 3500 about 2.5 years and I was starting to see more and more network outages. Maybe because the router was getting old or maybe because I'm starting to add more devices to my network and it simply could not handle the traffic. Currently I have the following equipment on my wireless network: (1)Desktop, 2(laptops),(1)iPhone4, (2)iTouch, (2)Sony PS3, (1)Kodak Digital Picture, (2)Flat Panel TV's streaming video. I also support a number of devices wired directly to my router including: (1)Desktop, (1)Network Printer, (1)AT&T 3G Microcell, (1)Synology NAS, (1)Sonos Bridge, (1) Vonage Device. So, I have many devices trying to communicate through my router.

Router Review
Installation was a snap. Out of the box, follow the quick install guide. Power off modem, connect router to modem, connect computer to router, power on modem (2 minutes), power on router (2 minutes), power on computer (2 minutes). Type in [...] to access router. Default configuration will get you online. Have the router check for firmware updates with the netgear website. If there are any upgrades available, download and install. I always change the router password from default. Setup wireless network both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. I named them both the same and added a 5G to the 5GHz band :). Setup security preferences (WPA2-PSK [AES] for me) , type in passphrase (network password). Done.

I use my Synology NAS as an ftp server that can be accessed from outside my home network so I had to setup some port forwarding. This is outside the scope of most setups. Suffice to say that this operation went smoothly with no problems.

I had a secure network up and running with no problems in a matter of minutes. I added both TV's to the 5GHz band using WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) and I added the other wireless devices to the 2.4GHz band using the passphrase.

The network has been up and running for a week now with no outages. I have really taxed the network too by streaming HD movies, moving large files from my computer to my NAS, while uploading large files to a remote backup site. No matter what I throw at this router, it doesn't miss a beat.

Easy setup
Easy to add devices to network (WEP and passphrase)
Strong signal throughout the house (much better than 3500)
Cool looking design, low profile and lights
Reliable (so far after a week of heavy use)
Reasonable price

Could have included a Gensu knife or Salad Shooter with router.

Based on the ease of setup, performance, and reliability under heavy traffic, I highly recommend this router.

First off, the WNDR37AV is the same unit as WNDR3700. Now as far as routers go, I've done a lot of research and finally went with this one. This unit is replacing a D-Link DIR-655 which I've had for almost 3 years. For the past 4 months or so, the D-Link was freezing and needed constant reboots. I thought that maybe the router was dying on me, so I purchased another DIR-655 last week from Amazon and unfortunately had to return it; it had more issues than the one I currently have. I believe that the DIR-655 could no longer handle my ever expanding home office network which consists of 6 computers (2 LAN and 4 wireless), 1 HP MediaSmart server, 1 Sony LocationFree, 1 Netgear RangeMax, 2 iPhones, 1 iPod, 1 Playstation3, 1 Wii, 3 switches, 3 Networked Printers,2 Linksys VOIP ATA's, Linksys Network Cameras etc...

The setup for the WIDR37AV was pretty easy; I did not use the installation CD. It operates on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands simultaneously. You can stream data separately on each band. Unfortunately only one of my 4 laptops has a dual band wireless card (older Lenovo); My new Sony VAIO and 3 HPs' would only work on 2.4 GHz. You can setup a separate network for guests without allowing them access to local files.

Some people were having issues with this router which were resolved by turning off the traffic meter as well as disabling USB port connected to the router; I have no use for these features so I did the same. The range seems a little better with the WNDR37AV. You have all the bells and whistles available (Qos, Port Forwarding, Port Triggering etc...). I use OpenDNS servers as primary and secondary DNS. You can setup Dynamic DNS, the drawback; you can only choose DynDNS as service provider. MAC filtering (access list) is only available for wireless clients and not LAN.

All of this said, this router seems to handle my network with ease and so far without hiccups. Thumbs Up!

