Comments about ASUS RT-N13U Wireless-N Router, Access Point, and Repeater

ASUS RT-N13U Wireless-N Router, Access Point, and Repeater

Product Description

More than just a router, the versatile ASUS RT-N13U features a USB 2.0 port for sharing a printer, hosting an FTP, network storage, or direct BitTorrent downloading.

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For those looking for a cheap wireless N router + Print & FTP Server, this is an excellent buy!

I bought this router specifically with hope that it 'might' be able to do more than what it claims on the box, and it does, to some extent. Read on and you'll find answers to your questions that any other reviews on the web aren't able to tell you.

1. Can a USB hub be used to connect multiple peripherals to the router?
A. Yes, but with certain limitations. I have successfully connected a printer and a hard drive to the router via a usb hub, and both work flawlessly! Here's what you do: plug in the usb hub to the router, then connect the hdd to the usb hub, set up your ftp server on the hdd, then connect the printer to the usb hub, and set up your printer. You will only see the printer show up in the router's main page, but the ftp serve works fine. However, hooking up 2 printers will not work because the print command is directed ip-to-ip (your pc to the router) and pass on to the usb port. When you have a usb hub with multiple printers connected the print command will be pass on to every port on the hub. Sometimes printing will come out from the right printer that you want it to, but sometimes the command will get send to the other printer which may cause your printer to malfunction. I have two printers: a HP inkjet and a Samsung laser. It happened to me when I want to print from the Samsung but the command got sent to the HP, and HP will keep feeding paper and print out an error message on the corner until I force power-down the printer; same for the Samsung when a HP print command was sent to the Samsung it just kept printing errors until the machine overhead and power-off itself.

2. When connected to a HDD, it can only be set up as a FTP server, not a network drive.
What the differences you ask? On a network drive you can stream files directly from it, while an FTP you can only upload/download files but no running directly on the server. But simutenous access from multiple users are possible. That's an advantage over the so called "netowrk shared usb" where only a single user are allowed to use the peripheral at a time.

3. This router has a hardware repeater mode switch, which I consider a big plus. It's the transparent repeater mode, meaning it will receive and broadcast the same SSID of the network you're repeating; as oppose to 'stealth' repeater mode where you can set your own SSID and security for broadcast. Note that the network printer won't work in the repeater mode 'cause the print command will be pass on to the someone else's router (one that you're repeating). The Asus router still maintain its own ip and subset which the network printer belongs to, but it's hidden in the repeater mode. You can manually configure your pc to connect to it and you'll be able to print, but you lose internet. Not sure about FTP serve in repeater mode. Haven't try yet. The router has good range. I can receive Safeway's wifi which is like 300m from my place.

4. The router itself looks good IMO. I like the hidden antenna design.

What else? Msg me if you still have a question regarding the router.

I bought this product after purchasing a Linksys E3000 that gave me a 6Mbps connection in my office 20 ft away while using the Linksys AE1000 adapter. To lazy to uninstall my network phone, 4 computers, 2 mobile phones, and printer I spent the money for this repeater. I did not get great results as a repeater, but hey there has to be a signal to repeat right. Not one to give up, I set up the WAP.

I have a switch in the office for the network storage. I attached the RT-N13U to the switch to establish an internet connection. Using the network map I utilized the GUI and configured the router as a WAP. I configured a new SSID and used the same settings as my Linksys router. I now get 144Mbps on my laptop and 300 Mbps on the pc using the AE1000. The WAP increased my connection speed from 6Mbps to 300Mbps! I love the little machine. I wish I had purchased this router from the beginning.

I have not been successful installing printer server but I have Windows 7 running. I am sure it a user error and would like some help to get the printer server and WAP running together. I have no need for ftp. While using this device as a WAP, I can reach more Linksys ftp site and my Linksys shared storage.

I have spent $600 this month buying 1 new router (that is easy to install but only works if you stand next to it) , 2 new wireless adapters, network storage drives, backup software for network storage, and WAP. These upgrades where long time needed for security and speed. But as of today the RT-N13U is the top value I have recieved for my money on hardware. Top value for software was ViceAVersa for backup of network attached storage.

Bottom line a great value. Finally something that delivers for the money.

I purchased this unit solely to server as a wireless repeater. We do not have any hard-wired network cabling in the house, and the room in which the TV/Blu-Ray/Gaming systems resided is a 50' cable string from the room where the DSL comes in.

I bought this unit because another reviewer said he had made that arrangement work. I am a long-time IT pro, comfortable with networking but not an expert or specialist at it.

First, I attempted to configure the device. That wasn't as easy as I was hoping, because the instructions are pretty lean. I tried hard-cabling it into the DSL router and using my laptop to configure it, but it wouldn't connect that way, either via cable or wireless, because it hadn't found my DSL router that was 3 feet away yet. I was finally able, after a few attempts, to get it to sync to my existing DSL wireless router. I still don't know what I did differently in the successful attempt than I did in the unsuccessful ones, but I guess persistence is the lesson here. It found wireless networks in other houses in the neighborhood before it found the one sitting next to it - go figure.