No problems with wireless or wired functionality or setup on this router so far and I have had it a couple years. These days it seems like most routers will do the job though all of them can fail (power surges etc). My reason for purchasing this one at the time even though my Dlink was fine, was because extensive research told me this one had support for the biggest blocked sites list. I could not afford a subscription based filter (and a determined person can find bad material even with a filter) and the DNS based free filters were out of the question for me because I have to use specific dns servers for work, but I wanted at least some protection so I looked into block lists. Surprisingly most routers of them only allowed less than 10 domains/keywords to block. This one allowed for two hundred something if I remember correctly. It seemed like once you hit the limit it let you keep adding but it stopped blocking other keywords on the list, but it was still a huge amount more than the others at the time I was looking. I started by blocking all the keywords I could come up with and then started blocking specific domains. Since half the sites on the net re-serve the images and videos from a few major sites, you could block and amazing amount by blocking the major ones. This still leaves huge gaping holes but it helps and if a person is determined enough they can get past any filter.

Best range, reliability, and throughput of any wifi router I've owned. And the colored LEDs look BAD ASS in the dark.

Works great with wifi devices all over the house (~2500 sq ft) and the yard too.

I choose to get a single dual band router for simplicity (don't want two routers), and because of the backwards compatibility.

Works great with my:

- first gen PS3 (802.11g)
- first gen Wii (802.11g)
- Windows XP, Vista, 7
- Verizon Droid smart phone
- Windows 7 EeePC tablet
- wireless IP cameras
- multilevel house (even in the fear cage/office, in spite of tons of gadgets and interference)

The xbox360 wifi connection is now 100% reliable and great for streaming HD video (Netflix and Zune).

Only problem I had was with trying to configure from the CD -- Windows 7 did not like that at all, said the router was improperly installed which was BS. Don't bother with the CD, just open a browser to [...] (the typical def GW) and familiarize yourself with the options - it will pay off in the long run. Be sure to change the admin password (the default is "password"), and make sure you secure your wifi networks (both of them, since dual band). Besides, if you need a wizard to configure this stuff, you probably shouldn't be doing it. Get a nerdy friend or a neighborhood 12 year old to help you.

The router is fast. Connections are easily stablished, no drops, great range. I suggest not using the included CD, just log into the webpage listed on the instructions and this will take care of updates for your router. I do recommend using access control list with a security password to access your wireless network; it is basically a list where you input your wireless devices' MAC addresses, that way, you have an extra layer of security on your network. Even if someone for some reason got a hold of your password, the router won't allow them to join your network, because their device's MAC address is not in your access control list.

Now, about the 5GHz catch. If you want to use the 5GHz band, you MUST have a dual band wireless adapter. If your laptop, etc. does not support dual band, the 5GHz band/network will not appear on your list of available networks for the device you are trying to connect.

If you own the new Xbox360 Slim, PS3 or Wii, you won't get to use the 5GHz band, because none of this consoles support it, so you'll pretty much be stuck using the 2.4GHz band, UNLESS you are using the previous Xbox360 with the external Xbox wireless ethernet adapter which is dual band.

So the question is, is this router worth the money? It is, if you have the necessary equipment to utilize the 5GHz band. If not, buy a model like the 3500L that still supports N networks, but at a much lower price.

If N neworks is what you are looking for, get a lower model for less money. If you are seeking a N network and 5GHz router, be sure to have a dual band device/wireless adapter, or you'll be spending cash on something you can't fully use.

I hope this helps.

Overall a very badly needed replacement for an aging wireless G only router. I had a D-Link DGL-4300 that was beginning to show it's age. It was a great router for it's time but is no longer updated by D-Link. The Netgear 3700AV is used to connect a mostly wired home network. I bought the WNCE2001 Uninversal WiFi Adapter to connect a DirecTV DVR using the wireless N band located on my patio for the On Demand feature. Setup was pretty straight forward and I did not use the included CD. I also connected a Sony BDP570 Blu-Ray player with built in wireless capabilities to it on the 5 GHZ band mostly to stream Netflix to my patio TV. It's amazing the difference it made compared to my old G only router. Not one stutter ever when streaming Netflix. My old router struggled even though it was less that 20 feet from it with a clear line of sight. The only complaint I have was trying to connect my son's PSP 2000 to it for system updates. The PSP would never scan and find the SSID of the 2.4GHz network. It found the guest 2.4 GHZ account with no problems but still wouldn't connect to it wirelessly. After much reading and trying different settings I found that I had to go in the QoS settings of the router and disable the WMM (wifi multimedia) settings on the 2.4 ghz band and it connected flawlessly after that. The PSP is the only wireless B device in my home and isn't used that much. When I need to connect it for a system update I turn the WMM feature off to connect it then reenable it after I'm done. Other that that it's a real workhorse of a router and I would recommend it to anybody.

Order mine on Feb 8, 2011. Arrived on Feb. 16, 2011.

The "v1" or "v2" question:
The box lists the router as having "8MB of memory" (v1 has 8MB, the v2 has 16MB according to the Netgear website).
However, when I log into the router settings (go to under ROUTER STATUS, it shows "Hardware Version = WNDR3700v2" and it also shows "Firmware Version =". Therefore, this is a v2 router!

Wireless stalling and hangups:
I used the router for a couple weeks now and noticed that at least once every 3 or 4 minutes, my browser seemed to pause as if the internet connection was down. After much research, I found that Netgear has released a firmware update, version (search for it on Google). I installed the new firmware (you may get a warning message that the update if for a different region... it's OK, go ahead and update your router). Now everything is working PERFECTLY!

This has been a great wireless router for the past 3 hours.

Bought this three months ago.

Setup was simple, the signal range is great, and the advanced features are numerous. Port forwarding, etc, is intuitive. It's been on pretty much 24/7 with no issue.

I haven't installed it personally, but this is compatible with the dd-wrt router firmware, so if I ever need an extra boost in features or control, it's good to have the option.

Compared to my old router, it's a little large for my taste, but at least it's not ugly sitting in the living room.

I bought this router after upgrading my standard def Dish Network DVRs to Dish Network HD DVRs. I had an old Linksys 802.11b wireless router which never failed me and was on 24-7 for maybe 8 years? A long time with no problems. Dish Network recommended Netgear wireless N usb adapters for the receivers which I installed with no problems. They accessed the internet via the old router and showed selections for Dish Cinema downloadable TV shows and Movies, as well as being able to access the DVR on-line with Dish Online. Everything worked fine - except, I could not download videos. I called Dish, and they thought my set-up should work. I thought that if it should work it would. Typical of CSRs - they are behind the curve on new technology. I was ready to upgrade my WAN anyway so this was the stimulus. First, I upgraded DSL speed from 1.5 MB to 7MB, using the old router. A visible change occured with Dish Cinema in that it started showing more information about the down-load and quit giving me a strange message that my download had expired on 12/31/1969 - WTF on that! However, no download.
The new router arrived, easy set-up, instant internet access, and when I tried a download from Dish, it worked on the first try.
The dual bands are great - two DVRs on the 5mb frequency and the home computers on the 2.4mb. Be advised that the 5MB frequency has a MUCH weaker signal. One of my DVRs is in the basement and the Netgear router is on the 2nd floor. However, the DVR on the same floor as the router had 25% signal strength and the one in the basement had 18-22%. Anyway, that level is enough to work with the DVRs. On the other hand, the 2.5M frequency is very strong, being 5x5 in the basement, where the old linksys was 50%.
I set up with WEP 128, which is plenty good enough for me (my lap-top has an Athereos wireless adapter which I've read can't do WPA.) The laptop was running at 11MPS on the old Linksys and is now running at 54MPS with the Netgear router. That's a big change and I can really tell the dif on downloads.
And a bonus is the router USB port with \readyshare. Hook up your usb drive (any kind) to the router and access the drive from any computer in the house. Just run the readyshare setup from the setup CD on each computer and you're in. Awesome feature and simple setup.
Last word - this product solved my DVR problems, sped up my WAN significantly, and gave me network storage. WORTH every penny. I have a complex set-up and this thing didn't blink.

I purchased this as an upgrade for a Sitecom router that served me well for 4 years. The range on the 2.4ghz band is fantastic showing 50% strength on a spot that previously had no coverage with my old router. However the 5ghz band cannot compare. It does not show up at that spot at all in fact the it shows at 15% strength in the room directly above it. Also I should mention that the router enclosed in the box was a Netgear WNDR3700v2. Its known to have a weaker 5ghz antenna than the Revision 1.

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