But, like I said, after an hour or so, we got it working. So we hard-wired those units into the ASUS unit, and after a couple of weeks, the reviews are generally positive. No major dropouts from the XBox gaming, though minor to moderate lagginess has been noticed a few times, especially when there is significant other traffic on our 3MB DSL line. Significant signal degradation at longer distances has been noted by at least one reviewer, but for most people, including us, dropping from 100MB/S to 15MB/S isn't really going to be our network bottleneck when our cable/DSL is operating at less speed than that anyway.

BDLive performance was ok, though I haven't done much with it yet.

Overall, this is a far better solution than having to deal with the terrible Xbox wireless connection or a 50' cable strung through the house between Xbox and router. Not perfect, but a good, workable solution.

I bought this router based on the review on to replace my Linksys WRT54GL router and I'm very pleased with its performance so far. I'm using the ASUS USB-N13 wireless card with it and so far it works great.Some reviewers have had some issues with this router but after you update to firmware 7266 from Asus website a lot of the previous problems are resolved, in my case to use my Kingston 16GB Flash drive.

Things to note however:
1. The USB storage will only work in Router mode and by extension the Download manager that ASUS bundles.
2. You need to put the wireless radio to function at N only to get the higher speeds.
3. In my case I needed to bridge my modem (ADSL2+) to this router for BT to work properly. Other downloads worked well but its abit tricky to get going as you need to pass the exact url location for the downloader to work properly. It doesn't intergrate with IE like other downloaders.
4. Configuration interface does not work properly with IE9 beta. Use Chrome or IE8
5. In AP mode internet features are disabled.
6. DDWRT firmare is supported for the non B1 versions. The unit I received is version 1.

For the price I think this router might be the new WRT54GL killer!

Overall a good device, easy to setup and manage, and all the good stuff.
I use this device as a wireless bridge.
My main complaint is the upload speed - it's bad.
If firewall is enabled performance drops significantly.
To illustrate the points:
- I'd get close to 0.3 mbps upload with this device as my firewall/router/access point;
- I'd get close to 1.2 mbps upload speed with this device in access point only mode;
- I'd get 1.8-2.0 mbps upload speed with direct cable (connected bypassing this device).
I bought another firewall appliance and this device serves quite well as the wireless bridge to my wired network.
I stream HD video to two computers simultaneously from my wired NAS through this access point without problems.

Works pretty well through out the house on what's mostly a B/G network. Hardware seems pretty good so far. Only downside is in the firmware. I haven't figured out how to individually control clients by MAC address. My older Linksys WRT54GS could setup filters by time for groups or individual MAC's. Useful for controlling when teens can go online ;)

I need to check if there is 3rd party firmware that has more functionality. I think I heard there are for some Asus routers on a recent Tekzilla episode ([...]).

I used the review on [...] to compare to other models before buying.

The price and functionality is great. I use this as a wireless N repeater and Print Server. The setup is quite easy, and the user interface is better than most. So far, repeater functionality has been bulletproof. Wireless access has been uninterrupted for a month.

That said, I don't know what it is about print servers, but I haven't found one that works reliably yet. This one gets 'confused' every now and then and needs some combination of server reboot, print driver re-install etc to remember how to work. For a normal electronic device, this would be completely unacceptable, but by 'print server' standards, this is pretty good.

The wireless N works great. I have plaster walls which limited the range of all previous G routers. I like the FTP feature but haven't plugged in a drive yet. The only thing that is missing is GigaByte ports. I don't move many files around my network but the wireless is faster than the wired speeds. Otherwise I am very pleased with the easy setup and security. I previously had the Asus 11 model with Gig ports and slower N it flashed DD-WRT firmware just fine. Eventually I'll flash this one into a super router also.

I bought one from Amazon and want to buy one more because this product works. Easy to install. It took approx 15 min to set up and behold 4 bars signal! I used it as a repeater. I found this seller listed price about $15 less. Ordered, installed and it works fine. However, I noted that the bar code on the box are cut out. I am wondering if this product is legit or not. Just want to inform about this I guess. Let me know if that is ok, kinda unusual to me.

I had been looking over and over again for wireless repeaters because my gaming consoles are too far away from my modem and wireless router. I looked at about six different repeaters and then came across this one by random mistake. After I bookmarked it I investigated every review possible that I had patience for and found that it had some pretty good reviews. So I purchased it and it was at my house within no time at all. I hooked it up and was done within minutes. The software is easy to use and understand.

The ASUS RT-N13U can operate as a wireless router, a wireless repeater or an access point. I have it set up as a repeater. It suits my purposes and I am able to connect with all my devices that connect to my network and the internet.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.

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